GPSPrevent G200

A French company called GPSPrevent released a GPS integrated radar detector device called G200.

The G200 warns drivers about fixed radars, danger zones and mobile radars for France and Europe. It will tell you the distance and speed limit as well as the type of the radar based on its frequency. As far as danger zones, it informs driver on the type of danger such as a sharp turns, accident zones, and dangerous intersections.

G200 can warn you with a beep, human voice and/or visual signals, usually 600 meters upstream of fixed and mobile radars. The update of the radars is free and unlimited, and for vocal alarms, one can choose a female or male voice and complete or simplified vocal alarms. The volume of the vocal messages is adjustable (4 levels) to adapt to the ambient sound level.

G200 also allows the user to record his/her own points thanks to the integrated flash memory. It connects directly to the car cigarette lighter and its digital screen can be set for day or night with adjustable contrast and brightness.

It will cost 130€… via

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  1. Cool Tech Stuff - GPSPrevent intros GPS-enabled G200 speed zone warning detector Says:

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  2. Brian Anderssen Says:

    Your review is not quite correct. this product is not a Radar detector at all and it cannot tell you “the type of the radar based on its frequency.”

    It is a GPS locator only

  3. tip Says:

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