Navizon Plants a Virtual GPS Chip Into Every Laptop


Navizon is a software-only wireless positioning system that triangulates signals broadcasted from Wi-Fi access points and Cellular towers to help the users find their way in most major metropolitan areas worldwide. Developed by Mexens Technology today they announced two new versions of the Navizon API: one for the Web and for Mobile devices.

Starting today, businesses with an online presence can use the power of the Navizon positioning system in their own web based applications. By triangulating the signals from surrounding Wi-Fi access points, the Navizon Web API will identify the exact location of the end user in order to provide him or her with a targeted location based content.

This virtual GPS device can be used in many ways: * Brick and mortar chains can indicate their closest point of presence in a snap (for example, the closest Starbucks or closest Apple store) * Travelers will be able to locate themselves on their laptops and find their way to their next destination * Security and payment processing companies will be able to use this technology as an extra layer of protection against fraud

Software developers will also be able to use the Navizon positioning engine in their own mobile application, making it “location aware,” even on standard devices that are not equipped with a GPS device. This can be done thanks to the Wi-Fi and Cellular positioning engines included in the Navizon API.

In addition, the reward system has been ported to the API so that applications that are running on devices equipped with GPS devices can find a new source of revenues if they include the Navizon API.

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  1. varinder Says:

    i want to know from where i can purchase a gps chip so that i can track kidds through setalite from any mobile or computer when its need.. i want it is vary smaller in size. even no one judge that it is a gps chip…and also send me the cost..

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