XRoad V4150

After XRoad V4050 XRoad now has the higher-end V4150 in the pipeline. We’re not sure what the exact differences are but the body seems to be slightly thinner and more streamlined.

runs on a 400Mhz with 64MB RAM and 64MB ROM. It has a wide, 350cd bright, 4.3″ touch screen with 480 x 272 pixel resolution and a SD card slot for memory expansion. It doesn’t have an integrated TMC receiver but it supports external antenna thanks to its connection port. It also has Bluetooth version 2.0 with EDR. There’s no mention of the on-board GPS receiver but they say it has -80 dBm sensitivity. The 2100mAh Li-Polymer seems to be sufficient for a device with a 4.3″ screen and XRoad also threw in integrated receivers and a microphone for the hands free calling.

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  10. T.C.Hillyer Says:

    have rec’d same as a gift and wonder, can it be updated/corrected, as it is showing street extensions that are non-existent and subsequently requests turns that are not there nor usable.
    Also having trouble downloading IPOD music for potential playback.

    any advice would be appreciated.

    Otherwise an amazing unit to have as a travel companion!

  11. GAIL ZURBA Says:

    I have tried upteen ways to change my GPS XROAD v4150 TIME.
    It is just won’t cooperate. I am in Ontario and the GPS is showing (I think)
    BC time.
    Please advise me the steps in changing it to ONTARIO TIME.
    I am very pleased with my GPS, especially since we have received the aerial.
    Many thanks,

    Gail G. Zurba

  12. G.Viola Says:

    Aug.30, 2009

    Where can I go to update my
    GPS software or download the newest maps for Ontario,Canada


  13. Paolo Says:

    Hi G. Viola

    Id’ like to know where I can download as well.
    Did you find out?


    Do you have a qulifield repair guy for your xroads unit?

  14. Gary Lang Says:

    how can I update the maps on my V4150

  15. Silverknight Says:

    You can update your xroad, if you want to write your email address, and I will contact you.

  16. Aleem Says:

    I would like to get update XRoad Navigadget

  17. Manny of Vancouver Says:


    How can I get the latest maps for my XRoad GPS unit? My email address is m_masongsong@hotmail.com.



  18. silverknight Says:

    Aleem leave your email id, and I’ll email you.

    Manny, I have emailed you.

  19. marian Says:

    m_simio_ramon@yahoo.com is my e-mail. Can anyone give me a link or a solution for updating maps on Xroad v4150?

  20. john Says:

    Can someone email me the link jboyechko@hotmail.com

  21. paul Says:

    hola queria saber como se hace para actualizar el gps tengo el modelo de la imagen de ariba y aveces cuando estoy de viaje me da otras carreteras aqui les dejo mi correo y porfavor enviarme un link o un enlace para actualzarlo : paul.costea73@yahoo.com

  22. Emilian Says:

    Can anyone give me a link or a solution for updating european maps on Xroad v4150?

    Please email me the link andrei.bazatu@yahoo.com

  23. imtiaz Says:

    I want to update my map of european countries. Please help me by providing a link.

  24. Florin Says:

    Can anyone give me a link or a solution for updating european maps on Xroad v4150?

    Please email me the link florinba21@yahoo.com

  25. Dianne Blair Says:

    how will I receive up dates on north america

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