GPS laptop from Asus

asus u3s gps
Asus recently introduced U3S, a new high end laptop, that has an integrated GPS as well as an external GPS antenna jack. U3S has a 13.3″ widescreen LCD screen and magnesium aluminum alloy exterior. It runs on a Intel Centrino Duo Processor, and operates with Windows Vista.

We have to mention that the integrated GPS is not standard but an optional feature that probably will cost you a few hundred dollars extra. If GPS does not interest you, you can get 3G connectivity, or what they call a ‘turbo memory’ instead:


With the U3, users can enjoy one of the following three optional features: turbo memory, 3G connectivity and global positioning system (GPS). The turbo memory speeds up the boot up of notebooks with better operating power efficiency. Built-in 3G module enables users to stay connected to the World Wide Web via high-speed mobile networks anywhere. The GPS guides the way with precision and ease for versatile functionality.

U3S will be available in Europe this month and will cost about €2300.

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  11. adrian Says:

    This is not bad at all, not bad at all. It looks good and the GPS could be very useful for me :D Need to look it up and test it!

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  23. Anti falten behandlung Says:

    Danke vielmals, merci.

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