GPS tracking shoes – part 2

gtx-gps-shoe-049.jpgAdding GPS tracking system to shoes seem to be the trend for 2007. Earlier this month we reported on another pair of GPS shoes. The same idea is being implemented by California based company called GTX Corporation. We do not know how much these will cost however it does sound like GTX will be using the Cingular network to transmit location data.

The GPS receiver on-board is from Marlin and it does support A-GPS meaning that it will get help from cellular towers to pinpoint its location – even when indoors.

Some of the features that come with the shoes is Dual GeoFencing, which allows perimeters of either safe zones or un-safe zones to be preset by caretakers, who will receive cell phone alerts if a perimeter is breached by the wearer. Another feature is the intelligent power source (1350mAh) that can last days before requiring a recharge and transmit its signal strength over the air, which enables a guardian not only to track a loved one but also track the performance and status of the device.

We’ll be sure to follow this story and give you updates as more info becomes available.


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  1. kevin weigand Says:

    this was my idea.,and i can prove it.

  2. Matt Says:

    OMG, GPS tracking shoes, i need to get my father a pair of these for his travels!


  3. behide Says:

    i like it too.

  4. Nancy Says:

    The greatest danger could be your stupidity.

  5. davon mantan Says:

    I saw your blog while searching Google. Very interesing article I must say. I will now share it with my facebook friends.

  6. healthcare issues Says:

    Keep it up (like I do :-)) Great site – loved the bit about yourselves.

  7. daniel Says:

    its good.. :)

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