Haicom HI-505SD

hi-505sd-664.jpgHaicom of Taiwan just introduced a new bluetooth GPS navigation device called the HI-505SD, that takes power from the host device (such as your PDA, laptop, UMPC, etc…) and therefore does not require a battery. HI-505SD does take up the SD slot on your device however thanks to its miniSD adaptor it still gives you some flexibility.

The idea behind the HI-505SD is not bad however keep in mind this little device will be drawing power from your handheld both for the bluetooth and the SiRF Star III GPS antenna. So you might want to keep an extra charged battery nearby.

If you are looking for a GPS receiver that plugs into an SD slot you might also want to consider the Spectec SDG-810via

2 Responses to “Haicom HI-505SD”

  1. OctaPC Says:

    The write up is deficient in the pros and the pros are that it is the only option if you have a PDA with only one slot, that being an SD slot and that it is the best option for expanding memory rather than the limiting built-in memory versions like the Globalsat SD-502 (and so happens to be dearer than the HI-505SD with a 2GB datacard). This I consider a highly recommended product!

  2. daniel Says:

    What is important is NOT what is claimed, but what is hidden : This unit DOES NOT work with Pocket PC 2003.

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