X-Road Corea Z3300

X-Road is the Asian version of Tibo manufactured by the same Korean company called CarPoint Co. It looks like they’re saving the good stuff for themselves. Compare this Z3300 to the Tibo Z3000 we talked about a couple of days ago and you’ll see the difference. The Z3300 definetely boasts better graphics since it uses the Mappy software for generating its animations and map panning. It also has a brighter screen at 400Cd’s and comes integrated 2W speakers. The rest of the specs seems similar to Tibo Z3000 like the SiRF Star III chipset and a fold-out antenna for a better reception.

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  1. SIMON KANG Says:

    Does it have asian language support, such as Korean?

  2. Free Download » X-Road Z3000 GPS Says:

    […] More ] [ Via […]

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