5 new GPS navigation products from Polaroid

Polaroid showcased 6 different portable navigation products at CES 2007, most of which was new to the U.S. except the MGM-0550 which we talked about last year in May. The new models range from 3.5″ to 4.3″ and come with various features that can be summarized as follows:

MGA-03505 and MGA-03512

  • 3.5″ touch screen
  • built-in memory with preloaded maps
  • integrated speakers
  • rechargeable battery
  • user selectable for voice and text


  • above plus thumbwheel navigation


  • 4″ screen and above


  • 4.3″ screen and above

No word on availability just yet.

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  2. Joel Vandrogen Says:

    I bought a Polaroid GPS, portable, MGM-03510K at Sams Mexico.
    It works really well and has Mexican maps included. I called the Polaroid
    company in Mexico to know if there are other maps for this product, like USA maps. All what they could tell me is ‘may be’ and it should work like any other GPS, and that it is a new product, they dont know yet etc… very vague answer.
    On my side, I dont find any information about it yet.
    Do you know about this GPS? Is it possible to upload other maps, it has a SD card slot.
    Thank you for any suggestions

  3. Arturo Says:

    I have the same device. I found that it is using nokia’s smart2go software. The maps are free for cell phones (I have an HTC). I have installed the sofware in my cell phone and downloaded several maps but I have not been able to transfer them to the gps device. Go to http://www.smart2go.com

  4. Joel Vandrogen Says:

    Hello Arturo,
    Thanks for the information, I will have a look at this site.
    Please let me know if you find something new about this device.
    I will do the same.

  5. Joel Vandrogen Says:

    I still didn’t find where to download maps. I always come back to
    a same page announced Free- GPS maps wich is a total joke, any
    option that you click brings you to the same page. What is this joke?

  6. Hector Says:

    Hello Arturo and Joel, I bought the same GPS in SAMS Cuernavaca, and I found the whole country (Mexico) included, I am on the same task to find at least USA maps but the same bad luck. when you ask to Polaroid Mexico, they do not have andy answer. The only idea I have to get USA maps, is to find someone with a Polaroid USA GPS and exchange the preloaded maps, maybe thru this media we will be lucky

  7. Guillermo Says:

    I’m on the same quest. I bought my MGM-03510K at Office Depot in Mexico, and I’m looking for maps of the US to install.
    If I find anything I will advice. Please do the same.

  8. Monica Says:

    Same here guys, but I have a question about how is the GPS supposed to work.

    Sometimes the GPS tell me that I should make some turn where there is none, and stuff like that. I was guessing that maybe I needed to make a software upgrade or something else, so it could function with out pointing to non existing streets.
    Is my first time using something like a GPS, so I don’t know is this should be considered as a normal behavior

    Is it the same with yours? I got the MGM-03510K at Sam’s Club Toreo (Mexico DF)


  9. Lewinsky Says:

    Hey Monica! Is the turn left or right? And r u sure u r looking at the correct side?

  10. Luis angryful Says:

    I just also adquired the same device from polaroid in Sams at Monterrey, with the promise of cleck I could download maps from Polaroid website, at entering I could not find anything, also the map in the GPS is not updated, even if you go directly to Navteq.com you can find a most recent map ther thant the one loaded in the Polaroid GPS, I think Polaroid must offer free maps update from original loaded and give us the chance to update maps from another countries, the gadget is not so cheap so they take that attitude of not give you the chance to use it in another country and they send you a thing that is not updated. This is a bullshit

  11. Mica Says:

    I own one of these devices, also bought at Sam’s. I’ve been at http://www.smart2go.com and have downloaded the Nokia maploader; however, I’ve also been unable to download any other maps. At Nokias website you can download maps, but they are written in a different computing laguage (.sis), which the GPS does not recognize. The nav database loaded onto the Polaroid GPS is a cdt file. Maybe someone knows a conversion program or if other databases (e.g. TomTom and such) are similar files and may be used. I too think it is unfair not to be able to obtain what they are promoting!

  12. Mazter Geday Says:

    Thank you all of you, I was thinking of buying it at Sam’s San Jerónimo, but with all the problems you had, I’ll better get a Tom Tom or Garmin in US!

  13. Joel Vandrogen Says:

    Polaroid USA told me that other maps are not available until now for
    a question of international business contract. They are working on it (!?!)

  14. Jorge Treviño Says:


    I saw this gadget at Sam’s in Uruapan Michoacán today for $2990 @ 12 mo. interest free and thought the offer too good to let it pass so I grabbed it. This was a few hours ago and I’m still trying to get the hang of it. So far, I’ve managed to feed it my home and work locations (not that I need any help to get to them ;-] ) but the map, although fairly accurate insists on naming the streets and zip codes erroneously. My main concern would be Mexico City where I get lost fairly easily. Do you have a good experience with your’s in the Capital?

    Also is there any way to edit the maps as they become obsolete? For example, let’s say they change the direction of a street. It would be a must to be able to do the edition yourself and not wait until the update becomes available, if ever (I have a VW Touareg with Nav radio, after two years I’m still waiting for VW to come out with the g..damn maps!)

    Thanks for any insights.


  15. monica Says:

    Hector could you bring me a copy of the mexico maps?

  16. Jorge Treviño Says:

    Monica, I think I should be able to send you the Mexico maps loaded on my unit. Just let me know if I should try to download the stuff to my PC. I don’t know how large are them but I do have an email account with an unlimited mailbox so I may be able to leave the client sending it all night if necessary.

    If you want me to try contact me at jorgemtrevino (at) gmail (dot) com.

    I would appreciate the USA maps in retrn.



  17. monica Says:

    Thanks Jorge, could you send me the mexico maps to biz_sol (at) hotmail (dot) com. and yes i guess you have to download them to your pc before. However I am sorry I have not USA maps.


  18. Jorge Fitch Says:

    Hi, If you send me the Mexico maps in cdt format I will send you the one I have for USA in the same format. It’s 1GB in size so make sure your email provider can hadle it. I might be able to send it zipped and it might not be so large. My email address is jorgefitch@hotmail.com or jfitch@gmail.com


    Jorge F.

  19. Roberto Campo Says:

    Do you know how can I extract the maps from the GPS to the PC?

  20. Hugo Jimenez Says:

    Hi Jorge Treviño,

    I have the same Polaroid gadget and I live in Mexico City…to answer your concern, I can tell you that you won’t have any problem to drive here…the GPS is very accurate (i.e. street names, ways, turns, etc.).
    Question: dou you have the USA Maps available?

  21. Maru Gomez Says:

    I have the maps from Mexico in my computer if someone wants them
    I am looking forward the maps from USA

  22. jhan Says:

    i have a mdf2 VW by navteq and i want the maps for mexico some body do have

  23. Spidey Minus Says:

    Hello, everybody. I just acquired the same device at Sam’s Club. If anyone has the USA maps and how to upload them in the GPS I will appreciate it too.

  24. Kathi Canfield Says:

    My husband is looking to purchase a Polaroid GPS specifically for the maps of Baja California. Can someone tell me how detailed the maps of Baja are. Or even better,is there any wesite where you can get detailed info about the Baja portion of the map. Thanks in advance for any help.

  25. Abel Leon Says:

    Hi, I have maps USA, Puerto Rico and PuertoRico unlocked. Works to polaroid, becouse I have the polaroid maps in my gps Eonon (navteq too, extension .CDT). http://www.sbo2.com/gpsmapaus/GPS_MAPS_902.zip ,1.3GB!!!
    Can someone upload the México Maps, becouse I need it, Im from mexico, city. Thanks. Veo que muchos son de México, no podríamos hablar en español?

  26. Mikko Kallio Says:

    It is most funniest and cheepest to buy Blackberry or Nokia Navigator and download map at: whatamap.com. GPS is working on any map. You just set GPS point on the map. All maps are there.

  27. Ernesto Says:

    Si alguien quiere los mapas de el GPS Polaroid de Mexico, con extension .cdt , mandenme un mail. Pesan 100 mb aprox.

  28. ernesto Says:

    To Abel Leon. Gracias por los mapas de USA. Aqui estan los mapas de Mexico en formato .cdt (descomprimiendo el RAR) http://www.badongo.com/file/5009516

  29. Sebastian Says:

    Abel Leon, muchas gracias me funcionó muy bien el mapa de USA si no te han enviado el de México, envíame tu email y te lo envío, porque o se como hiciste para poner la dirección en la que lo baje.


  30. Rodo Says:

    Acabo de comprar el mismo GPS MGM-03510K, me gustaria actualizarlo porke los mapas q trae vienen ligeramente desactualizado, no aparecen alguans calles relativamente nuevas de mi ciudad. ¿Alguien sabe como hacerlo?

  31. Francisco Says:

    Hi guy, to all of you that have bought the MGM-03510K GPS from polaroid, I am thinking in buying it at the same place that you did (SAM’S). I am jus wondering if this city it is included in the maps “CIUDAD GUZMAN”. I will appreciate if any of you could let me know wether my town is included with all its streets or not.

    Best regards!!

  32. Roberto Says:

    Podrias darme el link para bajar de badongo el Mapa de USA, no he podido bajar el que ofrecio atentamente abel Leon, me marca error.


  33. Ivan Says:

    Has anybody been able to get US maps ? Any help would be really appreciated.

  34. Juan Says:

    Alguien ha podido correr los mapas de USA en su GPS Polaroid (comprado en el sams)?
    Si es asi.. como le hicieron?


  35. Ray Says:

    Hey I’ve just downloaded the USA maps and copied them to a 2GB SD Card … My GPS is not recognizing anythin but the voices in many languages ???

    Anybody know how to make them work on my MExican Polaroid GPS

    your help will be very appreciated .


  36. Abel Leon Says:

    Hi, I have the maps to all mexico!!!!!! run on polaroid and in my stereo Eonon!!!! all in spanish!!!! if someone want this maps unlocked, send me a mail. cp.abel.leon gmail.
    Que tal, ya tengo los mapas de todo México polaroid en mi autoestereo eonon, funcionando en español, con todo y voz. Si alguien necesita los mapas, mandenme un mail. Saludos.

  37. Cory Says:

    Hello i got one of these and the maps are no longer good if anyone can please help me find the maps again that would be great. BTW USA maps Email Techdesk@nycap.rr.com


    Hello, the links that Abel gave us is not longer avaible, Somebody know where to download US maps for polariod GSP?

  39. mauro Says:

    Can somebody sent me the usa maps in cdt format ?

    I tryed to download it from the up addres but it isn´t funtionally .

    my email mauroh @ gmx.net all togeter (please)

  40. kit Says:

    the above link that suposely was for downloading the USA maps is just a hoax, no more than a bad taste joke, it never worked and actually is directed to some chinesse site that doesnt hosts any info for download.
    bad bad bad.

  41. Rocho Says:

    Please some good soul that share the USA maps with the rest of us….
    actually theese are the steps to follow.

    1 if you own a Polaroid GPS purchased in USA you will find a .cdt file of more
    than 700mb in size, resident in the main memory of your device. That is the
    file that all of the people are praying for.
    2 If you decided to cooperate, first you have to split it in pieces under 95Mb

  42. Rocho Says:

    Please some good soul that share the USA maps with the rest of us….
    actually theese are the steps to follow.

    1 if you own a Polaroid GPS purchased in USA you will find a .cdt file of more
    than 700mb in size, resident in the main memory of your device. That is the
    file that all of the people are praying for.
    2 If you decided to cooperate, first you have to split it in pieces under 95Mb
    in size so you can upload it in http://www.mediafire.com that is a free hosting
    3 The split process can be done with a very simple splitter/joiner utility
    called HJ-Split available free at http://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/#win32
    4 Then upload the resulting parts to http://www.mediafire.com and you will
    have more than 50 VERY VERY happy people

  43. Rocho Says:

    3 you can use any free joiner/splitter utility like hjsplit that can be downloaded here h**p://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/

    4 you should upload the parts in any hosting site like mediafire.com

    thanks in advance

  44. Ernesto Rguez Says:

    Que tal, alguien de ustedes me pudiera decir donde conseguir los mapas de USA para un GPS Polaroid MGM-03510K , el link que mencionan ya no funciona. Gracias.

  45. Henri Says:


    If someone uploads the USA maps, I’ll upload the Canadian Maps. Abel, can you upload the USA maps once again.


  46. bola Says:

    ayudenme compre el mismo y no encuentro los mapas de USA

  47. Vicente Says:

    Alguien pudiera decirme de donde puedo bajar los mapas de USA para un polaroid

  48. Guillermo Says:

    Que tal alguien encontro mapas nuevos?? saludos!!!

  49. Juan Says:

    Saludos, todavia nada de nada con los mapas de USA

  50. Francisco Says:

    saludos, acabo de comprar un gps polaroid mgm 03510k, pero el problema es que no tiene actualisaciones de mapas, y pues, me puse a investigar y es posible desbloquear windows, y desde windows instalarle otro naegador con actualisaciones de mapas, pero como que no le he metido mano, si alguien sabe algo, comenteme, mi mail es panchoavendano@hotmail.com

  51. Manuel Says:

    Hola abel, un favor, yo igual tengo un estereo enon, quisiera me explicaras de favor como instalaste los mapas de mexico en el estereo o caja GPS del mismo. Saludos

  52. Luigi63 Says:

    A todos los de este blog les quiero decir que si es posible instalar nuevos mapas y hacer varias cosas mas con este GPS de Polaroid, visiten este foro:


    Vean la pagina 4 y encontrarán varios tips para el GPS.


  53. Tom Says:

    Hello All,

    I purchased the same Polaroid gps from Sam’s club in Ohio and tried to update my maps. I got the same response from Polaroid that everyone else did. Sam’s club has signs hanging everywhere that they guarantee 100% satisfaction. This was pointed out to me when I purchased the Polaroid GPS and I was told to return it if I can not get updates. Hey, I used it for two years and I get to return it for a full refund. GREAT

  54. Theennus Says:


    Nadie ha checado si los mapas que venden en Steren ($1999) sirven para el MGM-03510K?

  55. Javier Says:

    El GPS de steren se ve IGUALITO y usa el mismo smart2go, esos mapas deben de funcionar. Yo compre el de steren hace como 1año y medio y lo regrese porque ELLOS tambien me dijieron que podia bajar mapas gratis pero puro cuento. AHORA, hay gente en mercado libre que vende este mismo GPS en $1630 pesos y tienen los mapas de EU. ojala les sirva esto.

  56. Santiago Says:

    Hola a todos, miren, he pasado muchisimo tiempo buscando mapas de mexico en formato CDT para mi GPS, y no encuentro, aquien podría proporcionarmelo porfavor.


  57. Santiago Says:

    Por cierto, mi mail es santiago_matrix@hotmail.com, lo que necesito son mapas de mexico en CDT

  58. Richard Says:

    Polaroid is a well known brand. It is now 2009 but this 6 different portable navigation products are still in. I want to buy soon because i believe it can help me. Anyway, i hope to visit your website again. Thanks!

  59. 7 String Schecter Guitar Says:

    Do you have new updates this year for Polaroid? Please share it here. Thanks!

  60. Halmx Says:

    Quien tiene el mapa de mexico en CDT, por estar jugando con el gps borre todos los archivos.


  61. tontom y tontin Says:

  62. Kindle Covers Says:

    has anyone found this – “I am on the same task to find at least USA maps but the same bad luck. when you ask to Polaroid Mexico, they do not have andy answer.”

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