44 channel high sensitivity GPS receiver from SkyTraq

venus5-001.jpgA Taiwanese company called SkyTraq has announced the availability of a new GPS receiver chipset called Venus 5 that offers an impressive of 44 channel tracking and –158dBm sensitivity which on paper is better than the highly popular SiRF Star III chipset.

The first device to utilize SkyTraq‘s new chipset will be the GPS-BT100Y bluetooth GPS receiver which claims to run up to 17 hours on a single charge with its 950mAh Li-Ion battery. Not sure when this receiver will make it out of Asia… via

Here are the specs for the Venus 5 GPS receivers:

  • Industry leading signal acquisition and time to first fix speed
  • 158dBm sensitivity
  • < 35 seconds @ -145dBm cold start
  • < 1 second hot start under open sky
  • < 4 second start with AGPS support
  • 5m CEP accuracy

2 Responses to “44 channel high sensitivity GPS receiver from SkyTraq”

  1. Nuevo chip receptor de 44 canales de SkyTraq | Actualidad GPS Says:

    […] Vía: navigadget  […]

  2. aljandro castrilli Says:

    Can this GPS provide positioning in indoor locations?

    We are looking for a system to use into trucks without any external antenas arrangements.

    Has this equipment that capability?

    Thank you

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