Infill G4 – Car PC from Korea with GPS navigation system

Well yet another G4! The Infill G4 is a complete PC that runs Windows XP Home on a C7 1.5GHz processor. It comes with 512MB of RAM and has a sharp 6.5 inch TCT touch screen. The device has a 40GB of hard disk hidden somewhere and even has a USB port in the dash. (actually it has two rear USB ports but good luck finding those). The Infill G4 comes with HD Audio Codecs and a DVD player so you can turn your car into a movie theater. Not to mention it can play the radio too. You can also use a stylus to operate the touchscreen which can also be used to stir your coffee.

infill-g4-010.jpgThe Infill G4 is designed to completely integrate into your car. It can be controlled using the controls on your steering wheel and it comes with dual screen support. You can control the all speakers in your vehicle with the onboard software which controls a 5.1 channel sound system.

Last but not least, Infill G4 has DMB capabilities (where supported) and has a rear view camera to use when you are backing up. It does come with a SiRF Star III GPS module, so it is also a GPS navigator.

The Infill G4 will cost you 1,870,000 south korean wons which is about $2000.

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  1. d Says:

    how much does this cost? will it be available in the states?

  2. Red GTi VR6 Says:

    The Infill G4 will cost you 1,870,000 south korean wons which is about $2000.

    says it right at the bottom of the article


  3. York Says:

    Is it fully compatible for any countries such as TV system, Radio Range and can the GPS Sirf III Module work under Windows as a serial device?

  4. edmond cheung Says:

    How musch does this cost? and where i can buy this unit….? I like that, if any one know please write e-mail to me let me know abou it, thank..

  5. Mikie Says:

    It was designed by australians and others and will retail in australia for AU$4500.

  6. rcdash Says:

    doesn’t look like a transflective screen – not good at that pricepoint…

  7. SveNRG Says:

    Sent Infill Korea an email about a month ago, asking for dealers of this G4 product. No reply whatsoever. Or maybe Gmail removes mail from Korea as spam by default? ;)

  8. Damien Stolarz Says: carried the last Infill T3 and brought it to the states. Never fear.

  9. Mike Says:

    On sale now at

  10. raysindustrial computers Says:

    need to know how to become dealer for the infill g4

  11. Avtar Says:

    hi i want to buy infill g4 car computer please let me know more info and price for this pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  12. Charles Wong Says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are interested with your MultiMedia system.
    Please provide more info and FOB pricing for export market in Indonesia.
    Thank you and i shall wait for your comment reply soon.
    Best regards,
    Charles Wong.

  13. samir ayoubi Says:

    i am intererstead on importing and distrbuting navigater for can in syria
    as an agent

  14. manuel Says:

    hola :

    estaria interesado en este aparato
    este equipo es: radio,cd, dvd, bluetooth,y navegador
    si es de esta forma
    podria decirme el mejor precio que podria darme y precio de portes hasta puerto real 11519 (cadiz) spain.
    agradeciendo su amable antencion de antemano eciba un cordial saludo.

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  16. James Says:

    can you get it without wind-blows?

  17. Haldane Chin Says:

    any link to the official korean website?

  18. Carputer with Touchscreen - Page 2 - - Australia's Best Mazda Car Club and Forum Says:

    […] any idea on those aussieron? The infill G4 is good if you like to spend abit of money. Infill G4 – Car PC from Korea with GPS navigation system — NaviGadget […]

  19. Michael Says:

    Please price for the infill car pc

  20. parmar Says:

    Can you send me a price for your infill G4 system for the Singapore market.

  21. Cristiano Says:

    PLease, price and configuration options with pricing to buy it directly from the manufaturer (is it possible?). How much cost the shipping to Brazil 17012-501?
    Thank you!

  22. Juan Whitaker Says:

    good luck

  23. mXm Says:

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  30. zura Says:

    if i buy this at korea is it possible use at malaysia?
    if yes how?
    if no why?

  31. Kristinka Says:

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  33. Frosyushka Says:

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  34. 7online Says:

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  35. alextk77 Says:

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  40. Asert Says:

    I want this PC in my car, right now :)

  41. Himphamppuri Says:

    Hi, if you need CarPc please check I can deliver you as many as you like…

  42. Ahmed Says:

    Hi very much interested.
    kindly advice with the updated price and the possibility for delivery to Dubai (UAE).

    you can communicate through the mail

    Waiting your reply….


  43. Fer Says:

    Очень классная штука и полезная, спасибо за статью расширил свой кругозор, когда я ходил на курсы вождения лет 10 назад такого не было

  44. mike Says:

    I am interested in the unit

  45. sergey Says:

    о очень полезная вещь, хочу себе такуую

  46. Richjulia Says:

    How do you do?
    I sell Infill G4 from Korea.
    You can buy the only unit as well as several ones.
    The product is exactly the same with from the article.
    Price with delivery is 650$ us.
    you are provided with extra dc buying one more unit.
    skype: richjulia

  47. RAY Says:

    need to buy demo unit do you use paypal,we are a computer comp. that are trying to buy some units like this in the usa please let me know.

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  49. valkerie Says:

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  54. Bevin Says:

    Anyone in Australia chasing one?

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