Motorcycle GPS hack – cheap Zumo alternative

gps-motorcycle-treo-941.jpgThe ultimate DIY (do-it-yourself) site instructables just featured this motorcycle GPS hack if you don’t want to spend hundreds on a Zumo. Before any of you hackers oppose our terminology – let us clarify that we’re using the word ‘hack’ loosely here. Anyhow – this will work best if you already have some sort of Treo (or some other PDA ) in your possession. If not, this is not the cheapest way to go.

gps-motorcycle-treo-942.jpgAs you can see from the pictures, the idea is pretty simple. But here is what you have to overcome:

  • How do you securely attach the PDA to the motorcyle?
  • How do you provide power to the PDA for long trips?

If you are interested here is what you’ll need: a PDA that can support a GPS navigation software, a GPS receiver, a mounting system, a cigarette lighter kit if your bike doesn’t already have one, a looong charging cable for your PDA.

More GPS navigation systems on motorcycles.

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  1. Motorcycle Club Says:

    Thanks for this helpful info. I will try this out with my PDA. :)

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