Bose Media System does GPS navigation

Bose just announced a new in-dash infotainment system that also includes a GPS navigation system. Nothing seems to extravagant for this media system but when Bose do stuff they seem to do it right.

It looks engineers at Bose spend some time fine tuning the user interface with the Media System:

Proximity Sensor
Reach for the far knob: The system senses your hand and the interface smoothly changes, displaying only the most relevant information and removing the rest.

uMusic system
uMusic Intelligent Playback System
As songs play from the system’s hard drive, you can press a single button to identify those that fit your mood. The uMusicĀ® system continually learns and responds, playing music you want to hear.

Some of the other highlights is the capacity to hold 200 hours worth of music in its HDD based memory, iPod connection, and bluetooth support.

Here is the full list of the features:

  • Customized 5.1-channel surround sound Bose audio system
  • FM / AM broadcast radio
  • XM satellite radio
  • Multi-format disc player
  • uMusic intelligent playback system
  • 200 hours hard-drive capacity
  • Navigation system
  • Bluetooth device scanning and pairing
  • iPod connectivity, with access via system display
  • USB 2.0 input for portable media


3 Responses to “Bose Media System does GPS navigation”

  1. Jesse Says:

    I would like to know if this GPS system has DVD player built in? What is the price? Is it available in Canada?

  2. Saad Says:

    Bose GPS with sattelite channels

  3. Azucena Says:

    I would like to find a navigation system for my 2006 chevy tahoe. It was stolen from my suv. my suv also came with a dvd system in the back that would play throough the speakers. Any help?

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