Cobra Nav One 2100

Cobra revealed their new and more affordable GPS navigation system Nav One 2100 last week at CES 2007. The new Nav One 2100 was announced a few days before the show but we had no image back then.

The unit comes with a 3.5-inch screen with optional traffic reports, and is expected to be priced at $350. The 2100 will also offer an SD memory card expansion slot and millions of points of interests.

The Nav One 2100 will be available in stores in May of 2007. The optional real-time traffic feature is $100 with an annual traffic service subscription fee of $60 a year.

18 Responses to “Cobra Nav One 2100”

  1. Wynne Burns Says:

    Please send me info on any GPS navigation system that has a MEXICO upgrade to include the major highways and cities.

  2. Anibal Mercado Says:

    Please send me information to upgrade my Cobra Nav One 2100 to include the major highways and cities in Puerto Rico. Thanks

  3. CainO' Says:

    I have a question. Does this or any GPS system come equipt with truck and hazmat routing? If so can I get a list of the ones that do? Thanx, CainO’

  4. CainO' Says:

    I am not sure about the Cobra or Carmen’s but I bought a Magellan wide-screen and I found out that for $75 you can download truck and HazMat routes. I have yet to do it or even install the CD that came with it. But I love it! And as a truck driver, I would only suggest the wide screen one. It is just too cool, I should have got one years ago, but it works great, I just use the PC Miler to do my Hazmat routes for now, and when I go off track, the GPS will reconfig itself. If it doesn’t stop telling me to make a legal U-turn, I just hit the detoured option and make it reconfig… Over all, I would suggest one to anyone, just watch out for the cheapies, don’t buy a GPS that requires cartridges! I paid $399 for mine at Circuit City, but it is on sale right now… But even the $500’s is still worth it, to help compensate for my companies poor directions in the Qual-comm. Happy GPSing! It is a must buy!!!

  5. Brianna Says:

    How do I find Mexico Maps for my Cobra 2100?

  6. Hector Padron Says:

    I have been using GPS for years,always from Garmin but 3 months ago I purchased this NavOne 2100 and I am really impressed because not only the bright colors during the day but also the high accuracy,it shows me street by street without any failure,in fact its more acurate that google maps trough the internet,it has become my companion everytime I drive my car,it takes me anywhere I go with high precission.I am very pleased with the performance of this unit.

  7. Josh Carey Says:

    I’m pretty disappointed with my 2100. I moved down to FL not long ago and the thing is pretty much useless down here. I constantly find myself just going to Google and writing down the directions. The 2100 is constantly telling me to turn off onto what’s supposed to be a road and is really a dead end or sometimes it would’ve sent me straight off into the woods or even into somebody’s driveway. I wish I could get a map update but they go through Tele Atlas and they seem to have their head so far up their a** thinking they’re all that when really they are absolutely inaccurate. By the way, map updates of course need to be paid for and apparently there are only updates over in Europe. What good does that do us over here in the US? I’d like to be able to use my 2100 here in FL as I had intended to do when I bought it.

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  9. William Says:

    Can anyone let me know where I can get the truck/hazmat download for NavOne2100? Thanks

  10. Diogo Says:

    Hello i buy an cobra 2100 but i cant work with him because i dont have maps for my country. im portuguese. i bougth the gps in ebay to a guy but he lied to me. can you help me??

  11. Guylain Roy Says:

    Worst GPS i have. This GPS is so bad, slow and no good update for it. Don’t buy it

  12. Liz C. Says:

    I have found the device itself is not without flaws, but the accuracy is great. I haven’t used other GPS units before, but this one was inexpensive and I think it works great! I got mine for really cheap at, I think they might be doing free shipping still? I love my cobra 2100 so far…

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  14. frusterated Says:

    how do you get it to come off of demo mode?? I can type in my address, it works for about 3 min then goes back to demo mode.
    AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH it won’t work. Instructions are crappy. Doesn’t tell how to get normal.

  15. vERY ANNOYED Says:

    I hate my nav one 2100….it is a rip off that you have to pay $129 for updated maps….I live in Canda and the city I needed it for half of it is not even included when I just purchased this thing a month ago…..Not going to pay as much for new maps as I did for the GPS…..

  16. Laughing Stock Says:

    I’m in the same boat as you VeryAnnoyed. so many GPS’s are now under $20 with 4.3″ screens etc. Think I’m going to pay $129.95 for an upgrade? I expected maybe $9.95 or $19.95 at best for an upgrade.
    Hell,I’ll go buy a new GPS for $149, and it WONT be Cobra!
    Doh! What were they thinking?

  17. Laughing Stock Says:

    Ooops.. I mean’t $200.00 not $20.

  18. Ella Nelson Says:

    I have bought this one many months ago… Is there new updates for this? Thanks

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