Paroos G-100 GPS training system

Paroos G-100 is a multi-functional, portable gadget you may want to carry with you while being involved in outdoor activities. Thanks to the GPS chip on board it will tell you exactly how much you’ve traveled, your speed, and altitude. It is also an MP3 player with (only) 512MB of storage space – which will be have to be shared with your tracking data you may have stored. But don’t worry if you don’t have too much space left for your own music library for you can always switch to an FM station.

The G-100 also allows for some training options:

Plan a daily distance you will run and how fast you wish to run. The distance can be entered before starting to run or adjusted while running. Once the distance is entered your arrival time is calculated. Paroos G-100 will vibrate if you reach upper and lower limit of your speed. Your progress will appear on the screen.

It comes in three colors; white, silver, and black. You also get the armband. No word on pricing or availability.

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  1. Paroos G-100 GPS device for your arm at Ministry of Tech | The Best of Tech Says:

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  2. David Says:

    G-100 New funcion – Trevel Record.
    Offer a travel tip via satelite picture in linkage with
    Google Earth program

  3. tip Says:

    Nice page. It’s good to have kids who can use this medium to find you

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