GPS guided artillery ready for deployment

The Excalibur, – a first of its kind – GPS guided artillery, built by Raytheon is ready for deployment in Kuwait after 8 years of development.

When tested in Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona artilleries (13 out of 14) managed to hit their targets with only 10 meters of error when fired from 24 Km’s away – even when they were aimed 15 degrees off target.

In a late November U.S. Army test at Yuma Proving Ground, Ariz., 13 of 14 Excalibur rounds fired up to 24 kilometers away hit within 10 meters of their targets — an unprecedented circular error probable for cannon artillery, Raytheon program official Everett Tackett said here at the Association of the United States Army’s Institute of Land Warfare Winter Symposium. Conventional artillery has a CEP of about 70 to 100 meters at 10 kilometers, 200 to 300 meters at 30 kilometers.

Let’s all hope it is not a cloudy day when they fire the Excalibur. We at Navigadget know how flaky those GPS signals can be on a rainy day. To learn more about the Excalibur program and find out how much tax dollars it cost you check out this article on XM982 Excalibur.

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