Blackberry 8800 has integrated GPS!

A lot of people have been talking back and forth about the RIM’s new Blackberry 8800 but nobody was sure if it would have GPS navigation capability or not -until today- when it was officially announced at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona, Spain.


Through its built-in GPS, the BlackBerry 8800 can pinpoint its location and provide “out-of-the-box” support for a wide variety of location based applications and services, including BlackBerry Maps. BlackBerry Maps provides driving directions — with the ability to track the route via GPS — and integrates with other BlackBerry applications, so users can generate a map from an address in their BlackBerry Address Book and send maps via email from their BlackBerry 8800.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed but the GPS in the 8800 will be the network reliant A-GPS, not a standalone GPS chip like SiRF Star III. The A-GPS platform will interface with the on board Blackberry Maps application to provide directions or other location based services.

The new Blackberry 8800 is expected to be available in about 8 days (Feb 20th) at Cingular.

UPDATE: We were wrong. The Blackberry 8800 does contain a standalone SiRFstarIII-LT chipset. However it may still be using Assisted GPS to conserve battery and such. We didn’t know SiRF made those kind of chips. We’re confused.

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  1. Ali Kimara Says:

    Blackberry 8800 has integrated GPS!

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  4. Richa Says:

    is the blackberry a touch screen phone

  5. Evan Says:

    no the blackberry is not a touch screen cellphone

  6. Sameer Says:

    How can I confirm this about a GPS Chip on any Blackberry model, like what GPS mode a Chip on the device support?

    I found some issues with GPS on my Blackberry 8820, I thought it works in autonomous mode, but after reading this post it seems 8820 might be working only in A-GPS mode. So please tell me how can I confirm this.


  7. Sameer Says:

    I’ve heard like blackberry will be releasing a touch screen phone in near future to compete with iPhone like phones in the market.

  8. LIL LISTO Says:


  9. rob Says:

    care to retract your statement about no touch screen for a blackberry? Or perhaps you haven’t heard of the storm yet? I’m glad you left such an intelligent statement regarding the future technology of blackberrys, what did you leave a comment for again?

  10. Alexandru Says:

    You people at the blackberry are doing a wonderful job, meeting all the expectations and winning all the challenges. BRAVO 2 all of you.

  11. blackberry accessories Says:

    The blackberry would be a more essential phone if it had touch screen.

  12. GPS Handy Says:

    Every Garmin product is designed to meet the most demanding standard: customers’ satisfaction. They are not the cheapest devices available but regarding their quality I think the price is generally worth paying.

  13. Cyprus Girl Says:

    I love my Blackberry. Don’t have any problems with it

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