new Mio A702 unveiled

Mio just unveiled a new handheld device called Mio A702 that integrates a GPS receiver as well as a 3.2 MP digital camera. It has a front face that feels like brushed aluminum, and from the back is resembles Mio A501.

A702 has a numeric keypad, unlike A501, and supports microSD cards for memory expansion. The 3.2 MP camera deserves a flash too of course and Mio didn’t leave that out and even threw in one of those mirror if you’re into taking pictures of yourself. The navigation feature has its own interface button on the left allowing you to turn on or off the GPS receiver chip. Speaking of the GPS receiver chip, the new Mio A702 uses the SiRFDirect feature we talked about recently which they call NavSteadi. It allows for a better navigation experience buy utilizing heading and acceleration sensors to help with GPS reception in areas where signals are poor.


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  4. Says:

    Mio A702 unveiled…

    The general perception one gets from the pictures of the new Mio A702 is that it is a cool and slick device. It integrates a GPS receiver, 3.2 megapixel digital camera with flash, a numeric keypad and supports microSD cards for memory expansion. The n…

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  8. Filipe Says:

    Gostaria de receber um catálogo do A702, é possível?

  9. Izzy Says:

    What about Wifi? does anybody knows if Mio has any device that have them all? e.g. GSM, GPS, PDA, camera and office applications in one unit?

  10. Izzy Says:


    GSM, GPS, PDA, Wifi (to use Skype), camera

  11. Deb Wilson Says:

    I have an A701. It has major probs with the speaker system / phone. Echo back to other party always.
    Does anyone know if Mio has fixed this problem on the new model?

  12. Adam Says:

  13. haim Says:

    more deatails

  14. haim Says:

    deatail please

  15. tnn Says:

    The Mio A702 is a very good unit. Unlike the old A701, no more problems with the phone (delay, noise etc) or GPS fix reliability. WiFi works great and the 3.2mp camera is ok. WM6 is a slight improvement on WM5. I have been using it for a month now and my only concerns are: The new duel core CPU – Mio openly state that it can out perform some 400mhz, however, the A701 was a 520mhz. Why on earth did Mio “downgrade” the CPU speed. I can certainly notice that it performs slower than my A701 as tested side by side on basic tasks like opening start/settings etc.. It takes a little longer to open everything! Something only A701 owners will notice I’m sure. Overall, I’m happy with the upgrade to the A702 as the phone and GPS quality have been addressed and the great styling/build quality over come the few minor faults…

  16. Sean Says:

    I just got a MIO A702, phone is good enough for me, nothing too hot, but it does all I need here in the USA, quad band, wifi, BT all good, one problem is it did not come with any navigation software which is dissapointing

  17. Mondo Says:

    does the A702 work with google maps? does the touch screen work with finger or do you have to use the stylus?

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