MS4400 navigation radio

If you don’t care about fancy colorful maps and don’t have more than 1DIN space in your dashboard MS400 navigation radio from VDO Dayton may just be the solution for you. MS4400 features dual RDS tuners so you can still enjoy your regular radio stations while still benefiting from TMC information.

The high resolution 260 x 100 dot matrix screen is capable of displaying both audio info next to your next turn displayed with some simple graphics. It can speak 9 languages in 20 different voices and keep 200 locations in its address book.

MS4400 also is an audio/MP3 player and most importantly it lets you play your CDs or audio files while navigating. It has a max. power rating of 4 x 55 Watts which can be controlled with a 5 channel equalizer and can automatically adjust the volume depending on your speed.

There’s only one problem with MS4400. We don’t where it’s sold or how much. We’d appreciate it if our readers could help us here.

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  1. MS4400: radio con navegador Says:

    […] Vía | navigadget. […]

  2. Stephen Says:

    Kia car dealers fit this on request – it’s fitted in the ex-demo Sportage I pick up next week….

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