TomTom GO 520 with speech recognition

The same day TomTom announced their new GO 720, they also unveiled the new TomTom GO 520, which is the successor of the older GO 510. GO 520 will only be available in Europe offering only local maps – depending on where you buy it from.

Here are the features of the new GO 520:

  • 4.3 widescreen 16:9 format LCD (WQVGA: 480*272 pixels)
  • CPU 400 MHz, 64MB RAM
  • 512MB, 1GB (TomTom GO 520) or 2GB internal flash memory (TomTom GO 720)
  • SD card socket
  • High sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Compatible with RDS-TMC traffic information receiver
  • Integrated FM transmitter
  • Bluetooth
  • Battery lithium-polymer (5 hours operation)
  • Optimised integrated microphone and speaker for high quality hands-free functionality
  • Dimensions: 118 mm x 83 mm x 24 mm
  • Weight: 220 grams

GO 520 will also make speech recognition available in certain European countries allowing the users to speak the address they want to go to instead of trying to typing it in.

NOTE: The US version of TomTom 720 does not seem to offer speech recognition.

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  6. Sara Gheydi Says:

    I have a Tom Tom go 720 but it doesn’t have speech future, I want to know if I buy Tom Tom go 520 from Europe Is it possible that download USA TOmTom 720 CD on 520 and use it in United State and Canada?
    If I can use 520 here let me know how much is it to American $ .

  7. JOHN WOODS Says:

    no you cant- speech software wont work

  8. Paul Fletcher Says:

    I have a 720 purchased in Canada and if you create a file in Notepad called ‘support_asr.dat’ and type the number ‘1’ into it (nothing else) then save it in the ‘ASR’ folder on your TomTom 720, it will enable the Speech Recognition (or it did for me :) )

  9. Andre Bellemare Says:

    I have GO720 and I I named support_asr.dat in note pad and type 1, after i put this file in the ASR folder of the GO 720.
    It does not work for me.
    I named my file: support_asr.dat , should I name it like this ’support_asr.dat’
    ST Roch de L’Achigan

  10. chris Says:

    I’ve tried the GO720T with several new phones (incl samsung u600, g600, Nokia N95 etc) and although all apparently connect when asked, all drop the connection when asked to upload phone numbers or deal with TomTom services.
    Also, from delivery, my unit won’t accept speech input, and despite several (complex) instructions from the TomTom helpdesk, still has a greyed out “dialogue” icon.
    Oh to have bought the Garmin 760T…..

  11. George Kilner Says:

    Tom Tom sure have an impressive range of sat navs. Nice to see that they are still movong forwards with ne features while being abe to keep prices low.

  12. Siyx Says:

    1 – create a wordpad file in your ASR directory on your TomTom
    2 – Call it support_asr.dat and save it.
    3 – Open support_asr.dat with wordpad (when asked) and type ONLY the number 1
    4 – Close and SAVE the file

    Restart the TomTom and you should have it as a settable option in Quick Menu. (only place i could find to access it)

    If this doesnt work you need to edit one more file on the root of the TomTom called ttgo.bif (again open with wordpad)
    Inside it will list the Features= (scroll down to find the list)
    After ,VoiceRecording, add ASR followed by a , (if there isnt one there already.

    So it should read something like Features=blah,blah,blah,VoiceRecording,ASR,TTS….. and so on.

    Save the file. Restart TomTom and add Voice Recognition to your shortcut menu (in options) and you should be good to go.

  13. Tiffee Says:

    Some one need to explain this concept to me
    I have been reading this blog but I can’t understand it.
    I tried to follow this but it dont make any sense
    So in a nut shell what are you trying to say
    I am trying to understand this but you must make yourself clear.
    Im not sure if I follow you
    Keep going you need to explain some more
    Interesting, how log have you ben bloggin this is not making sense
    I just found you site on google and I must say it’s not bad.
    I think I folloed what you said but you should try to be much clearer.
    You got to try and add some humour to your blog I’m falling a sleep here.
    Not bad but I have seen that point explained better.
    I’m new here but I just wanted to put my two pence in, I think you have a valid point.
    Are you serious?

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