the other G4 from d-Media

This is not the Mac G4, but another G4 from Taiwan. The G4 from d-Media is a portable navigation system with a 4 inch screen, bluetooth, IR remote, eloctronic compass, voice recorder, TMC capability, media player for various formats, and more…

Just looking at the picture you can tell that it has an easy to use user-interface and the bluetooth – infrared remote is something you don’t get with other navigation systems.

The G4 also has an button display which functions as an easy to use touchpad. To improve GPS performance, d-Media has included many special features, such as the e-compass and G sensor. This allows drivers to receive guidance and stay on course in areas such as tunnels and bridges.

The added built-in Bluetooth functionality allows users to connect their cell phones to the G4 and use a Bluetooth earpiece to make and receive phone calls while driving.


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