Dual XNAV3500P

XNAV3500P is a portable navigation system from Dual Electronics. It comes with an SD memory card that is pre-loaded with maps of U.S. and 2 million POI. Just like most other gps navigation systems the touch screen measures 3.5″ and is TFT LCD with 16.7 million colors. It uses a 400MHz processor on a Windows CE.NET 4.2 operating system. The GPS receiver is 12 channels but there’s no info on what brand they used. There’s a good chance it is SiRF. On the device there are also left and right LED turn signals – a nice feature.

We’ll just list the rest of the featuers:

  • Easy to use touch screen graphic interface
  • Turn by turn instructions with voice guidance
  • 3D Map with day and night views
  • 9 level selectable zoom
  • Multimedia player/viewer
  • Internal speaker
  • 3.5mm audio output

XNAV3500P can be purchased for $350.

2 Responses to “Dual XNAV3500P”

  1. d00d Says:

    I have this model & it’s ok ,but there must be better products out there. Takes forever to get the GPS signals sometimes. Is my only complaint.

  2. Keith W. Calvin Says:

    I also have a Dual XNAV3500P and likewise, sometimes takes forever to get a signal. My immediate need though is it stopped charging. Battery is now dead. When plugged into car, it used to say charging on screen but now, doesn’t. green light is on on the DC power cable. Any suggestions from anyone? Any suggestions on where to get repairs?

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