Clarion introduces DrivTrax P5 in Japan

Clarion just introduced a new portable navigation device in Japan called DrivTrax P5. The new device boasts a SiRF Star III GPS receiver chipset, a 2GB flash memory, and a Samsung processor buzzing at 400MHz. It has a nice touch screen measuring 4.3″ and if you put it on the dimmest setting the rechargeable battery will last you as long as 4.5 hours. However if that’s not enough just be sure to take included car charger with you. Other hardware features include an SD slot, mini-USB connector, 1.5W internal speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack.

clarion-driv-trax-p5-089.jpgThe on board navigation software sounds pretty smart: It stores up to 11 million addresses in its memory as well as 8 million phone numbers indexed for searching. If that’s not enough it also remembers 65 thousand road signs and 32 thousand of some other sign info we couldn’t translate from Japanese. Just like all other Windows based navigation devices Clarion’s DrivTrax P5 shows your photos and plays your audio files.

DrivTrax P5 is expected to be available in Japan beginning of April. The price hasn’t been declared yet.

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