sony psp gps for sale in Japan

gps-psp-954.jpgWe’ve talked the Sony PSP GPS a few times before. It looks like the little gadget (45mm x 41mm x 17mm, 16 grams) that sits right on top of your Sony PSP to give you GPS capabilities is available for consumers for about $60. So far there are a couple of games that can utilize the device, however we’re more interested in the Navigation Soft by Edia.

This standard car-navigation software features all the roadmaps in Japan. Aside from searching for car and walking routes, the software can also be used as a directory to search for nearby shops and other facilities. The maps and database can be updated using the PSP’s network capabilities.

We can’t for TomTom to release their nav software for the PSP. We’ll keep you updated on when this add-on will come to US or Europe.


6 Responses to “sony psp gps for sale in Japan”

  1. nikko Says:

    i want to know if you know if i can buy mexico gps maps for psp?

  2. Josh Says:

    Tell me how to get this now and how to get the camera

  3. rory Says:

    To get a camera all you need to do is get an ordarnary camera and connect it via USB

  4. Oroz Says:

  5. jj Says:

    i want to buy this thing its nice on my bike :):P

  6. dmd Says:

    i,m ksa ined gps psp in ksa may amil

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