GPS Snitch; nice but still expensive

Real time GPS tracking is still a luxury for most. Take GPS Snitch for example: They want to sell the hardware for $400 and then you have to pay a monthly subscription fee somewhere between $15 and $26. And don’t forget the $30 activation fee.

If you have this kind of money here is some more info: It’s pretty much a GPS receiver equipped with GSM antenna and of course a SIM card of some sort. It lasts upto 7 days on battery or you can also plug it into car charger. They call it ‘motion sensitive’ meaning if the device changes location or leaves a pre-determined virtual fence you get a text message on your cell. You can also monitor real time through their web interface.

In the box you’ll receive the GPS Snitch tracking device, wall charger, 100 free credits with activation, and two window stickers. We wonder how much it is just for the stickers?

Check out Wheriphone G560 as a cheaper alternative. It also doubles as an emergency phone. The monthly fees are at the same price range but the hardware only sells for $85.

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