ViaMichelin X970 now available in the U.S.

ViaMichelin X970
We had talked about the European version (X970T) when it first appeared. Today we got the news that X970 is now available in the U.S. for $350 (pre-order).

X-970 uses the very common SiRF Star III GPS receiver, comes with maps of U.S. and Canada, and even has bluetooth connectivity for hands free calls. The device is also traffic information but you’ll need to buy a separate accessory for that. However text-to-speech, Michelin Green Guide which lets you plan your trip at home are standard.

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  1. ViaMichelin X970 Releases In The U.S. Says:

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  2. Tony Says:

    I’ve been waiting for one of their more advanced units (e.g.: X970T) to come to the US, especially if they are compatible with both US and european maps. The transatlantic functionality is a big deal for me because I travel to europe and I value the Michelin red and Green Guides. (Those maps and guides can consume a lot of my baggage weight allowance.) The 930 did not have transatlantic capability.

    In addition to the v7 operating system now available in europe, I note a couple of additional differences: 1) the TMC antennae is not included in the US X970, but will be available as an accessory ; 2) the warrantee is 1 year not the usual 2 that they have in europe; and 3) the “ViaMichelin Advantage” program does not appear to be included.

    I am cautiously optimistic about this unit, but would like to read some “on the road” reviews and get more detailed info from US ViaMichelin. They have shared only very basic info so far, at least compared to the european ViaMichelin site’s info on the X970T. I will be especially interested to know how this X970 (no “T”) unit integrates internationally with ViaMichelin’s services and mapping

  3. Avianna Says:

    mm.. bookmarked ;-)

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