u-blox GPS receiver supports Galileo and TTFF under 1 second

Swiss GPS chip maker u-blox will be introducing a new GPS receiver chip called u-blox 5 at the 3GSM event Barcelona this month. The new chip is said to have a 1 second TTFF which is unheard of (compare to ~35 seconds of SiRF Star III). The u-blox 5 series receivers will have a sensitivity of -160dBm which will provide GPS fix even indoors and underground and 50mW power consumption will make it suitable for most handheld devices.

What makes these 5th generation GPS receivers unique is that they’re also Galileo compatible.

Our u-blox 5 single chips and chipsets are prepared for mixed system reception. This new generation, as our previous generation, can simultaneously receive GPS, WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS. As soon as Galileo signals become available, our receivers will be able to simultaneously receive and track these signals too, via a simple software upgrade.

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  1. josé enrique sordo Says:

    Deseo adquirir por mayoreo sistema galileo con chip para localización de vehículos en la zona de quintana roo mexico

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