V7 preparing NAV700 for North America

V7 is preparing a new model for the North America market called NAV700. The new model offers a 4″ TFT LCD touch screen and a Samsung processor at 400MHz. There is 1GB on board flash memory and an additional 256MB on the SD card.

NAV700 runs WindowsCE.Net on the background and relies on a 1600mAh Li-Polymer battery for power. It uses the highly popular SiRF Star III GPS receiver. Both the hardware and software has support for TMC; so as soon as you pick up an external TMC antenna you can receive live traffic info immediately.

You can expect to pick up the V7 NAV700 in Canada first and then in U.S. in the near future. Even though the MSRP has not been determined it should cost $349 or lower.

Correction: Traffic info is not yet available in the U.S. When V7 offers the product in U.S. it will be through a TMC antenna which will come with a 1 year subscription.

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  1. V7 prepara un nuevo navegador GPS | Actualidad GPS Says:

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  2. BigKahuna Says:

    Have you successfully negotiated a TMC provider in the USA yet? If so, what would be the cost of a monthly subscription to it. Does the unit come with a mount that has a TMC antenna built in ?

  3. PD Says:

    This unit is now on sale on buy.com. However, TMC isn’t offered in North America. For the NAV700, the TMC antennae is an external accessory that isn’t yet available. (Keeping my fingers crossed).

  4. jennifer kane Says:


    i recently broke the little plastic black piece that connects from my gps to the bracket, could you please tell me where I can purchase a complete new GPS NAV700 asap.

    I appreciate the quick response

    thanking you in advance

    jennifer Kane

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