Eclipse AVN 5495 HDD navigation and entertainment

If you are still into in-dash navigation systems (even though portable ones are offering a long list multimedia capabilities) with hard disk drives you should consider the Eclipse AVN 5495 – if you have more than $2000 to spare that is. This navigation + entertainment system comes with a 30GB HDD which stores the navigation database as well as the Music Juke feature which automatically stores up to 3,000 tracks from CDs to create a music library. Since all the maps are stored on the HDD, the AVN5495 is able to manage navigation as well as provide DVD-Video or CD entertainment at the same time without any interruption.

The screen on the AVN5495 measures 6.5″ and supports touch control. The navigation software features multiple search modes, split screen displays as well as voice announcements and guidance.

We’re not audio experts here but those specs also sound very impressive: Sirius and HD radio ready, High-performance DSP, 5-mode soundfield control, 9-band EQ, etc… Yes there’s an FM Tuner too.

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  1. Scott Lightsey Says:

    I purchased this unit in 2006. It came with 2004 map data installed. Eclipse finally came out with a map update this year (2008). This new map info is based on 2006 data. OK, sounds reasonable right?

    The new map update is Eclipse part number: MDV-085H

    Just got off the phone with Eclipse. I will never buy an Eclipse product again. This is unbelievable!!!!

    1. To update your AVN5495 maps, you will need to send the unit in to Eclipse! They will swap the hard drive with an updated one. But wait, it gets better!

    2. They will provide this wonderful service to you for only $300.00, and YOU get to paying shipping too!

    I thought Eclipse was supposed to be good stuff. I even spent $500 on the HD radio receiver, and another $100 for the Ipod interface (which totally sucks BTW). What they have done is completely ripped me off. How good is a NAV system with old maps? Who would ever think that you have to pull the deck and send it in to update the maps? I can update the CDDB file by burning the new one onto a CD and putting it in the DVD player. I also did this to update the firmware to add support for Satellite Radio. These are both listed under “software updates” on the eclispe web site. But the most important update ever on a NAV system would be… hmmm. let me think. Oh, I know! Maps! Yeah, they build new roads where I live. That will be $300 please, and you don’t mind ripping out your dash for this do you? That’s not much different than a car manufacturer asking you to send in the engine to have the oil changed! If this sounds rediculous to you, then join me in boycotting Eclipse. Or just wait till the screw you out of $3000.00.

    I can’t decide what is best… Should I try and pawn it off on some poor sucker? Or take it out, smash it with a sledge hammer, and send it back to Eclipse!

  2. jb Says:

    Wow. I just pulled the trigger on a truck with that system. Feeling good about it reading this till I read your ordeal. Man that sucks, I did not consider outdated GPS.

  3. Scott Lightsey Says:

    Be further warned that Eclipse is still shipping the AVN5495 with the OLD maps!!!! I got this information directly from an insider at Eclipse.

  4. Wayne Says:

    Well if you don’t like it, could you sell it to me for cheap?

  5. E Blade Says:

    Wow…. purchased this unit for over 1300 dollars new. Now Im being held hostage by Eclipse for 329.99. They should be sued for this plus the whole headunit has to be pulled and shipped back to eclipse at my cost!!!! Cheap, sneaky, lying company AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Way too many other choices out there. Somebody hack this thing!!!!!! Or post the nav file and post the site address.

  6. E Blade Says:

    • The Navigation Map upgrade will be done at Eclipse which
    may take 5 business days from the date of receipt of your
    unit at the dealership. Eclipse has no responsibility to
    provide you a spare unit while your unit is in process for the
    Navigation Map upgrade.
    • Eclipse will not cover any expenses paid or incurred by you
    in relation to this Navigation Map upgrade. For example, you
    are responsible for removal and installation of the Product as
    well as shipping to Eclipse, shipping charges and any
    damage during the shipping.

  7. Wayne Says:

    I have been trying to update my AVN5495 for some time now . I got a run around with some people at Eclipse . I finally got an email yesterday telling me the update for my navigation is going to be $329.99 . Hmmmm , I feel like a sucker . I paid over $6,600 for the equipment I put in my truck and you would think they would update the navigation system for a small fee or free to download and do yourself . This is another way for the consumer ( you and I ) to get screwed with no lubricant .

  8. Jared Says:

    I was pretty excited when I firts bought my navigation unit, then I discovered that I already had to update it. I bought it last year for $900 dollars because I wanted an in-dash system, had I known I would have to spend another $330 just to update the software that was outdated when I bought the thing, I would have gotten something that was worth the effort. There’s way too much compitition to settle for a product like this. I really wish I would have done some research before buying a Navigation syste. Oh, and the volume buttons don’t work, so if I want it fixed, guess whos pocket that comes out of!

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  10. scottie Says:

    I don’t mind paying for updated maps. It’s the whole taking the unit out and shipping to them. And they can’t say if the music on the hard drive can be saved. I have a lot of music on there, so it would suck to have to go through the whole recording phase again.
    And the CDDB file crap. It hasn’t been updated since june 2007. There has been a lot of music since them. And now, none of the cd’s go onto the hard drive unless you manually input the name of each album, type the name of each song, and label the genre for each song, and identify each song to the band. Let me tell you, it sucks hard. I bought my unit some time ago. I actually have 2 of them in 2 different cars. But after all this, I will never buy another eclipse product again.
    They charged me $70 one time when the unit froze up. Before they would tell me how to fix it, over the phone, I had to give them my credit card #.
    I made this mistake times 2.
    I would recommend staying away from Eclipse at all costs.

  11. Jason Says:

    I will save you the details because you all summed it up! I am switching to ALPINE. The service from ECLIPSE is terrible at best. Insiders told me that after they made this unit the I POD revolution started and they immediately realized this unit was already outed. It is 40 gigs of NOTHING. Who wants to put disks in to have copied versus an i pod hook up. Also from the start the navigation was outdated and that was 4 years ago. If Eclipse had any integrity they would go back to anyone that bought this deck and offer them at least a 60 percent discount on a new and try to keep them as a customer. I hope this has been a PR nightmare for them.

  12. Peter Says:

    After I read all these previous comments, now I know why the dealer which installed my Eclipse AVN5495 has gone out of business! Recently I changed my battery on my car and suddenly the whole thing does not work, including the radio, DVD, navigation system and all. It does not allow me to reset the system; no message about who and where to get contact. Later, I couldn’t even find a telephone number I could contact when I dug out the manual for the system. How unprofessional can it get? Now I am stuck with the system that is worthless, and I don’t know what to do with it. If someone knows the contact number for the manufacturuer, I’ll appreciate it very much if he/she can contact me at Hope I can share this information with someone.


  13. Necole Says:

    I bought a car with this system already installed, and have found many of the same problems as everyone else here. But to top it off, it just quit working! Out of nowhere I got in my car, and there is simply no power to the unit. The fuses are fine, I never touched the battery, I don’t know what the hell happened. And since no one in their right minds uses eclipse anymore, I can’t find anyone to help me. What a joke!!

  14. Armand Welsh Says:

    We consumers are nit the primary market for eclipse navigation units. This is more of a side business that they never fully committed to. The primary market fir eclipse is OEM navigation. Honda, Toyota, and others use eclipse fir their Factory navigation system. Those systems get frequent map updates. The DVD based systems get some updates, but the HDD units don’t because they did not correctly engineer the unit for consumer updates. As for the units that just stopped working that is most likely because the hdd went bad. This unit I’d a computer that boots from hdd to load the os. If the hdd stops working there is no OS to boot and thus the system is dead.
    I too wish I never bought the unit. Eclipse may make the best navigation units but if they can’t be updated they aren’t worth any price. In so cal the roads change so much even a two year old map is too old for me.

  15. kerrian Says:

    My husband bougt a daihatsu boon recently with an eclipse avn5495 installed in it. the previous owner changed the battery and now it wont work. Three messages in yellow come up on the screen, ‘eject cd’, ‘eject dvd’, ‘open’. Does anyone have any idea what to do?

  16. Bladerunner Says:

    USA 1-800-233-2216
    International +1-310-327-2151


    (ECLIPSE product inquiries)
    (Service return authorization claims,
    Security decodes, Warranty questions)
    Tech Support
    (Product knowledge, Problem trouble shooting)
    (Theft replacement, Theft warranty)

  17. sohbet Says:

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  18. Corporatedick Says:

    I’ve liked the product but am disappointed that my maps are outdated. Should be a simple thing to download a map update program onto CD or DVD to update them.

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