Personal Locator Beacon; MicrOFix from ACR

gps-beacon-01.jpgIf you are lost in the wilderness a simple handheld GPS receiver may help you a lot. But if you are hurt or out of supplies or in some other serious trouble a mere GPS receiver won’t help. That’s because a GPS device will only tell you where you are – but will not notify authorities that may be looking for you. That’s why you need something called a personal locator beacon (PLB).

Meet MicrOFix from ACR. Popular among hunters, pilots, hikers, climbers and other outdoors men these devices when activated transmits on 406 MHz via the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system with the sender’s unique registered, digitally coded distress signal. Emergency officials monitoring the system not only will be able to tell who is sending the signal (thanks to the coding and registration data) but precisely where the signal is coming from as a result of the built-in GPS engine. The beacon’s highly-sensitive, built-in -136 dBm GPS receiver provides for faster acquisition, a bonus in any rescue where every second counts.

The MicrOFix is a new model from ACR which claims to be smallest PLB ever built – 35% smaller and 25% lighter than its predecessor, the ACR TerraFix. MicrOFix is available throughout the U.S. for a suggested retail price of $740. You can also read a comprehensive review on MicrOFix.

4 Responses to “Personal Locator Beacon; MicrOFix from ACR”

  1. Microfix, el PLB de ACR | Actualidad GPS Says:

    […] Vía navigadget […]

  2. SPOT Messenger Says:

    I am still sold on the SPOT Satellite Messenger. Which has achieved great success since it’s launch in 2007. The Spot Messenger gives you the ability to send messages alerting that your OK , or need non-emergency HELP or 911 Emergency button that sends your GPS coordinates to an international emergency dispatch center to get you help when you need it. These units are sold at for $149.99 considerably less than Microfix for someone on a budget. An ideal Personal Locator Beacon

  3. Kevin Stoltz Says:

    While the SPOT does have it’s place, a PLB such as the ACR MicrOFix is the ultimate emergency rescue device. That’s because where the SPOT relies solely on GPS for location information, PLBs also use satellite doppler technology which is much more reliable in adverse weather, under a tree canopy or in a crevass. While the initial price of a PLB is more, if you consider the 5 year cost (PLB batteries last for 5 years and there’s nothing else you need to purchase) the $100/yr+ service fee results in the cost of a PLB being less than SPOT. And finally, you can rent the latest and greatest PLBs at for $69/week (even less with a discount code available for the asking) making a PLB the best option if you want the best rescue device just in case.

  4. Dave Says:

    “An ideal Personal Locator Beacon”

    Wow, claiming to be something your not SPOT MESSENGER.

    And how is it more affordable then this MicroFix?
    Lets see:
    SPOT $149.99 (although I the SPOT company giving them away free to anyone at EAA air show).
    $99 activation free
    $49 tracking fee
    Thats already $300 for the first year. After 5 years the cost is over $900 bucks….yeah, real affordable.

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