Navman launches F10

navman f10
Right after renewing its S series sat nav systems with S30, S50, S70 and S90i, Navman is adding a new member to its F series: Navman F10.

F10 will follow the form factor of the F series, and will look quite similar to the F20 which we had talked about here at NaviGadget. F10 is an entry level model and it uses a light version of Navman’s navigation software called SmartST 2008. As usual F10 also offers preloaded radar database. On the other hand, it does not come with a USB cable nor the Navman Desktop software, which is necessary for the update of the radars. It is an optional add-on for 15 €. F10 also is not compatible with live traffic information.

The maps come from Tele Atlas and dates back to April 2007 and it is stored on the 512MB internal storage like the S series. F10 comes with a SiRF Star III GPS chip and has a 3.5″ display.

Navman F10 will be offered at 150 € (appx $213).

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  12. Wendy O'Regan Says:

    I have been unable to download the manual for the F10 Navman we purchased. If you can help me get this we would appreciate that.

  13. augur Says:

    i would like to botain a user manual with my new F10 navman

  14. augur Says:

    i would like to obtain a user manual for my new F10 navman

  15. robevo Says:

    the navman f10 manual can be downloaded in any language at

  16. punktlich Says:

    The Navman F10 was selling for as low as £79 at Costco UK late in 2007. The Navman Store said they would be selling SD cards with maps of Europe, USA etc. by January 2008; then they said February. But they are still unavailable. I am thinking of returning my F10 to Costco.

  17. patrick Says:

    Would you reccommend the navman F10 as a good product worth purchasing or would you buy something else thats within the same price range?

  18. marjery Says:

    ive just bought my 1st navman F10,but i cant figure out how to cancel routes on it.can somebody tell me how to do this..thanks

  19. Dazza Says:

    I thave the navman F10 good unit but the after sales service from navman is sheeer crap…….if i was ever to get another gps, i think i would first call the different companies to see who had the best after sales service then look at there gps if all good then buy it……..

  20. gh-sani Says:

    I bougth F10 GPS in can use it in iran ?

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