GPS for skiers

GPS for skiers
GPS devices seems to be customizing themselves for various different outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing and/or golfing. Today we can add another one to the list: skiing. A company called Satski (satellite + ski?) came up with a GPS navigation system specifically designed for skiers.

The main feature of the Satski system is to give you an interactive map of the mountain that will guide, assist and record your movements throughout the day while you hit the slopes.

The system, which can easily fit in your fat ski jacket, will constantly update the your current position on the map, give you some statistics, and record your coordinates, altitude, speed, and distance to be analyzed later on.

Other features of the system include a basic MP3 Player, a few games, list of emergency contacts for your area such as mountain rescue, and some photos and information on restaurants in the vicinity.

The system currently has detailed information on Tignes, Val d’Isère, Courchevel, Méribel, Val Thorens, La Plagne, Les Arcs, St Anton and Verbier resorts. You can rent it for about $60/day… via

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  3. jean-paul fourage Says:

    I couldn’t read the display in sunny circumstances on the piste. This makes the application for navigating around the piste almost impossible in my view. For me it appears to be waisted money buying this satski gps device. I lost 1 side button probably while thundering down the piste with my blistering speed:-).

  4. john Christian Says:

    You must have had the old Model as shown in the image above, I see can well enough in the bright light and my family loved it. John Christian

  5. jennifer Says:

    This is device is not reliable at all. It appears losing it’s gps signal each 5 minutes. Which causes not only navigating problems. But also missing route playback recordings. And this last one was my main reason of purchasing it. My impression is that the manufacturing is not so solid. I would say it is made in China for a cheap price. And the price is much too high. It should be half the price if the quality is also half of the promises I got on satski website. So I’ve got mine for sale:-( Rgrds, Jenny.

  6. john christian Says:

    Oops, today I switched on the device, but LCD is not working. I trust that Satski will give good support. I will ship it back with full confidence. Despite device is only 7 monhts old and is already defect:-(. But it can happen to all tech products.

  7. john Christian Says:

    I never made a comment about the Satski not working we have had fun with ours- unlike the other comments here.Jennifer Ive seen your comments else where why dont you just get the unit replaced they have a 12 mont warranty -You would probaly get their new unit which is much improved!

  8. Alan Says:

    Hello, I am waiting for a replacement unit for faulty unit since 3 months. Still haven’t received anything. Some people are experiencing the same I read on a Ski forum thread. Just Google these 3 words ‘SNOWHEADS+FORUM+SATSKI’ and find out for yourself. Unlike product quality a Companies unreliability is not subject for improvement. This company is totally NOT reliable. Nor is it’s CEO (JCB) I experienced. He was very rude to me AND to others! If you want to purchase a Satski GPS think about it twice I would suggest!

  9. Michael Says:

    My unit worked pretty well. I used it for the first 3 days of my holiday to Kaprun. I think it worked ok. But can’t check it. on the fourth day I fell down on my right side. My Satski GPS was in my left pocket. But due to the shock it was defect after I fell to the ground. I returned it to Satski. And also am waiting now for quite a while (more than 2.5 months). Guess they are busy now. Anyways there is nu hurry. Because I have to wait for my next ski holiday for a couple of months. My advise to Satski R&D is to make it shockproof. Because I didn’t fall very hard. Despite this the device was broken. And every snow lover runs the risk of falling down maybe not because of his own fault but it can also happen if somebody who can’t ski properly hits you. Cheers, Michael.

  10. Envar Gudjohnsson Says:

    Experienced this device on 2 winter sports occassions. But it didn’t pay off for me. The concept is good, but the product needs quite some improvement still. At the piste I’ve had a lot difficulties to read the LCD. Frequently is was lacking GPS signal receipt. The design looks very nicely on the other hand. Whilst the above, I will use it for my next ski trip. But I hope Satski will have a trade inn programm within a few years, when the product is fully ready to do what it promisses.

  11. Samuel Fields Says:

    My unit broke down on the first day of wintersport. Called them at internat. rate. CEO promissed me to send a new one on my holiday address. But it never happened. Thanks very much for nothing! More over when I emailed him my personal opinion he mailed me back that “I should get a life”. How unprofessional.

  12. Robert O'Connor Says:

    Well, I was disappointed by this device. I brought it with me. But a lot of times gps signal was lacking. And on the fourth day my device broke down. Further I noticed that my satski gps was scratched in my pocket. and battery time was quite short actually. it didn’t last for a complete day.

  13. Patrick Keen Says:

    I have read a lot of discussions about hardware reliablity and problems regarding Satski GPS. I personally have no experience with this product. However to all who are considering to purchase a Satski (like me), I would suggest to read the below forum:
    How safe is Satski for advance payment credit card transactions and (longer term) service issues? Satski ltd. was dissolved from Companies House Register this year. I think this last fact and the discussion on snowheads forum say important things to make the right decission. The ‘behaviour’ of their CEO is also described in several forums. Check the WHOLE story out I would advise.

  14. Marck Bright Says:

    hi, their CEO was really rude and unprofessional to me. I asked him some (apparantly to him) ‘annoying’ questions and he told me to ‘get a life’. I don’t think that is very normal. this is my personal opinion.

  15. GPS Systems Comparisons Says:

    What a cool gadget! I’d love to have one.

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