Gotive H42 got GPS navigation and a whole lot more

Gotive – what seems to be a Slovakian company – showcased this week at CeBIT H42 – a communicator for businesses with IP54 rugged construction, a 6.2″ super widescreen at 640×240 pixel resolution and 384MB of memory that is expandable to 1.1GB. It runs Windows CE on a 520MHz Intel processor.

H42 features various antennas such as Bluetooth, GPRS, GSM, GPS, WLAN; multiple IO options like IrDA, SD, MMC card reader, bar code reader, microphone, camera, finger print reader, and of course a touch screen.

GPS module built into the Gotive H42 communicator or into its docking station localises and tracks vehicle or the mobile worker in the field, navigates the driver, identifies the points of activity, enables to secure online proof of delivery (POD, supported by on-screen signature capture), and enables the exploitation of the location based services.

Of course all of these options are not available in one device, you get to customize all the features you need for your business.

Another feature of H42 that makes it so suitable for the industrial world is the dual battery option combined with exclusive power management software of Gotive to provide hours of uninterrupted service.

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