now GPS chips fit in SIM cards

gps-sim-003.jpgNow you have more than ever reasons to believe you’re being followed. Thanks to a new patent pending technology by BlueSkyPositioning we are one step closer to having a GPS chip inside every cell phone – as long as they take SIM cards. The key point here is their proprietary antenna design that is embedded in the SIM card itself. Just so you know this is not your regular GPS chip. It is an assisted GPS chip that relies on your cellular network for a faster position fix.

No software or hardware changes are needed for legacy handsets. The A-GPS SIM supports E-112 and E-911 Emergency Call Positioning and enables SIM, Mobile and Network based LBS applications. It’s faster, it’s targeted, and it costs the operator a small fraction of the cost of a new handset.

The new startup company is in a great position since all EU countries will soon pass a law that requires network providers to locate the position of handsets in case of emergency calls.

Following publication of a significantly strengthened EU directive, expected later this year, EU member countries will have just 18 months to implement a law requiring operators to identify the precise location of callers to the E-112 emergency services, potentially to an accuracy level of just a few metres. Similar to the E-911 legislation in the US, the new law is designed to improve emergency services’ reaction and response times due to improved location accuracy and therefore increase levels of public safety. However, over 50 per cent of emergency calls in the EU are made from mobile phones – and current network-based positioning technologies on the market cannot provide the degree of accuracy required.

We’d buy their stock.

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