the new Mio P360 and P560

Mio is preparing two new PDA’s with GPS support; the P360 and P560. We have very few details right now but it is expected that these two models will be replacing the P350 and P550 of last year. Both P360 and P560 will run Windows Mobile 6.

The new models feature Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 2.0, and an embedded GPS antenna. You get an SD/MMC slot for memory expansion, mini-USB connector for syncing your data and charging, and a microphone.

LCD touchscreen on the front is the only user interface to the device, other than the GPS mapping application button and the button that takes you directly to your contacts… via

We can’t help but say: OMG is this the new iPhone killer!?!?!!!!


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  8. Gary Says:

    Surely an iPhone killer needs to be able to make phone calls? ;-)

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  10. Offroad1994 Says:

    This device would need to link to an existing cellphone (called bridging?) via bluetooth or wifi; but most cellphone companies have agressively disabled that feature, as they want built in cellphone only applications which can be licensed for more profit. It might be possible as a IPHONE competitor of sorts.

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  14. Gadget Mania Says:

    Mio P360, P560: PDA cu GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth…

    Firma Mitac, specializată în dispozitive electronice ce includ funcționalități GPS, vine să ne reamintească via noile modele Mio P360 și P560 faptul că înainte ca factorul de formă promovat de Apple iPhone să ajungă la telefoane, acesta er…

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  16. Ben Says:

    Mio’s new phone/PDA/GPS is the A702. Also 3.2MP camera.

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  20. Ludwig Says:

    I brought one Mio P360 PDA. This was a worst decision on my life. No WIFI No bluetooth. For wifi i read on manual is possible SDIO WIFISD card. I brought one for 70 euro and ……nothing. Not work .Support on internet is zero arround the world. Customer service zero. I never recomed this shit….sorry for expression

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