Caliber P-3600 navigation system


Caliber P-3600 is a 3.5″ LCD touch-screen navigation system that can provide turn-by-turn voice guidance with its SiRF GPS antenna in the US or Canada. P-3600 also doubles as a music player and image viewer. The system comes preloaded with Navteq maps and millions of POIs in over 40 categories for restaurants, ATMs, gas stations, hotels, airports, shopping centers, amusement parks. P-3600’s native language is English but you can download 9 others from the DVD that comes with the box.

The software can display the maps in different modes such as day, night, 2D, 3D, and split screen. Integrated into the system is aan internal Li-Ion battery. In the box you’ll also find a suction-mount cradle that fastens to the windshield and an auto power adapter.

Some more features and specs:

  • 3.5″ TFT LCD Display; 320 x 240 with 65,000 colors
  • Touch-Screen Display
  • SD Card Slot & Memory – 1GB
  • WAAS-enabled, SIRF GPS Antenna
  • Internal Battery: 1,350 mAh
  • Speaker: 2-way
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Windshield Mount

Amazon sells this for $300 but the picture is actually a P-3500 not a P-3600. NewEgg sells a P3500 for about $250. So we’re not sure how much a P-3600 costs. Let us know if you can get one of these anywhere else.

4 Responses to “Caliber P-3600 navigation system”

  1. Jim S Says:

    These units are on sale at OfficeMax for $229 which is $100 off of their normal price. Sale ends Nov 26.

  2. yves Says:

    Hello I look for the cd or a copy of the cd which comes with the gps caliber p3600 or to send him(it) on the clear(net) thank you I lost my cd thank you

  3. James Hemorrhoid Says:

    Wow interesting writings on great topics you have a great blog here.

  4. Slave to Hypnosis Says:

    It looks like a great box I had my gps stolen recently they smashed the window to get to it. Window cost more than the gps. so keep them detached and out of site when you get one.

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