Nokia N95 A-GPS available with new firmware

Nokia after hearing a few bad things about the GPS performance on the N95 decided to include A-GPS support with its new V12 firmware. With the new A-GPS support your N95 will connect to the assistance server operated by Nokia which in return send back the up-to-date ephemeris data of the GPS constellation and help decrease the time it takes to get a satellite fix where GPS signals are poor even in places with no direct view of the sky.

Here is what you need to do, of course after backing your data and installing the new firmware:

With the V12 (Version 12.0.013 to be exact) firmware you will find you have a new menu at – Tools> Settings> General> Positioning.

Here there are two sub-menus, Positioning Methods with the new option on Assisted GPS, which you need to enable and a sub menu called Positioning Server which contains the details for the assistance server. Here you will find the Nokia server already listed as , but you will need to manually enter an existing network access point to allow network access to the server, for me I used the Vodafone WAP APN on which I get vodafone’s new “unlimited” data tariff. You will need to enter your networks own APN here, I guess a Wifi access point should work just as well, but I have not tried.

Let us know how this works for you… via

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  3. bainsworld Says:

    As fas as I can tell, it is NOT possible to select a Wifi access point for the positioning server. The only choices are to select one of the GPRS network APs so I suppose that is how Nokia help the networks monetise this stuff…

    In my case I switched A-GPS off as it costs me $1 through Vodafone every time I start the GPS even if I do so accidentally and Exit straight away (on Australia capped plan but all internet access is assumed to be browsing so charged at $1 per 5 minutes or part thereof).

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  5. andy Says:

    Has the new firmware resolved the GPS issues because I need a new phone and am looking at a sat nav. Obviuosly I would just get the Nokia N95 if this worked well as a sat nav now.

    Also have seen good deals on the Nokia N95 on does anyone know anywhere cheaper?

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