transfer Google My Maps to Garmin

A new service called TakeItWithMe now lets you transfer Google My Maps and Google Earth KML content directly to Garmin handheld GPS devices using the recently announced Garmin Communicator API. Or alternatively you can use this tool to convert Google My Maps to GPX format.

It is pretty straight forward to use the tool; all you have to do is copy a my Maps URL into the form and click ‘Load My Maps’ to get started. Just watch the video, you’ll see what we mean… via

14 Responses to “transfer Google My Maps to Garmin”

  1. Jose Olcese Says:

    With this script, you can convert garmin IMG maps to google earth

  2. Jimmy Says:

    You spelt “Take” wrong in the video

  3. Cyn Says:

    You spelled “spelt” wrong in your comment.

  4. Craig Says:

    i get a fatal error:

    invalid document structure

  5. Brad Henley Says:

    it too got a fatal error:

    invalid document structure

    i am using nuvi 200

  6. Ann Long Says:

    this is a garmin etrex venture hc
    I have no idea how to get a google map to the garmin. HELP!

  7. malaysia seo Says:

    i have no idea too, is there any tools we can use?

  8. Google Maps, Buscador de Numeros Celulares Says:

    […] transfer Google My Maps to Garmin — NaviGadget […]

  9. Al Says:

    Spellling “takitwithme” without the “e” in “take’ is a killer. Find a better URL if “takeitwithme” isn’t available…

  10. Google Map Route to Garmin GPS - Hayabusa.oRg Says:

    […] but after much frustration I see no easy way to make this work… Thanks for any tips Try this LINK ______________________________________ Brock's CT Series Exhaust (Single), BMC Race, ECU Editor, […]

  11. Jarrod P Says:

    Does this work with the Marine GPS units? I use my marine gps unit for hiking and street travel. Really trying to keep it down to one unit.

  12. Ralph Cupping Says:

    What a fantastic and great site you have here. You have a big variety of subjects and interesting subjects and it is a delight to read.

  13. Ivo Says:

    For transferring Google Map paths to Garmin GPS device, is also posible to use this simple converter

  14. Translator Says:

    Thanks for the posted article quote – transfer google my maps to garmin – I am a relative newbie to the Internet and do not understand 100% of your narrative (excellent though it is) I own and operate a bike hire company in Spain with 860 bicycles for hire increasing monthly by at least 20 bikes per month in winter and in high season like now over 100 new bicycles are added to the hire inventory.We have 1,000 Garmin GPS devices how much will your charges be to transfer google maps onto all the 1,000 Garmin GPS devices. Thank You we will pay cash for the work.

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