Pioneer AVIC-D3 with iPod connection


Pioneer is getting ready to release the AVIC-D3 in March of 2007 and we were able to get some proper pics of the device for the first time. The AVIC-D3 is naturally going to replace the AVIC-D2, which has been the bottom line in-dash navigation / entertainment system from Pioneer for a while now.

AVIC-D3 features a 6.1 inch touch screen and users can customize the illumination to match any dashboard and make it easy to read. The navigation system has 11 million points of interest, XM NavTraffic integration, voice prompting and telephone number search. For entertainment, the AVIC-D3 offers MP3, WMA, AAC, DivX and DVD-video disc playback. It also provides iPod Direct connection for fast and easy control of iPod audio and video players and expanded Bluetooth capabilities for hands-free cellular phone conversations and wireless audio streaming.

Just like the D2, AVIC-D3 also comes with the entire map of the entire United States and Canada as well as detailed lane information in 50 cities. One new feature is the use of over 50 brand icons for quick identification of familiar POIs.

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AVIC-D3-071.jpgAVIC-D3 also supports XM NavTraffic, which can bring in-depth traffic data for 44 markets across the nation. The subscription costs $17 a month for a XM NavTraffic and XM Radio combo.

With an optional traffic tuner, GEX-P10XMT, and a subscription to XM NavTraffic service, the system quickly alerts drivers of current traffic incidents and traffic flow conditions, by intuitively overlaying the information onto the map screen with flashing lines and icons. The dynamic system also suggests alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion when it is detected.

One bad thing about the D3 is that it does not have dual optical drives, meaning for navigation you’re going to have to put in the map DVD in for a bit, and after you get your route planned you can free your drive and use it to play CDs or DVDs.

The CD/DVD slot remains available while the system provides route guidance, utilizing a memory navigation feature, allowing CD or DVD playback for rear-seat passengers. When a destination is entered, the route and necessary mapping information is stored into its internal memory.


AVIC-D3 also supports (optional) hands free bluetooth integration with your bluetooth-enabled cell phone. The bluetooth adapter lets you use the audio system in your car and the microphone that comes with it.

When you get a call or is in use, the AVIC-D3 automatically displays the number of the incoming call and mutes the audio. The system also features caller identification when phone numbers are stored in its internal phone book. Phone numbers can be stored and dialed through the unit’s touch display or pushed wirelessly directly from a cell phone.

The AVIC-D3 will be available in March 2007 with a retail price to be determined at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show.


16 Responses to “Pioneer AVIC-D3 with iPod connection”

  1. Says:

    Pioneer AVIC D3: iPod connectivity too!…

    The AVIC D2 sequel, the AVIC D3 is out with a bang. Everything about it is of striking brilliance, from the 6.1 inch touch screen (that’s slightly smaller compared to the 6.5 incher on the D2) to the green ambience it creates on your dashboard. A wh…

  2. Rodge Says:

    This is going to be the Unit!

  3. E. Behrman Says:

    I have the AVIC-D3 and have Sirius radio and do not like the fact that the station does does not show up on the presets stations for FM I have 18 presets with no info. The Siris staions are preset but no visable information is seen. here is what Pioneer customer service has to say. For the price I feel the preset station should display. I am a little disappointed with this for the price.

    Pioneer customer service response to my issue
    “Preset memory for SIRIUS does not show station number or ID. Preset memory shows preset number only.”

    Thank You,

    Customer Service Representative

  4. Michael Says:

    I have installed seven of the D3’s over the summer and I love it! With the addition of the Ipod adapter its unbeatable (who listens to CD’s anymore). The fuctions are easy to use, and I like the fact you can customize the colors of the background and the keys to match any interior. Cant bet this unit for the price, hell any price.

  5. Demetry Says:

    Doesn’t support iPod Touch Video out. When in iPod Video mode the iPod Touch does not ask “Would you like to display on TV” as it does with the iPod Cable when connected to a TV.

  6. Long Says:


    I have the Avic-D3 and Fifth gen Ipod color video. Everything works fine, but my ipod is malfunctioning. I was thinking about getting the Ipod Touch. Does the Ipod touch work fine with the Avic-D3? Can I play music? You said we can not play videos?

  7. Demetry Says:

    Seems to need a simple Firmware update to fix this issue but Pioneer has yet to release one as this is not a Apple issue.

  8. Paulo Gomes Says:

    I have a AVIC-D3 with USA and CANADA maps, but i live and use in Brazil, I need a Brazil map for his, who can help me?

  9. IGoDwnTwn Says:

    Love this unit………..makes my 03 Expedition feel like a new vehicle…..Ipod access……..hands free cell convo…..accurate direction…….multi 6-CD player i added b/c of the single slot on the head unit. I did the DVD fix so that it play DVDs while car is in motion…great customizable sound…..customizable screen background and colors….folks think it came with the truck….A great buy!!!!!!!

  10. andrew Says:

    pioneer definatly shoudl have atleast put letters on the side when scrolling though ipod artists. i have a 160gb ipod and is about 80gb full. its time consuming and dangerous to hold the scroll button down and guess where i am all the time. and upgrade would be nice :)

  11. 1st generation ipod battery Says:

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    sure your Ipod’s battery is fresh and fully functional.

  12. laura Says:

    I’d have to second that note about – they are a good company and the kit the sent me fixed my iPod and kept my ipod from the graveyard. Long live! Thanks, Kurt!


  13. cerf1 Says:

    help i need to know what ipod that will play dvd movies/dvds video on my pioneer d-3. no one seems to be able help !!!!!!!

  14. antonio Says:

    ho comprato una macchina usata e dentro c’era il pioneer avic-d3 gia installato, vorrei sapere come posso fare per trovare il manuale d’uso per far funzionare al meglio l’apparecchio ciao e grazie

  15. marcia Says:

    I have an Avic-D3 and an Ipod Touch 2 generation. When I hook up the Ipod to the Radio I can hear the Ipod but nothing coming out thru the car speakers. What can I do

  16. Darren Says:

    I have purchased a car with an AVIC-D3 and in the source screen the only thing that I am able to choose is the radio. Is there a reason this would be happening or is the unit just old and not operating correctly. Also is there a USB port on the back of the unit.

    Thanks for your help.


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