MW-705: the ugly GPS watch with bluetooth

gps-watch-mainnav-001.jpgThis not so pleasant looking GPS watch from MainNav has many features aside from just being enormous. First off it has bluetooth connectivity – probably enabling you to use it as a standalone GPS receiver. It is also functions as a personal trainer, keeping track of your heart rate with its digital sensor and recording your every move thanks to the data log feature. The screen is OLED, which will get you more mileage on your 400mAh battery.

Full set of features:

  • GPS watch tracks up to 12 satellites at once using 20 parallel satellites acquisition
  • Bluetooth function.
  • New SiRF Star III LP single chip
  • Digital Heart Rate Sensor and the Speed + Distance Sensor are all included
  • Altitude/Elevation Data
  • Speed and pace measure sensor to report your pedaling strokes per minute.
  • Temperature sensor
  • Includes Latitude and Longitude (Lat/Lon), Date, and Time
  • Data log– Position recorded
  • Using Organic light-emitting diode (OLED)
  • Adaptable GPS fix rate to control battery life
  • Display speed/distance / temperature

We have no info price or availability but we bet the Asian manufacturer can’t wait to ship them West once you order the minimum amount (usually 1000 of them).

6 Responses to “MW-705: the ugly GPS watch with bluetooth”

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  3. Terry Says:

    It’s not fair to say this GPS watch is ugly, it haven’t sell yet , nobody see the real one , why people place the title like this ??just beause this company is new. Too strict .

  4. tina Says:

    It looks not bad, may be I will by one to test. Where to buy????


  5. roberto v. Says:

    Is not good waterproof!!! Isn’t ipx7 My MW705-D is died on rain!!! And I have not replaced under warranty, really a shame!

  6. Mea Says:

    I would lvoe to see one in person:)

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