TomTom RIDER 2 unveiled

Just last week we talked about how TomTom accidentally leaked a flash animation about the new Rider, Rider 2nd Edition to be exact. Well today the new animation is up and running accompanied with a press release.

In addition to being waterproof, the new TomTom RIDER comes with a new Cardo scala-rider™ Bluetooth® headset for in-helmet spoken instructions. The new headset fits open and closed helmets and has exceptional noise cancellation performance to ensure that bikers can hear directions and phone calls with unparalleled clarity. TomTom RIDER also comes with a new RAM® mount that fits on virtually all motorbikes and is easy to mount. Its design is renowned worldwide to withstand the toughest conditions bikers may encounter.

Like we mentioned the whole bike mounting kit is new. Now TomTom Rider comes with RAM mounts. But forget about the mounts for now. Other cool features of the new RIDER 2 includes being able to mount to your car’s windshield if you don’t feel like biking that day. The car kit costs an extra £80 though.

Another nice feature is the free Buddies service:

Free Buddies service: locate, invite and add friends to your RIDER. Check who’s in the area when you’re touring or see where friends are right now

This feature requires a bluetooth compatible phone with GPRS data service. TomTom RIDER 2 does not have its own SIM card (just yet).

The new Rider 2nd edition will be available in May 2007 and will approximately cost £300 – £400. The original TomTom Rider is still available for $551.

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  11. elSingular Says:

    TomTom Rider 2, el GPS para motos…

    El GPS TomTom Rider 2 se adapta a las necesidades de los conductores de motos, para ello incluye un auricular Bluetooth, gracias al cual el piloto podrá escuchar directamente las indicaciones sin quitarse el casco.
    La base tiene la capacidad de …

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  13. Edward James Says:

    Tom Tom Rider 2 had a good reputation. It is a shame the Tom Tom Corporations service support through Ryda at Petersham in NSW Australia is so bad that it needs to be discussed on international public forums. I was riding to Bathurst with twenty other club members some of us rode through a rain storm. The Tom Tom unit belonging to one of our club members John which is now attracting this adverse publicity because of very poor customer support. Was set up on another 1400 Suzuki behind a small fairing which we in Australia call a fly screen. So the unit was in fact better protected from rain than the advertising photos used to promote the product on this site, and internationally as waterproof . I find the idea that a big company would want to argue the toss with me a witness and the person who purchased the product which failed to perform as advertised. It comes across to me as a crude attempt to bully a customer with a legitimate complaint about a product which did not perform as advertised. When Tom Tom rider 2 is still being advertised as water proof. In fact able to be submersed to 1 metre. This particular defective unit became so water logged club members could watch water drain from the SD slot at the bottom of the unit. This particular item did not meet the manufacturers advertised claims. It certainly did not perform to the level for which it was purchased. And at this point several weeks later the purchaser is still waiting to get the repair number claim details from the supplier at Ryda Petersham NSW Australia.
    Edward James NSW Australia

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