Super Trackstick GPS tracking

Trackstick just recently made a available a new GPS tracking device called “Super Trackstick“.

The new model runs on two AAA batteries, and thanks to its vibration detector and low power GPS technology it will last for about a month with average use. Super Trackstick comes with 4MB of internal memory that can keep a log of months worth of travel history. Of course all this slightly depends on record time which can be an interval anywhere from every 5 seconds to every 15 minutes.

Super Trackstick can simply plug into your computer’s USB port to transfer track logs which can visualized on Google Earth since the data automatically is stored in this format. The device has weatherproof case and removable magnetic mount allow for covert installation for vehicles.

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  4. sirK Says:

    Hi there,

    I bought the Super Trackstick at and I have to say that I’m really happy with it. The software is very userfriendly while having a lot of possibilities.
    I would recommend it to everyone with the need for a GPS logger.


  5. Sharon Says:

    Hi Sirk
    Must agree the super trackstick works a treat I think I got the better bargain at at @ 160.00 odd quid whilst most people sell for over £200 quid

  6. ric Says:

    Thanks for the info. I found one at I’ll let you know how it works.

  7. gps tracking Says:

    Hi! i got the valuable information about gps tracking and the device which is used is called Super Trackstick“.The new model runs on two AAA batteries, and its vibration detector and low power GPS technology it will last for about a month with average use.

  8. reviews Says:

    I just wanted to say WOW! your site is really good and i’m proud to be one of your surfers

  9. Louise from Says:

    This is an asweome product and cost effective too

  10. Mark hedging Says:

    I bought it via after waiting a week I had it and it was operational within an hour.

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