Navizon Lite offers GPS-free positioning, works on iPhone

Navizon just released a new version of Navizon GPS called Navizon Lite. This Lite version is free and will let users approximate their position using the surrounding cell towers with about 1 mile accuracy.
Navizon Lite is very similar to what Google Maps introduced last week which positioned users on Google Maps without the need for a GPS receiver. The big difference is that Navizon Lite works on iPhone’s but Google’s “My Location” does not (at least for now). It also is compatible with Windows Mobile, Symbian/Nokia, Blackberry and all laptops.

Navizon also offers a paid service for $25 (one time only) which also adds WiFi positioning to the package bringing accuracy to as much as 10 – 30 meters. Both versions will let you get your directions to your next
destination and see where your friends are located on a map with the Buddy Finder.

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