Alpine PMD-B200 Blackbird II now official

Alpine PMD-B200 Blackbird IIAlpine officially announced their new PMD-B200 Blackbird II with a press release but there was never mention of a 10GB HDD like we said it would last month (sorry). We’re blaming Crutchfield where we initially got the specs which also seems to have corrected their mistake.

Anyhow, let’s leave all this behind us and talk about the correct specs.

Built-in Bluetooth module, and a built-in traffic tuner still exist on Alpine Blackbird II as we previously stated. However the press release says the GPS navigation system will come with a built-in flash hard drive and run Microsoft Windows CE as the operating system. The number of POIs is listed at 6 million, and the maps -provided by Navteq- cover the United States and Canada including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The live traffic information requires subscription priced at $60/year (first 3 months free) and is offered by NAVTEQ Traffic RDS. It is capable of informing the driver with changes in traffic flow and incidents such as construction, accidents and congestion levels.

Blackbird II has an SD card slot which accepts upto 4GB of media in MP3 or WMA format. And if you place your Alpine PMD-B200 in its windshield cradle, music and driving directions can be transferred to the car’s stereo through the built-in FM modulator. Of course for phone conversations you’ll be relying on the bluetooth module.

A unique feature of the PMD-B200 is its ability to be docked inside of Alpine’s IVA-W205 2-DIN in-dash head unit, creating a complete audio/video/navigation (AVN) system. The IVA-W205 is a robust DVD/CD/MP3/WMA AV head unit with a faceplate that slides down to a 90-degree angle, revealing the DVD/CD slot and a separate slot for the Blackbird. Once docked inside, the Blackbird becomes a dedicated navigation system that does not take processing power away from the IVA-W205, allowing the IVA-W205 to focus on the audio and video functions. All the user control functions on the Blackbird are automatically transferred to the IVA-W205’s 6.5-inch QVGA touch screen monitor.

MSRP for Blackbird II is $750 and $1000 for the IVA-W205 mentioned above.

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  1. Ghillie Suits » Alpine PMD-B200 Blackbird II now official Says:

    […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptPublished on October 18th, 2007 in gps navigation Alpine officially announced their new PMD-B200 Blackbird II with a press release but there was never mention of a 10GB HDD like we said it would last month . […]

  2. Mark Valpreda Says:

    I have one of these docked in my W205 head unit. The BlackBird II has been out for at least a month now. No TTS or proximity alerts like a Garmin. But in my car, it sure looks nice having everything integrated in the dash. No more GPS on the windshield/dash!

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