JVC just yesterday unveiled their brand new HDD navigation, DVD/CD receiver. Its 1-DIN form factor makes it suitable for any dash, and the embedded 3.5 inch screen keeps the streamlined look of your car’s interior.

ks-bta200-077.jpgIt comes with a 40GB hard disk drive (HDD), and 16GB of this drive is used up by the navigation system (it’s got 13 million POI’s and comes with maps of U.S. and Canada pre-installed). So you’ll have 24GB of space for your media. To transfer your media to the KD-NX500 however you’ll have to use a CD-ROM or DVD – an SD slot would’ve been convenient though.

KD-NX5000 is ready for a bluetooth adapter (pictured to the right), comes with built-in RDS/TMC tuner, and is also satellite radio ready.

You can pick one of these up as soon as February and expect to pay $1100.


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  1. Newlaunches.com Says:

    JVC KD-NX5000 HDD navigator and CD/DVD receiver…

    At the CES JVC unveiled their new HDD navigation, DVD/CD receiver. With a 3.5-inch screen its 1-DIN form factor makes it cool. It has a 40GB hard disk drive (HDD), and 16GB of this stores about 13 million points of interests, maps of U.S.A. and Canada…

  2. Multimedias.mobi » JVC kicks out KD-NX5000 in-dash HDD navigation / DVD head unit Says:

    […] [Via NaviGadget] […]

  3. STEFAN Says:

    I would like to know if i could downlow maps of Europe on this product and if the bluetooth adopter is compedable with KS- BTA 200.

  4. cswuuleixf Says:

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  7. marcin Says:

    i would like to know if i could downlow maps of europe on jvc kd-nx5000 this product will be working in europe ? If yes where I can find this maps(software )

  8. kendal Says:

    i’m lovin it.
    one question though will this fit a 2002 silverado? with out any modfications?


  9. darrius Says:

    LOoks to be a great radio but can the maps be upgraded?I have a pioneer now and the only way touse the gps is to put in the dvd with maps on it and i would rather listen to my music while i drive than have silence and wait for the system to talk back to me.

  10. leon wright Says:

    can get a download or cd-rom for europe and uk road maps for the jvc kdnx5000

  11. Leo Mahoney Says:

    I have it in my 2002 RSX, with a Chrutchfield kit. It is an great sounding unit and the GPS is quite accurate. It takes a while to get use to the menus (‘least for me it did). But over all I am very happy with it.

  12. mariuspytu2 Says:

    I would like to know if i could downlow maps of Europe on this product

  13. brenac Says:

    well i’ve found the images of the latest firmware and november 2008 maps (v2) using emule. there is also the upgrade instructions. think all needs to be burned on dvd-r. cool isn’t it

  14. nizzuts Says:

    hey brenac, can you help me find the november 2008 maps on emule? are they for north america or europe?

  15. wireless surround sound speakers Says:

    Thanks for the input on the gps.

  16. Juan Manuel Says:

    Hello friends, I would like to know have my stereo JVC Kd MX 5000 GPS programs or program I recommend to maps of Mexico, thank you.

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