Sanyo Gorilla GPS

Sanyo has added a new model to their Gorilla series. The two new models will be NV-SD580DT and NV-SB260DT which will not only allow the user to watch digitally broadcast channels but also record them.

The series is dubbed Gorilla for a good reason; offering a sharp display measuring 5.8 inches and a durable battery to last at least couple of hours.

More specs:

  • VGA
  • FM transmitter
  • 1Seg TV tuner
  • SD card (2GB max)
  • VISC
  • MP3 player
  • SD-Video card reader (plz leave comment if you know what this is…)
  • 100.5x177x33 mm
  • 570 g

Gorilla series also come in HDD versions such as the NV-HD830DTvia

7 Responses to “Sanyo Gorilla GPS”

  1. Dawid Gatti Says:

    About the SD-Video. SD stands for Standard Definition

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  3. Administrator Says:

    thanks Dawid.

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  5. JR Says:

    SD stands for Secure Digital It is a memory card used to store data, and commonly used in digital cameras to store media[video,pictures, data, music, etc]

  6. Anton Says:

    SD Video card is a memory card that you can store video on. I think with the technoloigy today you can actually change the format of an avi movie to fit it on a memory card and than watch it on you portable device…in this case the Sanyo Gorilla.

  7. Vinit Patel Says:

    I need manual of Sanyo Navigation NV-SD580DT
    Please send me to my email id :

    Thank you

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