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We’ve mentioned Dual before about their XNAV3500P. This time we’re bringing you XNAV3550, a similar GPS navigation system that features the left and right turn signal LED’s on each side of the device. The XNAV 3550 brings you everything that a regular 3.5 inch navigation system would bring. You got your touch screen TFT LCD screen, integrated speakers, turn-by-turn voice guidance, rechargeable integrated battery, and an MP3 player. I think the only thing missing is a picture viewer. Who cares.

The maps are pre-loaded onto the 1GB SD card, also loaded with millions of POI. The maps cover the entire USA, but the SD card makes it easily upgradeable. Looks like the only place you pick up an XNAV3550 is here. It is priced at a whopping $800!

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  1. TangoDeltaDelta Says:

    I see they have this in the Sears Black Friday sales ad at $249 from 5am to 11am.

    Is there any place to get a better review on the unit?


  2. phil bedwell Says:

    is the anav3550 the same unit as the xnav3550

  3. Administrator Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Where did you see a “anav3550”. Very likely they’re the same.

  4. phil bedwell Says:

    sears sells the anav3550

  5. Luis Says:

    I was about to buy a Magellan for $799 for all the features that it had, but I went for this one. and I’m really happy with it. I saved good money and the GPS, music, videos.. everything works great. but you have to buy another memory if you want to put your stuff in it. it’s not a big deal.

  6. Robert Says:

    I did a lot of research and wanted to be under the 300 mark so it came down to the Dual or the Magellan 2000 (280.00). The Magellan had virtually no features and only offered a (known name) I liked what I read about the company and along with the fact I felt I could actually get into the sears @ 5am for the door buster special of 249.00 Vs the mad house I thought Best Buy would be closed the deal closed the deal. I wasted no time setting the unit up right there in the parking lot. This unit is great Esp. for the price (regular price 350.00) Very, very feature rich and EZ to use. Signal acquisition is quick. The LCD is very clear and EZ to use. The screen is EZ to see/read in both day & night mode (The contrast and brightness our adjustable! (A feature not a common in models at this price range) Actually most features on this unit is customizable. When extended user mode is selective it will display all Poi’s resteraunts, gas stations, Etc and the names of towns as you enter then. When a turn comes up it automatically zooms in and the flashing turn signals on either end are a nice touch. The unit can play WMA movie files as well when copied to a SD card. It will also play MP3’s this way. The voice is clear and not annoying to listen to. I could be happier with this model. U have 1 day left to grab it @ 300.00 but even @ 350.00 U get a lot of bang for the buck and is comparable to a unit twice the price. The only thing I did not like about the unit was if you leave it hooked up it will power on every time U start the car whether you turn it on or not. I did not find this a problem.

  7. MAURICE Says:


  8. Shawn Says:

    I bought this yesterday for myself and my folks. I am very impressed with the features and functionality. Can’t go wrong with this unit.

    The only thing I wish it included was a more detailed user manual. It says it’s on the Dual website, but I can’t find it.

  9. victor Says:

    very nice gps, I got it from sears on the 24th (BF) for 256.00 w/tax and went to staple for 2gig mem card for $30.00 total $286. I’ve use it around town and it is very impressive. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good gps. Ps. About the charger, you can use a nokia phone adapter model #Acp-7u to charge it. I did and it works fine… fully charged in 2 hours, but make sure the input is @120v 60Hz, a4 mA.

  10. apm22 Says:

    my skepticism about this gps, just because it’s not one of those more popular brands, were erased when i tried and tested it.

    the signal lights were an added feature, which i really find very innovative. it gives off a blue light when you’re 600ft away from your turn (note that this would be a 100ft away from the street sign where you’re going to make your turn– since street signs are set up 500ft away from where the actual street is, this allows you not to miss your turn). and then it turns red when you really have to make that turn!

    it has the same features as any other gps would pretty much offer for navigational purposes, like the 2D/3D options, odometer, speedometer, time, recalculation, day/night modes, routing options, and trip planners. on top of these, it also has a video player, mp3 player, picture viewer, calculator, and game. so if you’re out on familiar roads and has no use for any navigational aid, then you can still use your gps for other entertainment purposes. this way you get the most out of your investment. just make sure you don’t get yourself into an accident while doing so.

    btw, i also got it on a sears black friday special at $240-ish after tax.

    suggestion for robert: you might want to try turning the “autoboot” feature off so that when you start your car the xnav3550 won’t turn on automatically.

    comment for shawn: yes, the manual’s in http://www.dualav.com, it’s in adobe acrobat format (or read only, and print).

    mabuhay! xxxoooxxx

  11. Stevej Says:

    I bought one at Sears as well and I love it. I just talked to their service number and they inform me that the manual extensions will be loaded in 3-4 days, which would be by Dec 3, 2006. I believe with a 2 gig chip you can load both the US & Canada on one chip and then select which one you need to use.
    Hope you enjoy yours as much as I like mine. ($249)

  12. Eri Says:

    does anybody know exactlt how to update the map?

  13. Cathy Says:

    Can anyone tell me if this Navigation system announces street names? I’ve been trying to decide between this one and the Garmin C340 for my husband. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

  14. Bob says Says:

    Hi Phil Bedwett, I do think that you did mean xnav, not anav, cuz I bought a xnav3550 gps at the bf sale..

  15. frank Says:

    just got my NavAtlas-xnav3550 and I love it. Im with Eri, does anybody now how to update the map????

  16. Bob Says:

    Like Cathy, I would like to know if the voice commands include street names in their directions????/ Anybody knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww????///////////

  17. rod Says:

    Can the mp3 be played at the same time as nav? Does it interupt?

  18. Bob Says:

    Would this be useful in a boat for pinpointing a specific place on a lake?

  19. rod Says:

    Does this have keyboard type text entry or similar to cell phone (SMS?)

  20. Administrator Says:

    Bob, you can take it on a lake with you and probably setup a marker on your favorite fishing spot. However it doesnt have maps of lakes. So you’ll be pinpointing to a blank spot on the map.

  21. Mike W Says:

    Can you update map????

  22. Bruce Says:

    Is the 3550 similar to the 3500? The 3500 did not get a good review. Did they change the features that the reviewers disliked?

  23. joe Says:

    It does not say the street name, just tells you to turn left or right. It has a keyboard type text entry. It is in alphabetical order though.
    Anyone figure out what to use for a dash mount?

  24. Wayne Says:

    I just bought this yesterday at Sears for $250. All I can say is “AWESOME”!
    I’m also interested in getting the maps updated. I can’t find any tech support on Dual’s site.

  25. phil D Says:

    I just bought this unit yesterday. Now I’m stuck. It’s telling me that the memory is full anytime I try to use any features and I can’t do anything else. I turn off and on same thing.

  26. phil D Says:

    progra, memery is low, You must select one task. the amount of program memory if available.

    convert some storage memory to program memory system control panel to adjust memory later.

    these sre the 2 options in the window that shows up. It doesn’t tell yu how to fix this.

  27. Tim Says:

    User Manual…..From dual w/s ckick on nagigation pulldown tab…select portable….click on pictorial of 3550, you will see both quick start and full users manual. Just a thought new mapping would most likely be a file download from dual w/s to your personal pc save to sd card….

  28. Rich Says:

    web site is pretty weak. No FAQ or support. If you download the full user manual, when you click “full manual” be patient, takes forever to start PDF download and doesn’t indicate that its in progress. Tried to contact navteq and dual about map updates but no one seems to know much. Dual isn’t even listed on the Navteq web site as a user.
    So far, I like the unit. Seems to do everything that its supposed to do pretty well. Maps are old, though. It lists streets in my area that were closed several years ago and doesn’t list streets that are at least 5 rs old.POI’s aren’t accurate either. Listed a supermarket that closed @8 yrs ago. No listing for a local Home Depot that has been open for 5 yrs.

  29. Ron Says:

    I think the maps must vary on how old they are. I haven’t had any of the problems the previous poster mentioned. The only streets not on mine are ones that have opened up in the last 6 months. Everything older than 6 months is dead on.

  30. Richard Says:

    Hands-down the best value in gps-nav. I bought mine at Sears for $249 at an early-bird sale last weekend. Map is current with our local recently-opened streets and roads, while some of the web-based maps like MapQuest are not.

    Downloading the full user manual was fast and easy, but I’m a Mac user and didn’t have to wait for the PDF format. The translation in the manual is understandable but needs to be redone by a native English-speaker to avoid some awkward phrases–but the unit is so simple to use that it’s easy to start navigating right away.

    This unit doesn’t have some non-nav features I might use, like a Bluetooth cell phone link allowing you to use your cell phone hands-free through the nav unit itself. BUT, after reviewing the current crop of gps-navs out there, I suspect that next year’s models will combine more features and be priced lower, so I bought the Dual unit to “get by” with–and I’m glad I did!

    While the Garmin Nuvi 660, which is a top-of-the-line (and-price) nav unit, has some features that the Dual doesn’t (such as real-time traffic data and an 8-hour battery life), the Dual beats it in two useful features: multi-destination routing (which the Garmin doesn’t do) and a good, old-fashioned volume control on the side of the unit (the Garmin makes you go through menus to adjust the volume). And I like the Dual’s turn indicators that light up.

    I haven’t been able to find a home charger that fits the xnav 3550 (I bought two generic-brand chargers that were supposed to be the equilalent of the Nokia unit mentioned above, but neither one fit), but it charges pretty quickly in the car while driving.

    Ths little unit is a sleeper and easily the best deal in gps-nav units currently available, even at the $349 retail. Sears has it on sale quite often for $299. And at $249 I couldn’t resist–are you kidding?

    Hopefully, Dual and/or NavTeq will keep the maps updated for us and make them easily available on their websites. For now, at least, I’m a happy navigator!

  31. Boris Says:

    Are there maps of Europe that work with xnav3550?

  32. Lissettia Says:

    How can you find restaurants and attracktions?
    Let me know….. Thank you……..

  33. Sonbria Says:

    I just got one and it’s kind of annoying that the “Danger Of Accident” message comes up every time I turn it ON. Also, it takes several minutes before the GPS signal is connected.

  34. ted dexter Says:

    I bought this unit at a Sears 6 hour sale a week ago, and am now returning it.

    It was exciting to see the GPS part work, but the navigation feature didn’t work well. Also, stored “favorites” seemed to get remapped somehow by the software, so that when I stored my home location, it navigated OK only the first time, and then the stored point was lost and my home location somehow moved miles away.

    I’ve had a Garmin eMap for years, and I’ve never had a bit of problem with it’s operation.

    Another example: If I was driving straight on a road for 3 miles to my house and put the unit in navigate mode, it would try and route me to make right and left turns off some strange way, instead of driving straight down the road.

    Another problem: When I had the unit in map mode (not navigating) and had a good location of my positon, and stopped the car, the unit had problems on restarting. When you’d start your car, instead of the map coming back at the same point you stopped, the map might come up displaying the whole US — totally useless.

    I really wish this had worked out, but the user interface and navigation glictches make this unit worthless.

  35. Gord10950 Says:

    From looking at the Dual Electronics web page, it almost looks like the are just getting into the GPS field. My concern is knowing if they will offer updated maps. In the train of questions above it is clear that others too have the same concern. If you can not update the maps for the system what good is it going to be a year or two from now? My suggestion is to send off emails to the company and ask. The user manual says email questions to cs@dualav.com

  36. Kelly Says:

    Just got the XNAV3550, and it can’t receive a GPS signal at all. The manual says that it could take “several minutes”, but I waited 20-30 and still no luck. I reset the GPS, and then gave it an hour, but nothing. Judging by the rest of the comments, I guess this is just a defective unit. Too bad the store I bought it from is going to take 2 weeks to get any more in stock.. guess I’ll have to wait to exchange it. Blah.

  37. Lance Says:

    I’ve used the XNAV3550 all this past week, and it works pretty well, especially for the price. It DOES announce the street names, though I’ve noticed not every time (maybe it depends on speed and time available before the turn). It does show the name of the next street across the bottom, just above the name of the current street.

    As far as how updated the map is, it is pretty good in central Iowa. Most streets are in, except those in last year or two where it is inconsistent. Around Des Moines, a 1 year old exit does exist on the map. However, some street redesignations that are greater than 5 years old aren’t updated. It also has my place in the wrong spot, but not real far off. I too have seen it do some strange routing. I think it tries to avoid secondary roads, despite being paved, and tries to avoid county and local roads, even though they are the shortest (and technically fastest) route. Hence the problem with the street redesignations, as it tries to stay on the old numbered road which is out of the way.

    I haven’t had any issues noted above, no problems with restarting or acquiring GPS signal (takes about 20 seconds), never seen a Danger of Accident come up (nor do I know under what circumstances it could, maybe if it thinks the road is closed?). It boots up when I start the car and shuts down automatically after 10 seconds when I shut the car off (power port is unpowered when car is off). The firmware noted when I turn it on is 1.15e in the top right corner of the Main Menu.

    Haven’t played around much with saving locations, either by coordinates or address to see if there are any problems. Only real complaint, is neither manual gives a description of the POI symbols.

    To find POI, you can just point and hold (couple seconds) on a point on the map, and a menu will come up to search areas around that point. You can also search by city. Might have to turn on the advanced/expert mode to do some of the advanced searching.

  38. Ralph Says:

    Victor says on 11/25 that a Nokia adapter Model ACP-7U at 120v 60Hz, a4mA can be used to charge the GPS. Can a 45mA or 50mA also be used?

  39. Tim Says:

    I sent a email to Dual Support yesterday and received a response back today noting a AC charger is available through Dual’s website for $18.65. (lil pricy but ) Will contact support again to find out how to place a order.

  40. John W. Says:

    I have used my xnav3550 a few times. I thought it would be pretty accurate when you reach a destination. I input my home address. Proceeded to drive home. I didn’t have any problems. When I got close to my home it advised me that my destination was 600 ft. I drove in my garage and it said I still had 600ft to my destination. I guest the GPS really doesn’t know where I live?

  41. Dual Rocks Says:

    This is the best GPS money could buy. It is fully loaded with all the features and I bought one for $245 at Sears on 12/22/06. I used it to drive to Phoenix AZ and back from Austin, TX, a total of 3000 miles. It worked like a charm throught my trip and the maps were extremely accurate and never had any problem whatsoever. The great thing about this system is that it gives blue turn signal (there are two left and right knobs protruding from the system) when the road to be turned into is 600 ft, and blinks red once you reach the road. I am not sure whether even the highly priced systems have this feature. The voice is clear and very audible. There two problems I have noticed: 1. It was not easy to unmout the system from the suction cups to store temporarily for safety, although mounting the system is easy. 2. The display to show the entire route doesn’t work properly. I am planning to contact the company to find out whether they could solve these issues.

  42. Tim Says:

    Duals Number for Parts and AC charger per Tech Support….1-866-626-7863

  43. phil D Says:

    this unit will not turn on for me. The screen remain black, but the buttons are lit. I’m returning this to sears.

  44. joe Says:

    any ideas what to use for a dash mount set up?

  45. TIM Says:

    JOE I am also looking into a dash mount I noticed that the delphi nav 200 appears to be almost identical to the dual xnav 3550, even running the same s/w and per delphi’s website it comes with a dash mount. So I would assume we could possibly order from delphi. Another site with a large selection of mounts is tiger gps, but they would require some mods. Also check out Ram mounts they too make GPS PDA etc mounts.

  46. sanjai Says:

    If anyone has bought the AC charger from dual could you pls post the specifications printed on the charger. Just want to check if its the same on Nokia AC 7U….if not buy one of similar specifications.
    I have been using my Dual xnav 3550 for the past 3 days without any problems. I tried the route simulation in extended mode but couldnt get it to fast forward ie If the route takes 30 minutes I had to wait for that much time to finish the simulation. But its a great GPS for the price Thanks

  47. Coz Says:

    I got my first nav. system for 06 Christmas. xnav3550. I’ve only had a chance to use it locally. I really am impressed with its’ functions,but the map is severly outdated for my area.I have e-mailed dual,checked sd map web sights, and have been periodically checking reviews for an answer. By the way my e-mail was never answered,”2 weeks ago”. If anyone can tell me how to update or even where to buy an sd card with updated locations please let me know

  48. joe Says:

    I just orderd a universal dash mount. It is kind of a generic one off ebay. It is for A mio c310. Will let you guys know how it works out when i get it.

  49. coz Says:

    This idea of updating the 3550 is driving me crazy. Here is what I have found. Go to http://www.automotive.com/features/90/auto-news/24713/index.html. click on the dual selects navigon, and read the newsletter. This is as far as I have gotten,but the answer to updating our nav. system may be here. If you get there before I do please let me know.

  50. Grit Says:

    I got the xnav3550 for hubby truck driver from Sears sale for XMas – he says he needs truck route maps & I’m looking into adding a card with the truck maps…anyone have any ideas? COZ – I tried your URL link but it came up not found…

  51. coz Says:

    Sorry Grit try it without the . after html

  52. coz Says:

  53. joe Says:

    universal dash mount is not the greatest. It holds the unit, but will not allow the antenna to flip out. Looks like the best and cheapest option is to buy one of the round plastic disc and tape it to your dash. Then use the windshield suction cup and mount it to it.

  54. Tim Says:

    Ordered a Dual AC power adapter today from Dual’s w/s for 18.55 will post 12vdc current specs..asap but suspect 450 to 800 ma would be fine as opps manual rates the battery @ 830 mah (milliamp hrs )note make sure if your trying a aftermarket that the male plug polarity is correct ? Also I am baffles why this unit is getting such mediocre reviews the unit I purchased has version 1.15_e software and it has worked flawlessly satellite acquisition

  55. Bij Says:

    Could anyone tell me where I could buy a windshield mount for the XNAV3550..?

  56. sanjai Says:

    Tim Thanks for the info on AC power adatper. I am still looking for a adapter…any generic one from one of the electronic stores.
    I am into the second week of using my Dual3550xnav and still not ready to call it a good or bad Gps,also I have to mention this is my first gps. Dual does not announce streets names which my friends say is available in Garmin but I dont really think thats a problem.
    When you talk about version 1.15e are u comparing it with other dual gps model or with likes of garmin and do they use the same software as dual.

  57. Bij Says:

    Hi Tim, Could you please tll me where did you buy the AC power adaptor from…?
    Also,could you tell me, is it possible to buy some accessories from some place like the windshield mount…?
    I contacted the Dual customer service and they told me that it is not available with them.0

  58. Tim's reply Says:

    Sanjai & Biji, Order charger through either Dual customer service as I did, or dual part department… cust serv.1-866-382-5476 part dept. 1-866-626-7863. Sanjai version 1.15_e is just the current operating software being used on that particular dual model, just trying to see if we all are running version 1.15_e because I have had no issues with my gps what so ever sattillite aquisition

  59. joe Says:

    the mounting system used on the dual gps is different from all the others. If you are looking for factory style mounts/ if dual will not sell it to you then I doubt anyone else will have it. This is what I have found in my search for other mounts.

  60. Tim's reply Says:

    Joe, Just a thought! the xnav has a metric taped threaded insert on the lower rear side of the unit,(I THINK TO RE- SECURE WINDSHIELD MOUNT) which would allow almost any type mount to be drilled out and mounted there, without interfering with the antenna. Also delphi nav 200, my guide v7 1000, and the new uniden 352 map trax., all have the exact windshield mount as the xnav, and I know delphi has the dash disk. Also I am going to use a Teflon screw to mount my Magellan tri-rubber footed friction dash mount to that taped hole….will let you know how it works out.

  61. Bij Says:

    Joe,I agree with you.They don’t have a mount with them and they do not know when it may be available.I think it has a special type mount.

  62. TRACY MOORE Says:

    My Aunt has the NavAtlas 3550 in her car, Dad had the Garmin. We all 3 went to FL town we had never been to and Nav was soooo great and accurate we enjoyed the 2 wk stay so much because we found state parks listed in it we would have never have found or even considered. It allows you to just go and drive anywhere without the worry of getting lost or gettinig back,.my other aunt ordered one and dad returned his Garmin and got Nav, I got mine in pristine cond. from e-bay 188.00 This Nav is wonderful more than just interstate to get there it is the Enjoyment of any town you want to explore.

  63. Tim Says:

    Dual XNAV 3550 AC adapter specs…..as printed on dual adapter. Input AC 110-240V 45VA 50/60Hz Output DC 12V MAX 3.0A Purchased through Dual’s website. Nice item to have you can do route planning and route simulation inside your home. I have even been able to acquire 6 satellite’s inside my home.

  64. Bij Says:

    HI Tim, I went through the Dul’s Website and I did not see any option to buy a home adaptor…….Could you tell me how did you order one…?

  65. Tim Moeslein Says:

    Just a thought guys and gals…and I only mention this because it is what I did when I first got my Dual NAV. I went to Big Lots and bought a lighter socket adapter that plugs into a wall outlet and converts it to a car lighter socket. Plugged it in and then my ac cord from the car in to it and voile – my DUAL Nav got charged over night and ready for use the next morning.
    AND if anyone finds that elusive window mount please post cause I want an extra one for my other car so I can just disconnect the unit and reconnect it in my other vehicle.
    Y’all have a good one.
    Tim M

  66. joe Says:

    thanks Tim, I was wondering about that tapped hole.

  67. Tim Says:

    Bij See my earlier posting (tims reply Jan 20th 2007 9.26 pm) Also they ship same day I received mine in 2 business days.

  68. Biju Says:

    Thanks Tim.I called 1 866 626 7863 and they told me that the home charger and the windshied mount are back ordered.I f anybody need these, contact this number and they may give you a call when it is available.That is what they told me

  69. Lev Says:

    How can I buy additional antenna for this one?
    And can I get maps brake by region?

  70. tim Says:

    Lev See above posting (Tims reply Jan 20th 07 9:26 for Dual’s numbers…or check out Fis4her.com this site sells gilsson antenna for all brands CHEAP! Your Dual’s antenna connection is mmcx and it will be listed as a myguide model 3000 series. You can also check the MYGIUDE GPS site as well as the DELPHI GPS site or the Dual site. I believe these units as well as Dual are all BRANDED MYGUIDE GPS’s.

  71. Carlos Says:

    anyone looking for the windshield monut and ac adapter you can contact Dual Customer Service at 1-866-626-7863

  72. Tim Says:

    Carlos@ Customer Service Support, Could you Please post us here regarding Dual xnav 3550 new accessories and pertinent updates and information . Thank all of us.

  73. MAURICIO Says:


  74. Willy Says:

    I Lost all my accessories including the DVD and the SD mem. I bought a new SD mem and I am trying to get the maps DVD I call Dual tech support and parts dept. but they toll me to call back in a month or two. I was wondering if anyone can sell me a copy of the DVD or tell me where to place the maps on the memory I already tried with the navigon software my friend has but it didn’t work. Please if anyone knows any way to get the maps on a new memory without the DVD please let me know, I’ll appreciate it. Thank you, this place is a good source of info. Thanks again

  75. Carlos Says:

    Hi willy, call me at 1-866-626-7863 and ask for carlos


  76. Willy Says:

    Thanks carlos for your help and time to guide me I’m still waiting for the california map

  77. Sherman Says:

    I got this for X-Mas and have to say that it was a gift very well received!!! We used this to travel to a town in NJ that we had not been to before and it was dead on.

    Clear voice and plenty of time to react to turning directions. Please MP3s nice and with no distortion. I could not locate the files to delete the existing videos, pictures, and song.

    The software is on a 1GB SD card so getting rid of the above items might free up some space to add a couple more songs.

    Has any one gotten a larger SD card and copied the software over to that? Also, I did not get a CD with mine, what there suposed to be one in the box?

  78. Tim's reply Says:

    Sherman You should have gotten a MAP DATABASE V.1 CD check page 4 of your quick start guide for contents in box. I have purchased a 2 gig card for the upcoming map upgrade ,support told me unit will support 2 gig.I have loaded Canada maps on a separate sd..ok. Give Carlos a call at tech support see# above postings he may be able to help you on the CD issue.

  79. Jay Says:

    Anyone found a way to boot this thing into Windows CE? I can boot with the + key held down and get SD DOWN START, which I assume is a way to upgrade the OS. Come on Carlos, give a hint :-)

    I have to say, this thing is awesome, I got it for $139 clearanced at Sears, and could not be happier!


  80. Gord10950 Says:

    How do you know what version of Navigation software that you have on your 3550? In Navigation, when you view the settings / product information it reads Version 1.0 Dated Sept 27 2006. I don’t see anything about 1.15e

  81. Gord10950 Says:

    Ignore my last question. I see the V1.15_e appears in the upper right corner of the main screen when the unit is powered up.

    Still anxious to find out about map upgrades. And maps of Europe.
    Also what I would really like is a map that is seamless between Canada and the USA. It is a hassle having to switch back and forth.

  82. Willy Says:

    I found some kind of hidden input window don’t know what it is for yet but maybe someone can figure it out……Press the “M” button once and then press the “+” button 4 times. Hope someone knows what this is.

  83. Jay Says:

    HMMMMM Willy, that looks interesting! I get it on the 5th press of the + button. I wonder what that password is? :-) I wish I could get that qwerty keyboard in place of the one for entering data in the GPS.


  84. willy Says:

    I’m sorry I got it at the 5th too. Press one “M” and 5 “+” I hope someone can get the password I still don’t know what this is for, if someone finds it please let me know.
    P.D. Can anyone post the tree of their SD card like on windows explorer.
    Thank you very much for all your posts I think this is the best source of info for the xnav.

  85. MAURICIO Says:


  86. Tim Says:

    Talked to support yesterday and thy said map upgrade is scheduled for late spring early summer 3/4 month out. Jay & Willy maybe that p/w is for Win CE…?

  87. Jay Says:

    I think it is for getting into Win CE also, it is a Windows screen, I have a phone that runs WM5 and the screens look like that. I’ve tried every obvious password I can think of with no luck :-) I sure like this device!

  88. Willy Says:

    http://gps-411.blogspot.com/ I open my xnav. this thing its sweet from the inside too. I found three possible connections. I don’t know what to do now. I don’t know what to do with my xnav without the maps
    p l e a s e someone help me. what else is in the SD I think i got a map of the west coast but I think I need something else.

  89. Jay Says:

    Willy, let me know if a way to contact you. I also posted on your blog. Jay

  90. Willy Says:

    Jay I’ll post my e-mail on http://gps-411.blogspot.com/

  91. Jay Says:

    I sent you my info Willy.


  92. Hy Says:

    This thing was working flawlessly until today….When I tap the Navigation screen in the Main menu the hour glass comes on, and then the screen goes right back to the Main/opening screen without ever booting into GPS mode…All other buttons (Calculator…MP3…etc. ) work fine…Please help…Anybody have a fix???

  93. jai2 Says:

    Willy following is the SD card tree.

    | |____>sound
    | |____>skins
    | | |____>MN5
    | |____>Signs
    | |____>LayoutLandscape
    | |____>ConfigFiles
    | |_______ >HiWayImages

    hope this helps

  94. jai2 Says:

    the submit button messed up the formatting …still its pretty good the inside dotted line should fall under the letter m of ______mnav. and MN5 falls under Skins.

  95. jai2 Says:

    Sorry I missed a lot of files the following is the complete list

    | autorunce.exe
    | Dual XNAV
    | USA_dual.map
    | | gpstmc.dll
    | | langUSE.dll
    | | mnavdce.exe
    | | MNSplashLandscape.bmp
    | | NavLib.ini
    | | POIUSE.cat
    | | SecTable.stb
    | | spgps.ini
    | | T9Values.ini
    | |
    | _____sound
    | | usenglish_sound.sfs
    | |
    | _____Skins
    | | _____MN5
    | | keyboardlayout.ini
    | | MN5.ini
    | | SkinIcons.sfs
    | |
    | _____Signs
    | | Attention.bmp
    | | SignColors.ini
    | | SpeedEurope.bmp
    | | Speedrestriction.ini
    | | SpeedUSA.bmp
    | | Speed_1.bmp
    | | Speed_2.bmp
    | | Speed_3.bmp
    | | Speed_4_5.bmp
    | | Speed_6.bmp
    | |
    | _____LayoutLandscape
    | | LayoutLandscape.sfs
    | |
    | _____ConfigFiles
    | | Advisor_USA.sfs
    | | Advisor_USA_Foot.sfs
    | | Advisor_USA_FSE.sfs
    | |
    | _____HiWayImages
    | Bitmap0.txt
    | Bitmap16.txt
    | Bitmap17.txt
    | Bitmap29.txt
    | Bitmap30.txt
    | Bitmap34.txt
    | Bitmap35.txt
    | Bitmap5.txt
    | DestAppr.bmp
    | DestFlag.bmp

  96. Tim Says:

    Hy: …Sound like a s/d card issue… try re seating you s/d card 2/3 times worse case you could reload backup off dvd I would reload files on a new s/d card in case s/d is faulty and if not you still have original. Your dual only uses that s/d card for nav and map data without s/d card in, game ,calc, setting, movies pics should all boot fine. Also if you have some pictures on another s/d card try it see if they view ok, this should prove you card slot good. So again it sound like corrupted file or faulty s/d to me….also you could and probably should call Carlos at support for his advice see above postings for phone#. Get back if you need instruction on how to reload files will post instructions for you its quite simple…

  97. Hy Says:

    Thanks so much Tim…I will call Carlos on Monday, and would greatly appreciate instructions on how to reload files in case the SD is the problem…The simpler the instructions, the happier this 10 thumbed guy will be…I’ve spent the last 4 weeks of my “spare time” life entering hundreds of addresses for my daughter’s new sales job, and assume they’re on the s/d card, and not in the actual machine (I hope)…Right???….Again, thanks for your prompt response…Hy

  98. Tim Says:

    hy:…. 1st try this, select Setting in main menu then select GPS Reset

  99. Hy Says:

    A quick update…I’ve tried reseating the S/D card multiple times with no luck…Hy

  100. Hy Says:

    Tried doing the reset multiple times..it resets..I hit “save”, and still won’t boot into GPS..Just get the “hour glass” and right back to Main menu..Hy

  101. Willy Says:

    Thanks Jai2 for taking your time to post this information I’ll try it tomorrow when I get home I might upload high resolution pics on my blog

  102. Jay Says:

    Can anyone more musically literate than me, name the sample song that comes with the xnav unit. It is a short clip of a violin playing. I love it and would like to know what it is.


  103. Tim Says:


  104. Chad Says:

    Check out http://www.shopdelphi.com they sell the same unit. Maybe you can order a home charger from here.

  105. Jay Says:

    Has anyone heard about a maps upgrade? I’ve sent email to support but got no reply.


  106. Willy Says:

    No man but I tried to put the newer maps my friend has and It asked me for a code from navigon.

  107. Tim Says:

    Carlos at Support said Map upgrade scheduled for early summer May /June time frame.

  108. Perry Says:

    I was using it on a trip and it blew a fuse. Bought another generic one from Wal-Mart but it blew it also. Can’t get it to come on. Any suggestions?

  109. Carlos Says:

    Hi Perry, It sounds like the problem is the cord it self and that is something that it needs to be replaced, call 1-866-626-7863 and ask them for help.

  110. Perry Says:

    Thanks Carlos,
    My wife had purchased a replacement warranty from Sears at the time of purchase. She cashed it in today.

  111. joe Says:

    Mine also began blowing fuses. The volume controle started not working right either. I sent it bak to dual for warranty repair. A week later a brand new unit was on my doorstep! Happy camper again. Great bang for the buck.

  112. alex Says:

    i just ordered a dual navigation. what is the website? i would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me the dual website.


  113. Tim Says:

    Alex, w/s is dualav.com click on navigation pulldown tab.

  114. Alex Says:

    thanks tim, I appreciate it! I spent all day searching for it yesterday!

    I’ll be sure to ask more questions once I recieve it.

    Thanks a lot!

  115. Tim Says:

    Carlos at Dual Support says, look for map upgrade in 4wks…

  116. jmh139 Says:

    Any word on how much this update will cost? Will it come free if you just bought your GPS? I look forward to the update!

  117. Tim Says:

    w/s update…is FREE

  118. Tim B Says:

    Carlos is the best customer service person I have delt with in almost 2 yrs.
    Had a problem with my xnav 3550. He got everything squared away for me
    in no time at all. Excellent service after the sale I would recommend this unit
    and company to any and all.

  119. alex Says:

    should i rely on this navigation? im going an hour away.. neva been to the area… so im relying on this nav. system 100%… what u guys think?

  120. jmh139 Says:

    It has worked great to me, has taken me right to my destination everytime. The only think I want is updated maps!

  121. John M Says:

    Have been using my son’s XNAV3550 since end of November last year after my PDA based system started to lock-up every time I stopped at traffic lights!! The maps definitely need updating particularly for Florida and Texas where new roads and particularly elevated roads seem to be going up everywhere.
    The system seems more user friendly than the ones I use in the UK. UK maps would definitely be a plus.
    Like Tim Moeslein I have been using a 110/12v power adapter for the last few years since then we only have to bring 12v leads for the various electronic gadgets we bring with us when we are over on holiday from the UK.

  122. John M Says:

    Reply to Willy re connections on printed circuit board.
    Have not taken my son’s XNAV apart yet (he might not appreciate it !!) but the most logical use for J11 (4 connections) would appear to be for a USB port ie +ve power, Data in, Data out and ground (power and data)

  123. Doug Says:

    I just found this website and I learned a new trick. How to get a list of destinations from the unit. Thanks everyone. Now, am I missing something? Two items would make this a great unit.
    1) I have seen other brands be able to give out the whole route ala google maps, but I don’t see a way to get the 3550 to do that. If I could, I would be in heaven?
    2) Displaying a jpg picture taks a long time (at least 30 seconds) and makes it hard to flip between images. I even went and got what I thought was a fast card?

  124. jmh139 Says:

    OK, been 4 weeks tomorrow :-) Anyone seen new maps? I just got back from Cary, NC and the maps were actually pretty good. A lot of the new streets were not in there, but overall I could not have lived without it!


  125. jmh139 Says:

    I spoke to someone at Dual support yesterday that said 3 more weeks on the map upgrade.


  126. JDR Says:

    Thanks for the update on the new maps. I will be looking forward to this. Many new roads and possible shorter routes in my area that will definitely save me time if the unit can use them. Please post here and share the news once someone finds out how to get them.

  127. John Says:

    LOL found this thread.. figured I would email Dualav.com to ask about the map upgrade if there WAS one.. I got a email back in literally 20 seconds.

    I was only 1/2 way through this thread

    This is what I got.

    Thank you for your e-mail. Please be advice that we don’t have any updates at this time and we will have updates available and it should be on our website 3 to 4 weeks.


    i am currently on the Dash Beta GPS program..

    and i am telling you what.. this Dual (NOT DASH) unit is completely awesome.. the Xnav3550 really hits the spot.. HARD..

    Carlos.. they dont pay you enough.. thanks for the quick response. love your product..

  128. Bij Says:

    Just waiting for the map updates…
    if anybody comes to know the updates available,let us know here.



  129. Marco Says:

    I went to Big Lots and could not find the AC to DC converter someone posted here. At Radio Shack they have a cheap one with low amperage, and an expensive one (over $30) with 4A. Question: do I need high amperage, or low will do it? I undertand that the OEM adaptor is rated 3A, but the battery itself takes only 830mAh, according to the manual. Also, any leads on where to buy a cheap converter, would be appreciated.

  130. G.P.S. Jim Says:

    How dose one get the data map to coppy onto a 1 gig sd, card I happen to be an lod fart (72) loosing my marbles slowly so need a GPS.
    Im in Canada and my computer tells me it dosnt recognise the coad any help would be dratfuly appesiated.
    Submited June 10th.

  131. G.P.S. Jim Says:

    How dose one get the data map to copy onto a 1 gig sd, card I happen to be an old fart (72) loosing my marbles slowly so need a GPS.
    I’m in Canada and my computer tells me it doesn’t recognize the code any help would be gratefully appreciated.
    Submitted June 10th.
    Sorry didn’t do a spell check…HeHe.

  132. FrightCrazyJim Jones Says:

    Nava Atlas 3550 is the best item I have purchased! All I have to do is add the address and the Navatlas 3550 does the rest including giving me accurate directions, ETA, and the milage! On time service has just gotten better!
    Of course, this G P S system was designed for a car and not a BIG TRUCK!
    So, I just keep my eyes open and program the chip as I travel along. Eventually this chip in my NavAtlas 3550 will be all truck routes.

  133. Stoat Says:

    Sent in my 3500 after it stopped working. Received a 3550 last week after about 10 days, so very happy.

    Was planning on installing and configuring on Saturday, when I noticed some ‘gunk’ on the left side.

    It’s a kind of sticky grey glue like substance. Not sure if it came from the black plastic packing piece or from the right-hand direction ‘arm’. Some of it had got onto the side of the unit and despite my very careful attempts to remove it, it has left some residue or has affected the plastic – left some white marks. Also the aforementioned direction arm, the white piece is not smooth like the one on the other side – it’s as if it has been eaten away and is still tacky.

    Any thoughts?

  134. mark r Says:

    I am not sure which unit to buy… The Dual 3550 or magellan maestro 3100..? I like the comfort of the known name of magellan but dual has nice features.Both are the same price. Neither are WAAS enabled, is that critical? I am using this basically for vacationing and am new to gps navigation. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Mark.

  135. tim Says:


  136. return man Says:

    I am taking mine back. I really like the unit but I was told that the maps would not be updated until 2 more months. If you look at a lot of these posts they mention a couple of weeks here and there… I am not sure if they are just stringing people along to keep the unit or if they are ever going to update the maps.

  137. Marco Says:

    I just called their customer service and they said “3 to 4 weeks more, but to be honest we still don’t have a definite date”… I guess they are just playing games. Bad practice…

  138. Giacomo Says:

    Looking for a motorcycle mount got a ram motorcycle mount that was made for a carmera it has a different size screw. Any suggutions?

  139. Giacomo Says:

    Had the email address wrong here is the correct one. Looking for a motorcycle mount

  140. clayton weeks Says:

    does anyone now how to update the map

  141. Cheryl Says:

    Has anyone figured how to download the Canadian map. I am travelling to Canada and I am unable to even download the disc. It is saying there is an errror. I also need to know how to copy the info if I ever get it to work on the SD memory card. I had just bought a 2 gig card radio shock has a good sale this week.

  142. FrightCrazyJim Jones Says:

    I am looking for updates from Navyteq which is the gps information that the navatlas uses. In time, I feel they will have a special chip for tractor trailers. ETA and distance questions from the dispatcher and customers are easily answered with the onboard information. I just find it a little tireing of this Navatlas heading over resctricted bridges, backroads and low underpasses. I feel, in time, all of these problems will end with UPgrades and map updates.

  143. Gary Says:

    How does the movie, picture and mp3 work? I put a video on an SD card but xnav3550 wont read the card, what am I doing wrong, I down loaded the video from my PC on to a new SD card.

  144. mark r Says:

    Returned my Dual and bought a Garmin nuvi350. An extra $100 but a lot easier to use.No “extended mode” w/ route planning etc. but SO USER FRIENDLY. No stylus neccessary,.easy operation with finger and got nothing but negative feedback from all my local retailers on all Dual electronics..(Sandiego,Ca.) Mark.

  145. Stoat Says:

    Update to the posting above. The right side turn signal is definitely corroded and the battery will not fully charge. Related? Possibly – battery leak maybe?

    Anyway, I’m going to send this replacement unit back and hopefully I’ll get one that works properly this time.

  146. TJ Says:

    Look familiar? Maybe one could find some accessories or maps by checking this out…maybe.


  147. Mike Says:

    I need the DVD back-up disk, anyone know where to get one or possibly get a download ? my sd card is bad I think

  148. maurice Says:

    any one know of updates for the maps ?

  149. jmh139 Says:

    I guess we should face up to the fact that map upgrades are not coming…. I love my Xnav, but would really like to have the map upgrade. It’s been promised for months. Still a very useful GPS, but with some updated maps it would be even better.

  150. Mallory Says:

    I just bought one it is on its way here. tell me what type of sd card do i need that is best for this unit. many thnx

  151. Mallory Says:

    I just bought one it is on its way here. tell me what type of sd card do i need that is best for this unit. many thnx……………………………..

  152. Mallory Says:

    also what is the website to go to to try and gget updates, thanx

  153. bob Says:

    you should try reading this thread Mallory before you post… it was posted about 20 times… and no release it out yet

  154. Arthur Says:

    Have just purchased this 3550 and after looking at this site am going to return it and get a tomtom. At least they have updates.

  155. Johnny Says:

    I just got one today, I ordered it before reading this web site from ebay. It works ok but it really needs updated, I could not find a couple streets around here. Has anyone heard anything new about the updates being done?

  156. Dottie Says:

    I lost the instruction book for my xnav3550. Is there anyway I could get another one?

  157. KBarton Says:


    You can see the manual and quick start guide here.

  158. big_samas Says:

    i got one of these the other day and i’m looking for the maps of europe, can anyone help me??

  159. Kim Says:

    I too have lost my manual can someone tell me where I can get it or even download to print it put?

  160. Iceman Says:

    Have had pretty good luck with my 3550 so far. I put a 2GB stick iafter copying the data from the 1GB to my laptop, and then onto the 2GB. Worked flawlessly.

    No problems saving locations. But for those not on the map, ie. GPS coordinates in lieu of a street adress, tried giving the coordinates to a friend, and there doesn’t appear to be a way of inputing them to the 3550.

    Updated maps would really be a good thing! Really gets a little uncomfortable when I am on a long bridge and it has me in the middle of the water……

  161. jmh139 Says:

    I sent an email to Dual customer service last week about a map upgrade, but like the rest, it was ignored. The one time I called them I was told it was 6 weeks out, but that was months ago.

    At this point, I would not recommend anyone buy this GPS due to the old maps. They do their job OK, but other GPS’s are releasing map upgrades.

    Also, has anyone else seen the bug where you start navigation, and hit the plus key to zoom in, and it zooms all the way out and you have to zoom back in?

  162. Carlos Says:

    Hi Kim,

    If you need the manual for the XNAV3550 just go into http://www.dualav.com and download it from there.

  163. Coz Says:

    carlos: are u the same from abtech that I got the e-mail from Sunday? thanks for the update of the map update, but I don’t understand, if navtech makes updates for Garman,gellin and a few more name brands than why is it taking so long to get a map update for our 3550,s.looking back at the comments most of us are very pleased with our units,we just need an update soon

  164. Carlos Says:

    Coz: I understand what you are saying and i’m trying to fine this information and as soon i know something i will also post it here for everyone and thank you again.

  165. bij Says:

    I have an XNAV 3550 and I like it.It is one of the best.But all other navigation systems are coming out with map updates exept this 3550.I called the customer service regarding the maps updates 5 or 6 times and they have only one answer…”NO and WE DON”T KNOW”.And I am reading here from many customers that they(the customer service at XNAV) say it will take 4 weeks or 5weeks.It started being told more than 4 or 5 months.But their map updates are not yet out.At this point I cannot recommend this GPS System to any of my friends.They should come out with the software updates also,like we should be able to listen to music while navigating.(now we cannot, and one at a time)

  166. Johnny Says:


  167. Fran Says:

    We have had our XNAV 3550 for some time now and it has done us well.
    Our only problem is after turning the car off then turning it back on you have to go thru all of the accept stuff instead of right to the map.
    I have enjoyed reading all the comments about the updates only because that is what I was searching for when I found this site. Guess I’ll be waiting awhile longer.

  168. Steven in Virginia Says:

    I need the update for my Dual NavAtlas XNAV3550. Is it ever gonna be available???? Too many new streets coming up and I cant use it they way it was meant to be used.

  169. Carlos Says:

    Sorry to inform you folks we will not be getting any updates so go ahead and throw your dual atlas in the garbage.

  170. Gail Says:

    Carlos, is this true?? They are not going to update maps!!! I bought this for gps navigation, waiting for updated maps as we were told. This can’t be true. Customers will love this, do you think they will buy dualav products again?

  171. Carlos Says:

    Hi Gail,
    i have no idea who this carlos is that put this information on here. we will be getting updates very soon.

  172. Bobby Says:

    Carlos how soon is very soon like in a month or two please let use know.

  173. Giacomo Says:

    Wow my jaw hit the floor when I read Carlo’s reply that there will be no updates. Will the real Carlos please stand up. Wel like the rest I love my 3550 BUT need updates

  174. MSNan Says:

    I too am waiting for map updates. MS roadways were destroyed after Katrinia and POI doesn’t even apply anymore in most cases. My real problem is having to calibrate my NAV each use. It takes 20 minutes to get to the calibration page. ANYBODY got answeres?

  175. Brad Says:

    I need a copy of the dvd or replacement. can anyone help me out
    you can sent files to:


  176. Marco Says:

    I’ve been using the XNAV 3550 for about 6 months, with the US map. I am going to Canada this weekend, so I decided to load the Canadian map. To play safe, I backed up my original XNAV card to another 1 Gb card, deleted the US map from the backup, and loaded the Canadian map from the CD to the backup card.
    When I try to use the backup card with the Canadian map, XNAV freezes, or gets extremely slow. I called their support and they have no clue. I already tried with two different SD cards (both 1Gb). I tried formatting with FAT and FAT32, but no luck so far. Any suggestions?

  177. Steve Says:

    Yep, like many, I’m waiting for updates also. Great little product, but I’ve been hearing “updates are on the way” now for going on a year. Sort of starting not to believe them. Too bad, it’s too nice a product to let us all down!

  178. Betty Says:

    I accidentlly tossed away the manual for my NavAtlas3550. Is it possible to download from someplace on the net?

  179. Betty Hanan Says:

    I accidentlly tossed my manual to use my XNAV3550. could I replace it and download it from the net? Why do I recieve the message “A GPS signal is not available? It was available one way, but not the other way.
    Thank you

  180. Carlos Says:

    Hi Betty, You can get the manual at http://www.dualav.com for GPS try to turn the unit on and pull the antenna up on the back and let sit for about a minute or so and then you should have a signal.

  181. Carlos Says:

    Marco, This can be done and if you download all the files it should be OK just make sure you go into setting after you accept the terms and make sure you it’s on extended mode. you can also call Carlos at 1-866-626-7863

  182. Marco Says:

    I found out why my XNAV was freezing after I inserted the card with the Canadian map: it was trying to find my current location (I was in the US) and of course it couldn’t. Pretty stupid. The workaround was to disable the GPS signal, and then program all my routes.
    During my trip, I started with the card containing the US maps, and after crossing into Canada, switched to the card containing the Canadian maps. Very inconvenient!
    I also notice the following problems, while in Toronto:
    1- The GPS instructed me to go the wrong way on an one way street (happened twice). May be another indication of outdated maps.
    2- It seemed confused in certain areas, constantly switching to new routes, even when I was stopped at a traffic light. The same happened to me before, in NY City. It seems that in urban areas of high density, small streets and many intersections, its precision decreases, and it gets lost.
    3- At one point, it lost its location completely, and it took about 1 minute to recover. Meanwhile, the screen was like frozen (but no hourglass).
    4- Sometimes it gives you directions that make no sense at all. When I was getting home, it wanted me to go all the way around town, instead of selecting a direct path.

    I am thinking seriously about selling it and buying from another brand. Dual support does not exist: I call them regularly asking for map updates. The answer most of the times is “in 2 or 3 weeks”. Sometimes you get someone more honest that says they have no clue. This has been happening since March. When I called about the problem with the Canadian map, the guy said he had no idea, did not even try to troubleshoot, and suggested I bought I new card, even though I told him I had tested with two different cards.

  183. jmh139 Says:

    I finally bought my parents a Garmin Nuvi 250W to replace the Xnav due to the outdated maps. They had an “incident” that took the 40 miles out of the way on a trip to a town near by. Not sure why it happened… The Garmin is great for them, very simple to operate.

    I think there will be no updated maps for us. I wish someone would figure out a good hack for the xnav like some of the other GPS’s so we could load other maps and software on it. It has a lot of features for the money, but without newer maps, it is not as useful.

  184. David Says:

    I have the XNAV3550 and it has be excellent, we have traveled multiple states and works wonderful. Today the battery is low message has come on and apperars the auto charge is not working. Any suggestions on how to charge? We always plug in the unit when using it.

  185. David K Says:

    David, had the same thing happen- it was my car charger cord that went bad- called tech for replacement- wanted 30 some bucks- went to Radio Shack and got one for $9.95. Take your unit with you, look in the gps section for car chargers- make sure the adaper connects to your unit.

  186. jmh139 Says:

    I too had the car charger go out. I took mine apart, and cut a little off the wires and re-soldered. There was a worn place on one of the wires, due to rubbing and bad design I guess. Mine would blow fuses. Easy to fix if you can solder at all.

  187. joppan Says:

    After waiting for along time for the UPDATE from DUAL gps I sold it for $50.00 and bought a NUVI 350 from WALMART.It is only $350.00.Its an amazing GPS.Go for it.Because this people are never going to update the mapping system.And this gps is almost out from market.


  188. Iceman Says:

    Looks like we’ve all been taken. Here is their corporate mail address :

    Dual Electronics Corp.
    250 International Parkway, Suit 250
    Heathrow, FL 32746

    (407) 936-0129

    I say we all box them up and return them C.O.D. and let them dispose of their junk!!!!

  189. Johnny Says:

    I work at kmart and have been telling everyone not to buy DUAL. I’ll tell everyone and their momma that DUAL is a piece of shit! I suggest to everyone who reads this to tell your friends and family about the worst company in electronics. “Let’s make a GPS and tell the public it’s updatable then not make updates for it.” What a bunch of assholes. If I had a way to share with the world how this company ripped off everyone I would do it. I will never buy DUAL again! Let’s flood their email with hate mail and send our duals back to them!

  190. doris Humphrey Says:

    Do you know where I can get an XNAV3550 car power adapter?

  191. jmh139 Says:

    I feel like my money has been stolen. I called before I bought this GPS and was promised a map upgrade was coming “in a few months.” I think that was more than a year ago. I will make sure no one I know buys any Dual products. Walmart sells car stereo equipment and other Dual products, make sure you stay away.

  192. jimmie Ford Says:

    I had my xnav3550 for one year. The battery is dead and will not recharge. What do I do? Any suggestions?

  193. Glenn White Says:

    I have an xnav3550 and love it. I would like to get a chip with Europe on it, if possible. I will be travelling next April 08 in Germany , etc. and would like to use it.

  194. Sandy Smith Says:

    What happened to the map update? I called and sent e-mail and have been waiting 2 years for this. If no update is coming soon let us know and I will get a different GPS system at black friday sells.

  195. Landon Says:

    I had the Dual for a few months and it was pretty much a piece of crap, but I figured it was good enough if they indeed did come out with a map upgrade… well they still havent, and I had a few days left that I could still return it… so I did, and got my 317 dollars back, and went to staples where they had the navigon 2200 or 2500 or whatever it is on sale for 180 bucks. Much happier with it and the maps are much newer. I’ll be staying away from Dual products from now on.

  196. jmh139 Says:

    Carlos, can you give us an update? Is Dual still saying that an upgrade is coming, or not???

  197. Will Says:

    I just brought the XNAV 3550 and I am very please with it . I call the number on the full manual that I down loaded on the computer and ordered a home charger for it the amount was $ 23.00 I started reading some of the above lettlers and some one said you can use the Nokia phone charger Model Acp-7u if I would of known that before I brought the charger I would of went that route. And as far as the update I call the number where I got my charger and they say it will be on the computer at some time that they are working on it.

  198. jmh139 Says:

    Will, I would check it out and see how good the maps are in your area. If they are not great, I would take it back and purchase a different kind of GPS. They have been promising map upgrades for a long time, while other GPS makers (Garmin, etc) have been updating theirs. I think we are stuck with the maps we have.

  199. Dave Kershaw Says:

    Have had the 3550 about 1 year now and it has quit working. Just blows fuses.

  200. jmh139 Says:

    It is most likely the power supply. I had problems with mine on the end that connects to the vehicle, it keep blowing fuses. I took it apart and fixed it and now am having trouble with the other end. I sometimes have to hold it to get it to charge.

  201. B0BBYKAYE1936 Says:

    I bought a Xnav about 2 years ago and it has blown the sd card 3 times and i follow all the directions in the manual for installing and removing it. Carlos replenishes the card each time at $45.00 per occurance but this just makes the price go up to an exorbinate level.

  202. Maria Says:

    How can I update my gps?

  203. Carlos Says:

    Hey everyone im informing you that I have quit working for DUAL because they have no future on what they sell. There will not be any updates for your GPS devices !

  204. Joe Says:

    I have spoken to DUAL and have more or less confirmed Carlos’s apparently they have no plan on getting an update if you are looking for electronics I would not buy anything associated with this company until they learn about customer service. Lets boycott DUAL. Thanks! Joe

  205. jmh139 Says:

    My last posts don’t seem to be showing up… I’ll leave the links out and see how it does. I soldered a USB connector to my XNAV3550 and now have access to the Windows CE shell. I have TomTom running, but not working with maps yet. If anyone is interested in helping out, email me and I will send the links. Jay maps@leagh.com

  206. TIM Says:

    Not sure on the prevous posting on Carlos…recieved a email on Dec 17th 1:57 pm from him stating expect info on updates 2nd week of January. We will see?

  207. jmh139 Says:

    I now have my XNAV3550 hacked to where I want it. I get the main menu when it boots up, but when I click NAV, I have it loading IGO 2006 with the latest 2007 maps. WHAT a difference. I have the World Clock button relabeled FILE-MAN, and it loads the Windows file manager when it is clicked. The hardest part was getting the NAV button start the IGO software. I also got the XNAV to run Destinator and TomTom, but felt Igo was the best. I just wanted to let everyone know it CAN be done. I am hoping for an update also, but don’t see it ever coming.

  208. Willy Says:

    Hey jmh139 I’m interested on hacking it. send me an email or post a message

  209. robert Says:

    When Carlos told Tim” info on updates would be out” does ‘info’ mean maps, or could the info be ‘no new maps?
    January of what year?

  210. jmh139 Says:

    I have a way now that will allow a person to hack their XNAV3550 without soldering on the mainboard or opening your XNAV in any way. This worked great for me and is VERY easy to do, just replace one file on the SD card to get Windows Explorer running, then use Windows Explorer to modify a few files on the XNAV’s internal flash drive. If anyone is interested in trying it, email me @ maps@leagh.com.

  211. William Doyle Says:

    I purchased a xnav3555 7/15/07 , at this time it doesent respond where
    can i get it serviced?

  212. Glen Brammeier Says:

    I would like to know how to update the maps.

  213. willy Says:

    no update glen. the only thing that could be done if u guys want updated maps, its by doing what jmh139 said earlier. I did it and now Im running updated maps (july 2007) better interface more options easier to use and find places. The good thing about it is that u dont have to open the gps you can do it off the SD card(2 files). If someone is interested I’ll be making a how-to with pics. for now read what jmh139 wrote or ask him he answers fast. good luck and merry xmas to everyone. It is not the fault of your gps. blame it on the software

  214. jmh139 Says:

    Willy, glad to see you got it going. For others, check this link for my startup directions:


    I hope to see your howto!

  215. NORM Says:

    I am without a good sd card for my DUAL NAVATLAS XNAV 3550 or any software. I need a download so I can load it onto a 2 gb sd card. I have been unable to locate one. Please, someone – HELP ME – normk4@md.metrocast.net THANKS NORM

  216. carlos Says:

    stop bothering me I’m only in the mail room. Our headquarters are in Korea plaese call and email there.

  217. NORM Says:

    Looks like Carlos doesn’t want to help us that are in need. If anyone has what I need, please use my email to help me. I need both the sd memory card and the map data base CD V.1 or an updated one. If it can be copied on your computer or you replaced your 1 gb with a 2 gb you probably don’t need the old one. E-mail address is : normk4@md.metrocast.net . Once again, I need maps, etc. for my DUAL NAVATLAS XNAV3550.
    PLEASE H E L P Thanks for taking the time to read – – Norm

  218. Mikey Says:


    do none of you know how to read? It’s clear Dual AV will NOT be putting out new maps, EVER. We’ve all called them at some point over the past two years and everyone has gotten the same response. “It will be out in 4-5 weeks.” I’ve heard that for 2 years now. In our area with the recent construction boom, new roads are just about every 1/10 of a mile. And still, no updates.

    Good luck, Bro’s.

  219. Kipster Says:


    If anyone knows of a web location, I’d upload the contents of my flash card for you. Zipped, it’s still 1.024 gigs.


  220. Carlos Says:

    I have no idea who this Carlos is that has been putting negative stuff on this website on Dual but for those who are looking for updates on the XNAV3550 it is going to be available by the end of January for sure and you can contact dual’s customer service and they can help you with all the information.

    Carlos Says:

    December 11th, 2007 at 5:34 am
    Hey everyone im informing you that I have quit working for DUAL because they have no future on what they sell. There will not be any updates for your GPS devices !

  221. TIM Says:

    Recieved a email from Carlos Yesterday stating New Map will be available
    for the xnav 3550 in the next week or so through ABTECH SERVICES TEL.1-866-626-7863 also see above posting Jan 16th 6;47am… GOOD LUCK.!!

  222. Brad Says:

    Kipster use putfile.com to upload the zip file

    or e-mail it to me @ radgoos@gmail.com and i’ll host it for free

  223. clayton orear Says:

    i have looked ever where on the internet for a charger for this dam thing and after reading this whole fourm apprentley you can buy it at radio shack son of a bitch

  224. William Doyle Says:

    I bought a dual 3550 from sears,6 months down the road I had a powerup
    problem. I returned it to Navteq and they replaced it with a new one. I
    offered to update the warranty to an extended but the told me NO!!!!!!!!!.
    I will use the unit till the warranty expires and if I have a problem I will
    buy a different gps with a little more quality research. nice gps but seems
    to be lacking tech support needed for long term use.

  225. Carlos Says:

    Hi William if you have any questions regarding the 3550 you can call 1-866-626-7863 and they should be able to help you.

  226. Dj Says:

    Hi do you guys how much would the mount for he nav cost and do you guys know if the update is free or is there a charge for the update

  227. TIM Says:

    Dj, You can purchase a mount at delphi.com or uniden.com. Uniden is 19.95 backorded or 29.00 at Delphi in stock. What worked for me was using a cup holder cell phone mount I think it was 10.00 on web, modified to bolt to GPS using the threaded insert on rear of xnav…Has work great for me in both my Jeep and Ford Ranger. Best thing it not on the windsheild and out of sight for theft. Dj if you post your email I will send you a picture.

  228. Dj Says:

    Thanks TIM, i also custom my own mount for it too but i think it look better with the original. i made my out of acrylic plastic and bend it to shape but it i didn’t like it.
    Do you guys know how to change the program on this because i look at the uniden one and it look kool.
    And have any of you guys update the map yet are there any different

  229. Giacomo Says:

    Ok its the end of Jan. Were are the updates. Will the real Carlo’s please answer. I like my duel but been waqiting a long time for what the other GPS keep updating there products.

  230. Giacomo Says:

    Below is the email from Carlos. I am glad they are coming out with an update. What I do not agree with is the price tag of $85.00. The ad read easy down load for updates not keep forking out more money. $85.00 would go a long way to buying a different unit. This is not what was promised.

    Thank you for your e-mail. This is Carlos and I’m the one that has put information on about the new software and I have no idea who that other Carlos is, but anyway the software is coming to me as we speak and it should be here the second week in February and its going to be on a new 2gb SD card and the cost for the new software is $85.00.

    Thank you again for your e-mail.


  231. Johnny Says:

    RIP OFF!!

  232. jmh139 Says:

    I encourage everyone to either hack their GPS to run IGO or some other software, or buy a new one. $85 for a “free” upgrade is crazy.

    Several people, including me were told the upgrade would be free when it came out. Even if it does require a 2gb card, I can provide my own for $20 or less.

  233. coz Says:

    I too am disappointed with the free $85 upgrade but can anybody tell me how much does it cost to upgrade, say garmin ,tom tom,or any of the other nav systems. Iknow some of you have some of these other systems. Please let me know. I heard these also cost $85-$200. I guess I have been luckey but I have never had any problems with my 3550 other than the outdated map and I have used it in Tx.,Pa.,Nm.,Ky.andD.C.,since my squeeze bought it for me Christmas 06,so I’m thinkin,might as well

  234. KHAN Says:

    i just bought it yesterday and i have been reading all these posts. it is working fine for me except sometimes when i turn it on, it will ask me upgrade the system because it more than a year old. it ask me to contact customer service and do an update. but after reading these posts i get to know the upgrade is $85. it just dont worth it. i bought this unit for less then $80. and paying $85 for upgrade just dont seem right. I think i m going to hack into the system like jmh139 did. and if you (jmh139) can walk me through this, it will be great. thanks. khan

  235. TIM Says:

    I too am disappointed in the so called free $85.00 upgrade not in defense of Dual but I also have a Myguide 3000GO and talk about rediculous they are charging $99.00 and you have to send them your gps and you pay shipping. I sent a email to xnav support team this afternoon to see if the new map upgrade has increased POI’s or anything new other than new 2 gig card and maps. I also ask what the new map published date is. I also have had 2 Carpoint version gps’s as well as used a garmin 330 and by far my Xnav have been the most accurate and trouble free since Dec 06, check out the Myguide v7 posting on navagaget and see what you think?

  236. TIM Says:

    SORRY.. thats Myguide V7 1000 in reference to my above posting Jan 31st 1:37pm

  237. TIM Says:

    Just talked to ABTECH the number Carlos emailed me for tech support,and they stated they would most likely have the new sd card next week. He presumes because the card is now 2 gig POI,s would be increased they will know more after they review the new cards? Note a 2 gig card should easily handle 4 million new POI’s .

  238. TIM Says:

    Any questions ? Here is ABTECH SERVICES # 1-866-626-7863

  239. jmh139 Says:

    The IGO software I am running on my XNAV has 12 MILLION POI’s. It runs in a 2 gig card. It has everything I could ever want in the Raleigh, NC area.

  240. KB Says:

    Where did you get the IGO software.

  241. jmh139 Says:

    I put a small walk through together for getting your XNAV to run other software. No pictures, just instructions and where to find certain files you will need on the internet. Email me (maps@leagh.com) if you want me to send it to you. At least 12 people have done it so far with good results.

  242. Dj Says:

    does anybody know what is the capacity for this gps becuz i want to get a 4gb sd card and i want to know if it work
    also does this gps takes SDHC card or just SD

  243. jmh139 Says:

    The XNAV will not read my 4gb SDHC card.

  244. babyelmo17 Says:

    my aunty bout the xnav yesterday…i have read almost every post and i am wondering if she should bring it back and get another gps system. she is an older lady that has to drive to different locations everyday for her job. the turning indicators and voice direction is perfect for her but the lack of a good map is the xnav’s downfall. in an user’s opinion, shoudl she keep the system or return it for another brand?

  245. jmh139 Says:

    I would recommend she take it back. She can try it for a few days, but the lack of updated maps, or having to pay $80 for an upgrade is just too much. I bought my parents a Garmin Nuvi, and they LOVE it much better than their XNAV3550. VERY simple to operate, and updated maps.

    I also like the Mio devices, they run Mio/IGO software, which I like a lot, but it can be complicated. I am running pretty new maps, and they are great, with 12 million POI.

  246. SeniorDI Says:

    How do I update my Dual NavAtlas XNAV3550?

    I cannot find anything on the update?

    Can anyone help me?

  247. coz Says:

    well I called ABTECH on the 14th, and they told me it will be for sale in a couple days, they took my phone # and name and said they’LL call me in a few days, I have my fingers crossed but i’m not holding my breath

  248. Abhay Rawal Says:

    I just called them today. They say it will not be available for the next 3-4 weeks. I don’t think they have any upgrades for that system.

  249. Roger Duncan Says:

    I need to know how to update my xnav3550 so that it runs on the new roads instead of the old ones .Can someone please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger

  250. mak Says:

    I live about 30 minutes from the address given for Dual.

    I feel like banging on their door and asking to see proof they are close to an update.

  251. Johnny Says:

    “jmh139” Can I send you my GPS, 2 gig card, & $50 to get my gps working like yours?

  252. Jeff B Says:

    Johnny email me at jberg90@hotmail.com for info on updating your 3550. Thanks

  253. behaby Says:

    Hi there, are these new updates downloadable or on a 2 gig card that you puchase directly from Dual? Can a person copy this card onto another one? , because I have 2 GPS’s, $85.00 per, sounds abit high. If they come on a card, then really I don’t think the cost is outrageous. Nothing is free or cheap nowadays! Just my opinion…….. (ps….jberg90, would it be allright for me to email you for info also? Thanks in advance! Have a good one…..)

  254. jmh139 Says:

    Johnny, my email address is maps@leagh.com, email me. Nice of someone else to offer to take your money based on my work!

  255. Ken Says:

    I got jmh’s directions and am in the process of copying the maps to my new 2gb SD card, everything seems good so far, just need to include the map. My darn slow comp is taking half an hour just to copy, but i think it’s better than waiting 5 years for an update.
    It was quick and easy, he did skip a few simple steps. took me a little bit to figure out what he meant and stuff. but as you move through it, it becomes self explanatory.

    thumbs up for an honest guy willing to help us out :)

  256. jmh139 Says:

    Let me know what you think I missed and I will include it in the HOWTO. I have been working with computers so long, what is obvious to me might not be to others :-) I’ll be glad to update it.

    Email me if you want the HOWTO @ maps@leagh.com

  257. Ken Says:

    the part where i was to configure the config.ini file, took me a second or two to realize im supposed to copy it from the flash, paste onto SD, then repaste onto PC, edit, reverse lol

    it works wonderfully, the maps are amazing and the POIs flood the screen if you turn them all on, my god 12 million points.

    i am having a hard time trying to work an address book tho. i’m able to search POIs and mark a POI using my current position. but i would like to add an address and save it somewhere. is the only way to do this is by driving to the friend’s house, parking in his front yard, then saving POI?

    im sure im missing something, but either way, it’s a great find

  258. jmh139 Says:

    I will change that section up a bit and make it easier. There is a way to add locations without being there, I have done it. I’ll emailed you a link to the IGO manual.

  259. Jeff B Says:

    The easiest way to save a remote location is to do a find then save it as a POI under My Poi’s. That is what I have done. I drive a truck and have saved all my customers in it.

  260. jmh139 Says:

    OK, I have rewritten the HOWTO to make it much (I hope) easier to follow.

    This HOWTO will show you how to get IGO 2006 running on your XNAV3550. IGO has 12 MILLION! POI, and great up to date maps.

    Anyone that wants to try it, email me @ maps@leagh.com

  261. TimS Says:

    I just bought a xnav3550 for $149, since it was an open item. But, it has worked fine during this first day. From reading this thread, it appears I will need to:

    1. Spend $85 for an upgrade; (Still don’t know what I would be getting?; how new are the maps; is the software upgraded and better?) OR

    2. I could try to work thru the changes jmh139 has spoken of. OR

    3. Return it for some other unit. Though I don’t know what else I could get for $149!

    Has anyone purchased this $85 upgrade that could provide some information on it’s substance?


  262. Ken H Says:

    I purchesed xnav3550 a year ago they told it was upgradable.One year later I am still not able to upgrade. Emailed CARLOS. Hes telling me two weeks. It has been two and a half months, and nothing. Ihave e-mailed him three times, same thing every time,two weeks. NEED HELP!!!!!

    Ken Chicago il.

  263. Sam & Rita Kennedy Says:

    First of all we’re from Michigan and we had to travel all the way to Kansas to find out that we needed a gps if we wanted to enjoy our ride back home. Our daughter had one in her Van and she showed us the features and we said we want one of them so we went to kmart in Leavenworth, Ks and they had the DUAL on sale for $180.00!!. And we used it to get us back home. I tell you I (Rita) have always been the navigator and it’s no fun always checking the map so as to not miss your exits. Now we can enjoy the scenery and we thank God that we got the chance to use it. It has really changed our traveling experience.

  264. jmh139 Says:

    I have asked this before, but did not get a response. Does anyone know the name of the song that is named sample.mp3, and comes on the XNAV? The violin piece??

  265. Richard Says:

    Tried to site – dualav.com/maps – get the following message

    Not Found
    The file or section you are trying to access is no longer available.
    You will now be redirected to our home page.
    If you believe you have reached this page in error, please notify our webmaster.

    Makes me wonder if they had even planned on supporting this unit. I have spent hours looking for map updates and have found NONE even close.

  266. Randy Says:

    I turn the xnav3550 on and get the menu but it wont let me nav. it shows the nav screen with the car but wont nav it goes back to main menu. what can i do to fix im leaving for a long trip in a week and really wanted to use it. i bought it new and it used to work great now its kind of useless PLEASE HELP chellybell26@hotmail.com

  267. Chad Says:

    Hey everyone. If Dual said updates would be available or the system is easily updatable, in any of their advertisements or in print, we could file a class action suit against them…I’m sure it would be easy to find an attorney that would LOVE to take this case on. What does everyone think?

  268. Johnny Says:

    count me in!

  269. Richard Says:

    Sounds good to me, I have called them, they told me one would be ready this week, cost of more than half 80-90 dollars I paid for my unit.

  270. Josh B Says:

    Count me in. This is ridiculous.

  271. Gail Says:

    Sounds good to me. I think we’ve been patient enough. I don’t think there is a real Carlos. LOL

  272. behaby Says:

    I spoke to a represenative today, and he said the map updates are on a 2gb card and should be available arond the end of the week. That would be nice!

  273. coz Says:

    behaby see what I wrote 19th Feb 08 and check some of the responses back as far as Feb 07 dual is stalling and they are BIG FAT LIERS !!!!!!!!

  274. jmh139 Says:

    This is what I posted above on June 1st 2007:
    “I spoke to someone at Dual support yesterday that said 3 more weeks on the map upgrade.”

    It’s not gonna happen folks.

    Again, I offer my HOWTO to get IGO 2006 with Maps from 10/07 running on your XNAV. It is not that hard if you have any computer skills and can follow directions. At least 30 or more people have done it, with only one messing up (I fixed it for him). The maps have 12 million POI, which is my favorite feature. If you need a close Walmart, it is in there. Wendys, McDonalds, etc, it is in there. Email me: maps@leagh.com and I will sent the HOWTO to you.

  275. Johnny Says:

    Still haveing trouble with the how to instructions???

  276. Johnny Says:

    I think I should use this as target practice with my AK!

  277. Frank Says:

    program memory is low, You must select one task. the amount of program memory if available.

    convert some storage memory to program memory system control panel to adjust memory later.

    these are the 2 options in the window that shows up. It doesn’t tell you how to fix this.

    Anyone help… and thanks

  278. behaby Says:

    THEY ARE HERE !!! The new map updates are in !! So everyone thats been whining for 6 months, ORDER ONE !!! I bet half of you won’t.

  279. coz Says:

    yea! well i got tired of waiting, so I e-mailed jmh 139 for his howto and I love it, so I won’t be one. sorry bout yer luck dual

  280. Johnny Says:

    You are the man! I got my maps updated thanks to you. It is a very good feeling knowing I have updated maps now. I like the IGO sofware better too. It’s much more friendly then the old software. I just want to say thank you so much for all your help. I am so impressed on how anyone would have figured out how to re-invent a dual gps. You are a geniuses!! Dual company needs to pay you for customer satisfaction. Hell, I’ll pay you some money if you send me your address. I will post this so everyone can read this. “The JMH mod is the perfect fix for your dual gps”. THANK YOU!

    John D

  281. Johnny Says:

    I just want to say that if you are thinking about buying the dual update for your GPS, STOP! Don’t waste your mony. Pay attention to the post listed above. This is a better upgrade for your dual gps. do not but the map upgrade from dual. the JMH upgrade is free, and it works better then duals.

  282. Mouloud B. Says:

    Hey Guys,
    I have the XNAV3550 without the map files, I lost the DVD that comes with the unit. Can you please send me the files for Canada and USA at mben1020@hotmail.com

  283. ZIPPY Says:


  284. Mike from Kings Media Says:

    jmh139 i just emailed you, forgot to ask a few questions……
    Are the igo maps easily updateable? and if so is it included in the how to?

  285. Javier Says:

    Hello !
    I have the XNAV3550 without the map files can someone please send me the files javierchavezz@netzero.com thankyou.

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    believe brook dunn music video…

  287. go4crown Says:

    been using jmh139 updates and instructions and I am one happy camper- The igo is a much better program than dual ever was! Thank you jmh139!!!! Life is now good with my gps, you saved me from having to buy another!

  288. John Says:

    Where can i find the updates?? Please help me
    i need these map updates

  289. Don OLiver Says:

    need update? where can i find them?

  290. dennis sybert Says:

    is there updates for the xnav3550

  291. Rick K Says:

    Updated maps are now available.
    Now comes on a 2G SD card and costs $85.

    Call their support desk at 866-429-1628

  292. JMH139 Says:

    Has anyone bought these maps? Did the software change, or just the maps?

  293. Ankur Tangirala Says:

    BIG PROBLEM??? The LCD screen of my XNAV has broken. The liquid seems to have leaked for some reason and now it does not respond sanely to an screen taps. What should I do? Please Help!!!!

  294. JMH139 Says:

    I have found a way to put IGO 2006 on your GPS with NO MODIFICATIONS at all to your XNAV. You just need another blank SD card and a file you can download from RapidShare. You can have up to date maps and 12 MILLION! POI.

    You can’t mess this up, if it does not work, just put your old card back in and you are back to the way it was.

    Email me for my free HOWTO: maps@leagh.com

  295. Stoat Says:

    Do the JMH mod. Do it today.

    I sat on it for two months and am now wondering why I didn’t take the ten minutes necessary to complete this.

    It is awesome.

    Many, many thanks.

  296. Rick K Says:

    I have the Dual Upgrade on one SD card and the the IGO on another.

    The new maps have more POI’s. The interface has not changed much.
    However, the speed and elevation are no longer displayed on the bottom right. For me, this is a big issue.

    The IGO interface is MUCH better, but often gives less desireable routes for me.

    The new Dual software now uses all but about 5 megs of the 2gig card, leaving NO room for videos. This was one of the reasons I bought the Dual.
    I often play short videos on planes.

    With the IGO, I can easily delete unused state maps to create space for vids, and restore them later. The Dual uses one large 1.5g map.

    Knowing what I know now, I would not have bought the update.
    Having the IGO card and the Dual card, it’s easy enough to swap the cards to suit my needs.


  297. TIM R Says:

    Thanks again, loaded all the 2007.10 Maps and able to road test today and everything worked GREAT!…Your efforts are really appreciated.

  298. Stoat Says:

    Hey JMH – you going to be working on an iGo v8 update?

    Looks incredible!


  299. TIM R Says:

    RicK K , You probably have already checked this but maybe not. under setting , map information select info bar to on (default is off) and I think it is only enabled in entended mode to get speed and elevation…just a thought.

  300. JMH139 Says:

    Someone else got IGO 8 running and posted some instructions. I did get it running, but just liked the old version better, plus the IGO maps have more POI. I’ll see if I can dig up his post and post it.

  301. Stoat Says:

    Anyone hardwired their 3550 direct to the fuse box?

    What spec connector end do I need? Size – a Radio Schlack part # would be awesome!

    I could just get another cigarette lighter charger, but don’t want a coiled cable.


  302. TIM R Says:

    A cobra radar detector has a hardwired 10′ fused cable kit for there detectors which is the same size and will work for your purpose. You can order the kit on there w/s .www.cobra.com or ebay 7 to 10 bucks, also try RS

  303. paola Says:

    my gps is no talking are not hapenes

  304. paola Says:

    before is talking

  305. Akiji Says:

    I brought my XNAV3550 at KMART for $120.00. It is their regular price, not on sale

  306. mike Says:

    i bought my xnav at k-mart for 218.00. how come akiji got it cheaper? and im trying to up date my maps but cant do it. help.

  307. Holypractice102 Says:

    Ok, how do you add .mp3 to the nav, and videos? I can add pictures but nothing else seems to play.
    Oh by the way what is the name of that game that’s on the nav and how can I add another?

  308. paola Says:

    my gps is no speaking

  309. paola Says:

    only i can watching direction

  310. paola Says:

    before iam speaking tur on right or left

  311. paola Says:

    please helping

  312. Alex Says:

    I got the instructions from jmh139. I managed with his help to install iGO 2006 on my XNAV3550. Works perfectly. Maps are newer with more POI.
    Thank you jmh139 !

  313. JMH139 Says:

    I am posting to again offer my free howto to get your XNAV3550 running IGO 2006 with 2007 maps. This software is upgradeable to newer maps (I have seen 2008 maps, but not for US yet). You can have up to date maps and 12 MILLION! POI. All you need is a blank SD card. 2gb will hold all US maps, but anything smaller will work if you want just your state.

    You can’t mess this up, if it does not work, just put your old card back in and you are back to the way it was.

    Email me for my free HOWTO: maps@leagh.com

  314. sidSB Says:

    Will, On November 20, 2007 you posted that the Nokia phone charger Acp-7u works for the 3550. Which Nokia phones is this compatible with? I’d like to buy a Nokia car cord for my 3550 but want to make sure to get the one with the correct male tip! Looked at Radio Shack & Circuit City “replacements”. They all had the wrong plug size. My supplied car cord gets hot and blows the fuse. Don’t want to pay $23.90 to Dual for a replacement when I maybe can get one from Amazon.com for about $5.00!

  315. sidSB Says:

    Does anyone know if the Nokia Acp-u7 works with the Nokia 100, 6010, 6200, 6220 phones without an adapter? If so, then I can get a car cord for my XNAV3550 from Amazon.com cheap! Thanks a bunch. SidSB

  316. JMH139 Says:

    Kmart has clearanced the Dual XNAV3550 for $60. If you have a Kmart around, it might be worth a shot to go by.

  317. JMH139 Says:

    If anyone finds a Kmart with an extra XNAV3550, I’d buy if from you and pay shipping. I’d love to have another to try to get IGO 8 running right… Jay maps@leagh.com

  318. Tim Says:

    i bought a year ago and use it for work now it blowes fuses and will not even come on can not get anyone from company to respond to my emails for the price it is not worth it

  319. JMH139 Says:

    If it blows fuses it is the power supply. If you are good at soldering, you can fix it, the problem is in the connector that plugs into the cig lighter. You might look for one on ebay, or try one of the Nokia chargers referenced above.

  320. JACQUI Says:



  321. sidSB Says:

    TO ALL WHO NEED A CAR POWER CORD — I FOUND A COMPATIBLE ONE AT WAL-MART!!! I went around to numerous Electronics stores including Radio shack, Fry’s, Circuit City, Best Buy etc. NO LUCK! Then just for fun I checked in Wal-Mart. Found the “Talkworks” car charger “fits Nokia” SKU #76021 which is for the Nokia 1100, 1112, 2260, 3220 etc, etc (shown on back of package). The plug was a tight fit but managed to get it to plug into my xnav 3550. Cost $9.95 + tax. This is much safer than ordering from a web seller who charges small for the product and big for postage. AND much less expensive than buying from DUAL at $23.90.

    Jacqui – see JMH139s postings above for his fix for the problem of outdated maps.


  322. TLW Says:

    My advice to everyone who needs an update on maps and poi”s is to email jmh139 for the instructions on how to install Igo 2006. All the missing roads are now current. And poi’s are now useful. Its absolutely BRILLIANT.

    Thank you jmh139 !

  323. frankieg Says:

    got the GPS and it works real nice one problem its an MP3 ,how do you download the music can anybody explain please.
    Is there some kind of cable or something that I need to get.
    thank you

  324. TLW Says:

    you need to drop them onto the root of the SD card, to do that you need a card reader slot on your computer or you need a usb adapter that will accept SD cards. I got one from Radio Shack for 12 bucks.

  325. Winston Says:

    Can someone help me to resolve the issue of low program memory? How do I work around it?

  326. Grace Says:

    PROGRAM MEMORY LOW PROBLEM!!…I have time using this GPS and it’s amazing..BUT…a few weeks ago presents me that sign..and I don’t know how to fix it..I called to CS and leave a message and still have no response..I tried changing the SD card (with more GB’s) and nothing changed…PLEASEEEE…I don’t want to trash it..Can some one tell what can I do?!

  327. Critter20 Says:

    Hey All,
    How do you get videos to play on the XNAV3550 and can you put DVDs that you own on to the SD card and get them to play? I haven’t been able to figure it out. Thanks for your help.

  328. Shawn N. Says:

    Hey how do u play the game thats on there

  329. Brian Says:

    called tech support about map updates for 85.00 they will send you a new chip

  330. Brian Says:

    my message comes up saying i need new maps i only had my for 60 days you would think you would get the newest one

  331. JMH139 Says:

    I am posting to again offer my free howto to get your XNAV3550 running IGO 2006 with 2007 maps. This software is upgradeable to newer maps (I have seen 2008 maps, but not for US yet). You can have up to date maps and 12 MILLION! POI. All you need is a blank SD card. 2gb will hold all US maps, but anything smaller will work if you want just your state.

    You can’t mess this up, if it does not work, just put your old card back in and you are back to the way it was.

    Email me for my free HOWTO: maps@leagh.com

  332. Bevardis Says:


  333. tony Says:

    am having problems it says memory is very low ,and it stays stuck i was looking for a reset button but cant find one could some please help.

  334. Tom Says:

    Love the NavAtlas 3550 but can’t find map updates. Any suggestions?

  335. Lensmaster Says:

    Nice site :)Too bad noone visits mine ;(

  336. Unnamed Says:

    Nice site. :)))

  337. Unknown Says:

    Hello. Just passing by.

  338. Undie Says:

    O.O nice.

  339. JMH139 Says:

    I finally have a working version of IGO8 on the XNAV3550. I posted all the information you will need here:


    I am using it with the latest 2008.01 maps and it seems to work great. I think I may still prefer IGO 2006 with the 2007-07 maps because of the 12 million POI.

    You can try this without any changes to your GPS, you can always put your old SD card back in and you are back to original.

    If you have any questions or problems, post there. If the link above does not work, click on my username above to be taken to the post…

  340. TLW Says:

    Thanks once again to JMH139 for the new software and 2008 maps.
    Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  341. KB Says:

    I’ve used JMH’s update and it is terrific. It takes quite some time to download, even with broadband, but it is well worth it. I’m using the 2006 version with the 2007 maps.

  342. JMH139 Says:

    I’m still using IGO 2006 with 2007 maps also, I just do not like IGO8 and the way it works. Maybe they will change some things in the future. Also there are 2008 maps for IGO 2006 out there, but I have not seen them posted. I saw them listed on a website for $99! They are the deluxe ones with 12 million POI.

  343. casrlos Says:

    Please keep buying my product my 12 kids need new shoes.

  344. TIM Says:

    JMH Any updates on IGO8

  345. JMH139 Says:

    I am using IGO8 now just fine. Some 2008.04 maps just came out that are amazing, they have all the new roads here. There are still some things I don’t like about IGO8, but it works fine. Still 12 million POI. I just bought a Nokia 500 and some guys are getting IGO working for it, so I will probably move to it now…

  346. TIM Says:

    Could you please post link for on course 8 s/w I tried your link on vbull but it said removed trying to get igo8 …I will find maps thank in advance tim

  347. JMH139 Says:

    New Link for IGO8 for XNAV3550

  348. TIM Says:

    THANKS AGAIN…s/w & mapping work Great. Wondering Is TTS functional on that s/w thought I saw a download link for it.

  349. JMH139 Says:

    I had TTS working at one point, but it does not work with that version of IGO8 and I never tried fixing it. I think you can add some DLL’s or some other files and make it work.

  350. TIM Says:

    Do you know which igo6 Maps have the 12k POI’s 2007.01 or 2007.10 .also I downloaded that file to correct for right blinker led on …Its still on. but within same file very nice s/w that will run on xnav and myguide and similar gps formats. map to be released this month in U.S Sygic Drive check ther site.

  351. TIM Says:

    Dual shows off it new XNAV43HD GPS(PND) at 2009 Consumer Electronics Show with HD FM Radio and Free Lifetime Traffic Priced @ 279.00

  352. dman Says:

    can somebody tell me where i can get the igo8 newest US maps
    i been looking for months now and i download a few but i doesn’t work for some reason

  353. TIM Says:

    GpsUnderground has s/w and maps for xnav 3550, login and search xnav /iog8.0 for jmh139 post to upgrade s/w and igo map 2008 note this is done strickly on sd card no alterations to gps itself…hope this helps or get back ?

  354. dman Says:

    thanks TIM for replying
    yeh i know the site and i got the s/w and already installed it too
    but i just can’t find any of the USA maps on these site
    most of the maps links are like dead

  355. TIM Says:

    Dman gps underground login seach ocn8 4th post downREADS Oncourse navagator 8 maps 2008.1 tried it tonight and it was downloadable (Rapidshare) follow directions on post went fine for me. Currently have ocn8 runnning fine on myguide 3000go and dual xnav 3550 also have igo8 running fine but not seeing pois,trying to work that out..may be s/w rev issue..?

  356. Mario Says:

    Jay asked about this two years ago, but I thought I’d answer anyway (not that anyone will notice). It is Bach’s Cello Suite #1 in G Major.

  357. TIM Says:

    It can be done! after several week and countless forums later,finally got igo8 with tts running on my myguide 3000go susan”s spoken street names are flawless with no lagor shutter, now working on xnav igo8 tts. Question has anyone tried a 4gig sd on xnav or myguide to see it will support over 2 gig. Cant squeeze iGO 2007.1 12K POIS and igo8 with all US maps on the 2 gig card, that would be nice for 12k poi references.

  358. JMH139 Says:

    Mario, thanks for that, I have wondered for 2 years :-) Jay

  359. Chaz Says:


    Can you PLEASE help me to update the original software on my XNAV3550? Admitedly, I am a novice and ask if you could PLEASE provide me with step-by-step instructions.

    Leaving for vacation tomorrow (3/1) and would like to update my GPS software before departing.


  360. patricio Says:

    Compre una radio Dual modelo XDVDN8290 con GPS incorporado, esta trae solo los mapas de USA.
    Necesito comprar los Mapas de Chile y SudAmerica compatibles con NavAtlas o NavMate para mi radio Dual


  361. lusia Says:

    hola patricio, todavia tines los mapas de USA?

  362. TIM Says:

    Chaz, See my Jan 20th post I think there is instructions on that OCn8 post.. Or see jmh139’s post aug 30th and follow instructions. I think the Ocn8 work the best with the xnav 3550.

  363. Sean Says:

    Hello I would like to know if there are any new USA map downloads . We have A Xnav3550 and its not picking up new roads or citys and addresses could you please let me know whats going on with it an why

  364. JMH139 Says:

    My post never showed up, so I will try again. I got someone elses version of IGO 8.3.2 working on the XNAV3550. This is the latest IGO8 with 2008.10 maps and POI. Still some great life in the XNAV. Clock on JMH139 above to go to the link to the forum post on getting this to work. Post there if you have any problems…

  365. JMH139 Says:

    hmmm, Typo above….

    “CLICK” on JMH139 above to go to the link to the forum post…

  366. J.Potters Says:

    I bought this same unit brand new never used still in pack for 89.99

  367. lusia Says:

    do u still have the unit?

  368. lusia Says:

    hi i bought xnav3550 but i lost the SD card with the map and i am having a really hard time finding it, could any one please help me out and add me on their msn or e-mail me the data from your DS card i would really appreciate it, this is my e-mail just in case any body wants to help me out coolworldmudo@hotmail.com

  369. Kevin Says:

    I have the XNAV3350 and when I turn it on it goes to the NAV screen and the satelite has a red X over it. When I click on it, it says “The GPS receiver could not be detected. Check the power supply cord and GPS connection. It seems to be intermittent. Sometimes I will reseat the SD card and it will work, sometimes not. Sometimes if I unplug the cord it will work and sometimes not. And sometimes nothing works, then you turn it on 3 days later and it’s fine for a while. Any ideas, anyone know how to set this thing to factory default?

  370. Kevin Says:

    Correction when it says check GPS configuration not connection.

  371. Kevin Says:

    Figured it out. When you flip up the receiver the it can no longer detect the GPS Receiver. Opened it up and reseated the cable at motherboard and the receiver. But did not solve the problem. Anyone know where I could get a new cable?

  372. Kevin Says:

    No luck at Radioshack for a new cable. Figure it’s pretty risky replacing anyway. Purchased a MMCX GPS external antenna from Amazon for 17.39 shipped. Will just leave the unit unmounted on the seat and use the antenna on the room with the receiver folded in. Until I can buy a new GPS. Thinking about the Megellan 1440. The flip out receiver on the Dual is a big design flaw, that will eventually lead to the GPS internal cable shorting out.

  373. Tammy Says:

    I am very disappointed in the NAV ATLAS 3550. The GPS will not turn on. I bought new fuses for the charger. There is no helpful information on the Dual website. I am wondering if there is an internal battery.

  374. Robby Says:

    I got the 3550, got the udpated map drive, all worked well.

    Today, I go to use it and the GPS will not enable. The icon is grayed out. I checked with the old and new cards that worked for years…. any ideas what to try to get the GPS to trigger? Tech support says its the cards.. I can’t buy that since I have the old one and the updated one that both worked a day ago. Any answers, shoot to robbyga@robinsonrealestate.com.
    Many, many thanks!

  375. CM Says:

    trying to get in

  376. CM Says:

    Robby if the icon is grayed out that means the software is no longer there it would have to be download depends on which SD Card you have and if you need more information e-mail abtechservices@mindspring.com and they should be able to get you a cost

  377. CM Says:

    Tammy if you replace fuses and it keeps blowing them that means the DC Cord is no good you will need a new replacement and you contact abtechservices@mindspring.com and they should be able to help you out.

  378. JT Says:

    I bought the 3550 a couple of years ago but haven’t used it in about a year. The first year was great but then the car charging cord stopped working and DUAL was absolutely no help even though I bought a 3 year extended warranty with the unit.

    I waited 6 months and never received the replacement cord and when I would follow-up I was informed that they were on backorder. Eventually I was advised that I should go to Radio Shack and buy one.

    I haven’t done this yet because I am still too T’eed off about the whole thing and also concerned that my maps are likely outdated by now which DUAL also wants you to pay for.

    I guess it goes to show you that sometimes you are better off sticking with a name brand that is committed to the GPS business and paying for it than going for cheap.

  379. demone Says:

    hello, my SD has somehow deleted everything off of it and my GPS button is now grey. how can i get all of the software back on here, i have no cd or anything!! i’ve read alot of post but still havent found a for sure link for this! i hope someone will help me out or email me what i need!!! dreed85@ivytech.edu

  380. TIM Says:


  381. Kim Says:

    How do you down load new maps? I have the XNAV3550 and my daughter is the only one that uses it, which is only when she goes on trips. She said that some of the maps are wrong, obviously, due to construction, etc. Can anyone give me a site or info regarding downloading the newest maps, please? Thanks!!!

  382. kim Says:

    Hey i was wanting to know how to get my gps back onto my sb card didn’t know that it had it on there till it was to late and i had taken it off the card please someone help just moved to a strange town..

  383. jorge Says:

    im living in bolivia and ill really apreciate if someone could help me with south america maps specially bolivia chile i have a xnav atlas 3550 ill be standing for news about this

  384. TODd Says:

    GPS is great but This is a warning DO NOT TRY TO WATCH ANY OF MOVIES YOU PUT ON THE CARD.
    I backed up the software from the memory card and put a movie on it . I watched the movie and then the GPS part of the unit quit.
    So unti is great as a GPS but may go out if you try to play any of your own movies or possible music.

  385. Richard W Says:

    You can obtain an updated map for the XNAV3550 by emailing abtechservices@mindspring.com, however, be prepared to shell out $85.00 for it. Outrageously expensive considering the original cost of the entire unit.

  386. item121 Says:

    I backed up the software from the memory card and put a movie on it . I watched the movie and then the GPS part of the unit quit.
    So unti is great as a GPS but may go out if you try to play any of your own movies or possible music.

  387. RTM Says:

    What a piece of @#$%! Stay away for this. I bought the XNAV3500P and the only thing that works id the demo. It will not synchronize, upload maps or be recognized as hardware. I feel that I wasted my money on what I thought was a good deal for a gps unit.
    If anyone has actually gotten this thing to work, you should share it with the rest of the sorry souls who are having painful regrets for the purchase. I DO NOT recommend this unit to anyone.

  388. Matt Thomas Says:

    I can access the WindowsCE interface. Nothing special.

  389. raymond scott Says:

    I have this GPS but I removed the SD Card while it was on and now I can not get it to power up after putting the card back in. Anyone have any ideas how to reset the GPS?

  390. xxl litter box Says:

    xxl litter box…

    Dual NavAtlas XNAV3550 — NaviGadget…

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