VIB 10 (vehicle integration box) from Garmin

vib-10-487.jpgThe VIB 10 is a vehicle integration box from Garmin that works with StreetPilot c550 and utilizes your car’s audio system for voice guidance, playing MP3’s, and taking phone calls.

The VIB 10 connects directly to the car’s audio and power systems and is hidden somewhere behind your dash.

It replaces the traffic receiver included with the StreetPilot c550 and does not support traffic services. Stereo playback is only possible through RCA connectors (not included), and use of an AUX function on the head unit.

The VIB 10 kit comes with all the connectors, and a ball mount adapter with a four-hole AMPS pattern for mounting flexibility. The VIB 10 is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2007 and should cost about $150.

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  1. benechin Says:

    If you are interested in the GPS aspects of the device, you can read the other reviews–like they nearly all say, the 205 and 305 are excellent. I wanted to specifically point out how much improved and how accurate the heart rate monitor and strap are over the previous version (Forerunner 301), as well as how favorably the 305 HRM functions in comparison to the benchmark Polar monitor.

    The 305 has not dropped my heart rate once in nearly three weeks of daily workouts ranging from one to two hours. I have and have used the 301 for the better part of a year, and continually had problems with interference, which caused extended data dropouts and extremely high, inaccurate readings. The 305 is nothing like the old 301, which is reason enough to purchase if you require a solid HRM with your GPS data. A side
    benefit–it’s accurate! I’ve compared it with my Polar Accurex monitor, and it’s dead on.

    If anything, the Polar updates a bit slower than the Garmin. All in all, a huge improvement, and a great product. Highly recommended. Also, as a
    number of other reviewers have said, get the SportTracks software. It’s free and it will greatly enhance the viewing of the data from your new ForeRunner 305.

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