LG’s new 3.5 inch sat nav system LN735

Next to LG790 we talked about today was the LG LN735, their new portable navigation system that comes in a really compact slim body and unlike most other 3.5″ nav systems, it features text-to-speech. It also supports MP3 playback and picture viewing too. It’ll come with a 2GB SD card that will carry millions of POI. Battery should last about 4 hours.

The new LG LN735 is expected to be available to U.S. consumers as soon as April and should cost around $350.

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  1. Graeme murphy Says:

    How do I get uk and Europe maps for my lg735 that I bought in america and comes pre loaded with USA and Canada maps . Is it possible to put uk and europe maps on this unit ?

    graeme Murphy

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