Lowrance iWAY 600C with satellite imagery


just announced iWAY 600C, a brand new automotive GPS navigation system that can actually overlay satellite imagery on top of regular roadmaps provided by Navteq as well as marine mapping and navigation. The satellite imagery is only available for select metropolitan cities though. The iWAY 600C has a big 5″ color touch-screen at 640 x 480 resolution. There’s a mini USB port so you can update maps with Windows XP/ME/2000, Macintosh OS X, or Linux. The huge 30GB HDD can store over 5.5 million POI as well as over 1000 addresses. (keep in mind 25GB is reserved for the satellite pics)

iWAY 600C gives you three map viewing modes, 2D track up, 2D north up, and elevated 3D. It is also capable of providing turn-by-turn voice guidance, auto-zooming, and automatic recalculation of directions after a missed turn.

Of course with all that hard disk you are also getting a full media player that can play MP3 files. There’s no integrated speaker on board, but no worries. iWAY 600C can transmit the audio signal to your car’s stereo thanks to the FM modulator on board. You can also view your image files that you can bring with you on a SD/MMC card.

iWAY 600C has an MSRP of $800. No word on when it will be available.

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  1. GPS Accessories Freak! Says:

    It took six months of looking but I finally found the answer to poor visibility (daylight) on my lowrance. Simple sun shade device, cheap, works. Found mine at http://www.gpsvisor.com

  2. Crash Says:

    Just purchased the unit. Nice companion to my 15MT. The 600C actually supports better lake maps than the 15MT since the newer high res and contour maps are not available on the 15MT. The unit looks robust and tough. Take a long time to start up and find your location. Works good. Not a unit for a GPS beginner, but for us Lowrance knowledgable folks, its fine. Looking for map updates and would be great to be able to pick and choose the sat data.

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