JVC KV-PX70 now official

JVC’s new navigation system for Europe, KV-PX70, got official today. The new navigation system features a wide 4.3″ wide touch screen, built-in TMC receiver, bluetooth support for hands-free phone calls and finally SD/MMC slot to bring and play your favorite photos or videos.

The KV-PX70 is not available in most online stores just yet, but you can pick one up for £380 from here. That comes out to be about €575, €75 more than what we thought it would cost. Help out other shoppers and let us know if you see the JVC KV-PX70 cheaper anywhere else. No need to register to comment.

3 Responses to “JVC KV-PX70 now official”

  1. Paul Daly Says:

    I bought my JVC KV-PX70 at a store called “El Corte Inglés” in Valencia, Spain in june 2007 and i pay for it 350 euros.

  2. Edgar Opel Says:

    Mein Navigationsgerät JVC KV-PX70 bringt die Meldung, dass das Kartenmaterial älter als 12 Monate ist. Ich habe das Gerät 2006 erworben. Wo und wie komme ich an aktuelles Kartenmaterial für Europa?

  3. vrdoljak Says:

    Geret JVC KV-PX70 2006 gekauft.
    Wo und wie komme ich an aktuelles Kartenmaterial für Europa?



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